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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Saturday morning a pair of IOOK'ers from West Virginia show up in the Flea Market.  They would be none other than Don, "Da Bear", KE8NK and Chuck, WB8NSL (No Sex Lately)!  NN3V snapped the shot of the vendor, but, he has no idea what it is they were selling.  Hoss said "This dang weather ain't fix for human consumption!"  N8BYT took a demo ride on the scooter. WA8ZWJ was snacking on some peanuts and got up to help a potential customer.  When he did so, he laid the peanuts on the stool that he had in his hands.  NN3V cracked up because one moment ZWJ was sitting there and the next moment there was a pile of peanuts!  Of course he took a picture of it! 

WB8NSL got a great shot of "Charlie's Harem" inside!  L to R are Margareth, Sandi, Lenore (KC8VSA) and Marian (WD8CJD)

WA8ZWJ promised someone who tried to take a picture of the banner and his camera was out of film that we would get a large shot of the banner included on the web site.  So, here it is!  Next we see K8EI, K4ZDH and W3TOM chatting at the Flea Market booth.  Below, Tom, WA5KUB and son Chris explain about the Streaming Video.  K4ZDH adjusts his hair in front of the camera for the Internet viewers - all in fun!

Following a brief tour of WA8ZWJ's antenna system and Ham Radio Station, Tom, W3TOM presents Riley, K4ZDH with his official IOOK shirt making him an official IOOK Vice President!  Congratulations Riley!  Then we are off to Rob's Restaurant for the Saturday night buffet!  After all, the IOOK travels on it's stomach, so, it has been said!  

Sunday morning in the Flea Market started off with N8KXM trying the left over sushi that WE0G brought home from his dinner with Japanese friends.  K8OW finally made his Flea Market appearance.  KF8KK takes advantage of "Boat Anchor Hour" and uses a two hand truck to move the stuff to the car.  KC4US returns from the prize drawing with a bag of goodies for KB8FJB!  The floors are loaded onto N8KXM's pickup truck.  WA8ZWJ's vans are packed and ready to head home.  W3TOM secures his latest purchase from N8KXM in the IOOK booth - a tri band beam!

N8KXM finds a leg to the support structure for WA5KUB's Flea Market Booth and offers to send it collect via UPS - understanding that KUB works for Fed Ex!  :-)  KB8FJB shows his winnings - a 2003 HamVention t-shirt, subscription to World Radio and a device to eliminate RF interference from his telephone.  Way to go Big Al!  Once again the IOOK puts on the feed bag - this time at Marion's Piazza!  No wonder there are so many big stomachs in the IOOK!  Har!


Post HamVention Note

Howdy IOOK!

Well, another HamVention has come and gone and the 23rd "Gathering of the Faithful" is but a fond memory.

For those of you who did not attend, we had delightful weather Friday with a couple of periods of sprinkles. Saturday it rained all day even though the local forecasters predicted for it to clear by noon.  Sunday was overcast and a bit cool and it was not until after we had closed the booth and were putting away the tarp that the sun did come out!

One of the amazing things Keith noticed was that even though it rained all day Saturday, the time went relatively quickly and a fun time was had!

Many thanks to those of you who made the trip for HamVention.  We don't know what the rest of you thought, but, I was pleased with what we saw regarding the organization of the HamVention - especially knowing that they are rebuilding and making many changes.  Let us hope that things went well enough for them so they can do it again next year.  We are concerned about the lack of attendance which is undoubtedly caused by poor management and increased unnecessary restrictions and higher costs.

For those of you who came to HamVention for the first time, we hope you had a great time and trust you found enough reasons to come back next year!  Congratulations to our newest IOOK inductees Nolan, KC9EJB brought in by John, W9KD and Riley, K4ZDH brought in by Tom, W3TOM.  Be sure to check out our web site at www.iook.org and learn more about the IOOK.  We look forward to having you join us on one or more of our nets.  For more information on them, check the web site.  May the aroma of the IOOK stick with you for the rest of your lives!

Thanks to Mike, N7LMJ, John, KF8KK and Keith, WA8ZWJ for their efforts in bringing new information to the IOOK web site and maintaining it as well!  A special thanks to Mike for providing the web space!  Way to go Mike!

Congratulations to Tom, WA5KUB and his gang on their successful streaming HamVention web cam experience (they even had contact with El Presidente, KBob, W8JUK)!

A special thanks to our Flea Market Luncheon Chef, Charlie, NN3V!  Fantastic job!

Also, a special thanks to Lou for his efforts in improving and providing the floors!  They do make a difference!

Thanks to Keith, WA8ZWJ for organizing the flea market spaces and the Keith and Marian, WD8CJD, for hosting the "Gathering".

The Flow Manager, Fast Eddie, W8ED, did his normal remarkable job by providing the IOOK with libations (suds) for the Gathering!

Also, thanks to those who donated soft drinks and water for the flea market activities.

A special thank you to all of you who made financial donations.  Without these contributions, the high costs of securing these spaces would prevent us from having a central location for the IOOK in the HamVention Flea Market.

Thanks to Lew, KC4US, for baby sitting our tickets and landing a nice prize for Big Al, KB8FJB!  Big Al, we hope that your telephone lines will be RF free henceforth!  We hope the T-shirt fits!

Thanks to all for a fun time!

Respectfully submitted,

Hoss, WA5ZAI and Keith, WA8ZWJ


A very special thank you to KB8FJB, N0BIX, NN3V, WB8NSL for supplying me with their digital snap shots to make this HamVention 2004 web page possible.  The digital shots seen in the set of three pages were gleamed from over 350 snap shots in a variety of formats and sizes.

The pages were organized in such a manner as to attempt to keep the chronological order somewhat correct.

Best 73!

Respectfully submitted by Keith, WA8ZWJ