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Hmm, there seems to be a definite lack of documentation from the Y2K HamVention.  I wonder if that is due to a Y2K Bug?  The only photo I have located so far is shown below and was submitted by WA5KUB:

Well, a guy has to have a place to hang his hat.  right?

As luck would have it, I have finally found the snap shots from the 2000 HamVention (4/10/04).  The first one shows a group from the GOTF as well as some Flea Market shots.

There is no question that Lou takes his floor preparations seriously!


The next series show the famous "Goat Cam" that roamed the Flea Market with it's owner as well as some shots of the booth activities.

Hmm, looks like I must have gotten things a bit out of order!  Har!  This final series show more Flea Market activities as well as the famous "tent in a tent" that the Arkansas gang erected that year.

The new IOOK Banner was presented to the group by NN3V and K8EI.  Here is a proud moment showing the new banner!

So, that is where the IOOK expression "Yesterday's Technology....Tomorrow" came from!  A special thanks to Charlie and Loyd!


The following are selected shots from Mike, N5MS's CD Rom entitled "IOOK Photos!!"


A special thanks to Mike, N5MS!  Now, let's pass the drinky talky!


Now, it seems that I have a copy of the post HamVention note even though I cannot find the other flyers that were sent out at the time.  After reading it, I cannot imagine finding that many assorted items left in the van after HamVention.  Could that be due to the Y2K Bug as well?

Post Y2K HV note

Howdy Gang!

First off, we want to say that we really enjoyed seeing all of you who made it to the Dayton HamVention.  As we reflect upon the weekend that has come and gone, it seems like the best of times were those we spent visiting with each other....wherever we happened to be.  We hope and pray that each of you had a safe journey home and found everything OK when you got there.  For those of you who had difficulties in your travel to and from HamVention, we hope it was all worthwhile for your efforts!  Try to put those bad memories to rest.

For those of us active in organizing the Flea Market Booth, it was a quite relaxed and uneventful year.  Yes, cold cuts are not the delicacies we have become accustomed to, but, they were far better than nothing!  Thanks to Charlie, NN3V, for being the "Lunch Chef"!  Also, thanks to Joe, N8BYT, for volunteering to be Lunch Chef next year.

Now, before we forget, we found a few items as we were unloading the flea market van from the weekend.  If you recognize any of the following items, please let WA8ZWJ know A.S.A.P. who they belong to so we can return them to their owners.

1) one pair of jeans shorts size 36

2) one FORD bag with the following items in it: Oklahoma Marginal Well Commission hat, small bag with assorted audio/video cables, Yaesu desk charger, FMB-38 battery, assorted books and brochures

3) one Amateur Radio Trader bag with 17' of 5/8 garden hose

4) a San Diego Zoo bag with assorted coax connectors probably purchased at WB0W's booth, some sort of quick release black bracket, 16' of 5/8 garden hose

5) Sorry, Charlie, no cell phone could be found. We were VERY careful to check under the van once the floor was removed and found nothing other than a bunch of trash!

Our best wishes to the Fielder Family Gathering.  We were honored to have you join us for dinner Thursday evening and Friday for the "Gathering" but, feel bad that we did not get to see Ron and his family.  We are sure you had a wonderful visit as it has been quite some time since the Fielder Boys were all together!

We were very relieved to learn that all went well with N5AAA's last minute surgery.  John, know that you were missed and we look forward to seeing you next year!  We were also very relieved to finally see K0JIH show up Friday afternoon after his trip to the hospital for a breathing treatment Friday morning.

An interesting observation was made this year....absolutely ZERO hf rigs or mobile rigs of any kind or style were placed upon the table to be sold at the booth.  We must all be satisfied with what we have and were looking for different goodies this year!  Also, a total of only 5 ht's were placed in the case for sale and most of them sold.  Of course with the cost of new ht's being what they are, used ht's are going very cheap...even with desk chargers and accessories!

A special congratulations to Lew, KC4US, who won a mobile 2 meter rig during the drawings at the end of the fest.  Also, a special thank you to Gail (NO CALL) Capper and Vicky, KB8HUZ, who watched over the tickets so faithfully as they have for many years now!

Also, a special THANK YOU to all who contributed to the Flea Market/Lunch/Gathering expense fund and the FLOWER FUND.

For those of you who were not in attendance, Charlie, NN3V, and Loyd, K8EI, came up with a fantastic banner for the front of the booth that identified the IOOK Technology Department and stated "Yesterday's Technology Tomorrow!"  One guy thought that our ad department had made a major mistake and was quite taken aback when he read the IOOK Warrantee!  Har!  One has to smile!

For those of you who are on the "attachments" list of this mailing, we will send out a second (and possibly a third) note with a few of the snapshots that were taken during the weekend.  Also, for those of you who took snapshots, we would appreciate having them as well!  Thanks for those in advance.

A number of orders were taken for a post HamVention Apparel order.  If you wish to place an order, please send WA8ZWJ@IOOK.COM a note.  That order will be placed within the next couple of weeks so do not delay.

In the new toy department, numerous items were purchased, however, an accurate accounting was not kept, so, suffice to say, as our theme song says, our billfold were full, but are now spent! Har de har!

For those of you who are new to our fold, we welcome you and are glad you have been enlightened!

To WA5KUB, please inform your cohorts in crime that they need to stop resisting the temptation and come in and enjoy the hospitality of the IOOK while at Dayton.  It is our pleasure that you are our flea market neighbors and feel that life is too short for them to continue missing out on the adventures of the IOOK!

To the PARG contingent of the IOOK, we are delighted that PARG's executive CEO's have realized that to have fun at Dayton they must be associated with the IOOK.  Now, the remainder of PARG members need to join the IOOK so that all of you can come to the "Gathering Of The Faithful" and other IOOK events associated with the Dayton HamVention as well! YOU NEED TO BE ENLIGHTENED!

As we bring the epistle to a close, please know that each of you are special to us and we value each and every friendship we have.  Now is the time to begin planning for next year's HamVention.  We hope to see you there! God Bless one and all!

Keith, WA8ZWJ and Hoss, WA5ZAI

As was noted in the above text, N5AAA missed the HamVention at the last minute due to some surgery he had to have done.  Below are a before and after shots of the surgery area.  Thank goodness for medical technology!

Of course, we all know the story behind N8KXM being the Lab Rat - let me suffice to say thank goodness for modern medical technology!


Now, this shot is actually from Michigan that summer.  KBob, W8JUK and Max, KA8ZBV rented a cabin on the same lake as Granny's place.  Now, we knew that Lou, N8KXM and Sandi had one rented but did not know about KBob and Max.  Imagine my surprise when a visitor in the camp named "Rob" who had joined KXM and N7LMJ for the 40 meter net showed up at Grandma's Kitchen and turned out to be KBob!


The following shot was sent out by NN3V around Halloween.  What a great shot of Mark, KF6WTN!

Now, putting the smoke in is one trick I was to see!


I came across this snap shot of Hoss, Hoss and Hoss!  It tickles my innards!