Retroincabulator Two

posted 10/28/10

The Advertising Department of the IOOK Technology Center is pleased to bring important new news to the IOOK VPs.

As you may remember, in 2005 the Center announced an important research development in the area of power generation.

At the time, we partnered with Rockwell Corporation in the invention of the technology, and used our teaming effort as a way to minimize the likelihood that the Center would be inundated with scams advertised as opportunities to bring the technology to market. We knew that the bureaucracy of the Rockwell Corporation would shield us from public scrutiny until the technology had been perfected.

For those of you who may not remember the technology, the following link will take you to our IOOK Technology Webpage article.

Here at the Technology Center , the Energy Research department has investigated applications of our invention.

We are very pleased to announce that our VP for automotive engineering, K8EI, succeeded in mastering the technology and finding its most promising application.

Focusing on the current economic situation in the country, and knowing that one of or primary national objectives is increasing the efficiency of internal combustion engines while we develop green technologies (hopefully faster than the Chinese), we now have perfected the Retroincabulator for use in automotive transmissions.

Based on initial tests we carried out on the Rockwell Corporation proving grounds we estimate that automobiles equipped with our technology should easily achieve efficiencies approximating the 200 MPG range.

Naturally, the applications and the revenue to be achieved from this technology is enormous.

The Center’s marketing department has already been in discussions with Ford, Government Motors Corporation (GM), Honda, and Toyota in order to accelerate the technology’s licensing.

Those of you interested in a preview of this development will find it featured at the following link:

At your leisure we ask that you thank K8EI for his masterful step in technology application.



NN3V Charlie

Director Emeritus IOOK Technology Center