HamVention 2016


This year's HamVention flyer...


Flea Market tickets...


Preparations for this year's 35th Annual Gathering Of The Faithful!



Making progress!


Saturday, May 14th

As you can see some of the gang have already arrived!  Here we are at dinner!

L-R - Richard - VK5UK, John - N5AAA, Lou - N8KXM, Sandi, Jo-Anne, Keith - WA8ZWJ and Marian - WD8CJD


Wednesday, 5/18


Early Wednesday afternoon Bill - WZ1L and Joe - -WA5FLT arrived at the Farley Flophouse South!


Recently Bill has been doing Facebook posts indicating that he needed a hug - repeatedly!  

Keith told him the only hug he would get from him would be in person!  

Here it is!


Meanwhile at the Pauly Campground near Pleasant Hill, Bob - N0BIX and Jean have arrived.

Here's a shot Jean took as they arrive at Ohio's Western border!

Here are Jean and Jan - KA9VQS


Sandi, Lou - N8KXM, Richard - VK5UK and Jo-Anne

Their dog is Sammy!


John - N5AAA gets a hug from Jean...


Jan - KA9VQS and John - N5AAA


Back to the Farley Flophouse South...

Some afternoon visit time with Joe and Bill.


Back to the Pauly Campground...

Lou is moving his new pickup truck to prepare for loading the floors...


Lou has this down to a science...



These floors are rather heavy.  Using the two wheel device that Lou has made makes maneuvering the floors into position a lot easier...



This part is where some more lifting is required...


Lou modifies one of the floors so he can add a tie down to help keep the canopy secure...


Checking to be sure the U bolt fits OK...


Tom - W3TOM and Debbie  - KA3VNF have arrived!  John - N5AAA assists with their parking...






N0BIXie takes a couple of shots of the back of Lou and Sandi's place...


Neat little pond...


Time for a bit of R&R by Richard and Jo-Anne's camper...


A look at the Pauly Campground from across the road...


Back at the Farley Flophouse South...

Fast Eddie - W8ED has arrived with the fridge, keg and tools!  Bill has gone to check into his hotel.


Fast is assembling the hardware...


Ah, the first tap of the keg!


Hmm, no photo of Fast trying the first one but here is Keith sampling the nectar of the gods!


Back up north...

Richard checks the mount for his Eagle One while John assists...


R&R beside John and Jan's motorhome...


Back down south...

Loyd - K8EI and Charlie - NN3V have arrived!  No fun being had here!


Here's one you can actually see Loyd's face!  :-)


Our dinner this evening was at Company 7 BBQ!








Here's Fast Eddie - W8ED, Lou - N8KXM and Richard - VK5UK!


Joe - WA5FLT, Tom - W3TOM and John - N5AAA


Jean, Debbie - KA3VNF and Jan - KA9VQS


Jo-Anne and Sandi


Charlie - NN3V and Bill - WZ1L


Bob - N0BIX, Loyd - K8EI and Keith - WA8ZWJ


Yes, we all managed to get ALL FED UP!  What a fun way to start the HamVention festivities!


After dinner at the Pauly Campground...




Thursday, May 19

Breakfast was at Burkey's!



N0BIXie getting ready to take the group breakfast picture...



John - N5AAA and Keith - WA8ZWJ


Bill - WZ1L and John - N5AAA


Jan - KA9VQS and Jean


Debby - KB4LOO and Sue


Bob - AG5RG and Chick - WV4O


Joe - WA5FLT


Ed - KD5JUM and Bill - WZ1L


Joe - WA5FLT and Bob - N0BIX


Dave - K7DRM


After breakfast, Keith - WA8ZWJ and Joe - WA5FLT met up with Loyd - K8EI and lunch chef Charlie - NN3V to purchase vittles for the weekend lunches.

Back up north...

Lou has decided to take a tower climb.


A picture of Lou taking a picture...


N0BIX is taking a picture of Lou taking a picture!


One look at the campground.  Wave all y'all!


Waving back!


Another look at the campground from up on the tower...




In the early afternoon the gang met at the flea market to set up the floors and park the van that will be the warehouse.


Unloading the floors...


Placing the floors...there is an exact sequence for each of these units.




Lou is installing the U bolt for the added tie down in the middle of the canopy.



With John's assistance, Keith is parking the van where it will remain for the rest of the weekend.


Taking a nap?  Probably not...


Lou has jacked up the van to place the board for the ground mount for the portable repeater antenna.




Mounting the antenna on the mast...



The mast and antenna are in the air!


The IOOK flag is on the top of the antenna...


Here's the floor set up crew!




Back up north a little later...



More visitors have arrived...


Lou - N8KXM, Chick - WV4O and Bob - AG5RG



Lou and Sue


The photo of Chick's license plate will end up on the web site in the IOOK license plate section...


Back down south...

Later in the afternoon Bill - WZ1L stopped by to drop off cookies for the Gathering and for the flea market lunches.


Afternoon visit session at the Flophouse.


Before dinner Loyd - K8EI and Charlie - NN3V join us for some visit time.


Time for dinner at the Toll House Tavern!

Joe - WA5FLT, Dave - W8TVC, John - KF78KK, Big Al - KB8FJB, Loyd - K8EI, Randy - AB8CO and Charlie - NN3V


Joe - N8BYT and Dave - K7DRM


Lew - KC4US and Miriam


Ed - KD5JUM, Wil - WB5YFX and Joe - WA5FLT


Chick - WV4O, Bob - AG5RG, Sue and Debby - KB4LOO


Keith - N8LIS, Bill - N8TQ and Henry - WD8Q


Bob - AG5RG, Sue, Debby - KB4LOO and Chick - WV4O


Miriam, Lew - KC4US and Marian - WD8CJD


Jean, Jan - KA9VQS, Jo-Anne, Richard - VK5UK, John - N5AAA and Bob - N0BIX


Loyd - K8EI has joined Joe and Dave...


Big Al - KB8FJB, Randy - AB8CO, John - KF8KK and Dave - W8TVC




Bruce - W6RBM




Here's a dead cowboy!  Time for another Angry Orchard!


Marian - WD8CJD and Jim - W5JCS


Jim - KA8SFL


Here's a looks at the Toll House Tavern from across the street!


Once the gang are ALL FED UP, a bunch of the guys head to the flea market to set up the canopy.











Putting a bit less stress on one of the antennas under the canopy...


Getting ready to move the frame for the canopy around the antenna mast...


Tightening the bolts...


Adding the newest tie down point in the middle...


The canopy set up crew!




Friday, May 20th

Joe - WA5FLT and Keith - WA8ZWJ arrived at the flea market before sunrise this morning.

They set up the tables in preparation for later.

Here's Joe with the pre-sunrise behind him!


The Early Breakfast at Burkey's

Lou - N8KXM and Joe - WA5FLT

Randy - AB8CO, Loyd - K8EI and John - N5AAA


Dave  - K7DRM, Bruce - W6RBM and Charlie - NN3V


Keith - WA8ZWJ and Joe - N8BYT

Yes, we got ALL FED UP!

Here are Lou - N8KXM and John - N5AAA putting up the IOOK banner.



Starting to get sales items on the tables...


Here are Ann - WB4FAA, Jim - KI4I and Max - K1MAX


Tom - WN5TL



Chuck - N8ADN

Chuck has brought cigars to share with the gang!


Richard - VK5UK



N0BIX has arrived at the arena and has just gotten off the bus!


Here's what Bob sees when he approaches the IOOK flea market booth!



Bob - N0BIX



Joe - WA5FLT


Dave - K7DRM and Joe - N8BYT


Bob ventures inside...looks like a pretty good crowd!


Tom - W5KUB  It's too bad these guys can't be in IOOK uniform while they work their booths inside!


Tom - W3TOM  It's too bad these guys can't be in IOOK uniform while they work their booths inside!



Bill - WZ1L grabbed this shot in a parking lot!  Lotsa halos!


Jim - WB8VSU


Mac - K2GKK





Gordon - WA5GM


Bill - N8TQ


Skip - N2FOE


Kim - KA8WBG


Ed - KD5JUM and Wil - WB5YFX


Jim - W5JCS and Richard - VK5UK


John - KF8KK


Big Al - KB8FJB


Dave - W8TVC


Bob and Skip head towards West Milton to meet up with the gals for lunch.

Jo-Anne, Jan - KA9VQS, Skip - N2FOE, Debby - WB4LOO and Sue


Sandi, Marian - WD8CJD, Jan, Skip - N2FOE


The gals are giving Bob a bit of a hard time...


No fun being had here!  Har  de har!

Jo-Anne, Jan - KA9VQS, Sue, Debby - KB4LOO


Lew - KC4US, Miriam, Jean and Bob - N0BIX


Yes, the real reason Bob is here is for the pie!  This will be today's lunch for Bob!

No wonder he has to take two walks a day!


Yes, this place in known for their pie!


All smiles!


Meanwhile - back at HamVention...

Persimmons are being served on the veranda!




Keith - N8LIS


Lunch chef - Charlie - NN3V




Bill, WZ1L


Bill's purchase...


Lou - N8KXM has been doing some shopping for Keith - WA8ZWJ since he stays in the flea market booth.

These are the new radios and screwdriver antenna for the new van

Lou - N8KXM - purchasing agent, John - N5AAA pack mule and Richard - VK5UK pack mule!

Many thanks guys!  Now all Keith has to do is get it all installed!


Tim - KG8PB and Glenn - W8AK


At the campground Lou - N8KXM is making an adjustment of some kind to John - N5AAA's screwdriver antenna.


Back at HamVention...

Joe - KD8GIL


Laura - KA8IWB and John - W8RXX.   John is the OO coordinator for Ohio.


Tom - WB8MVR


The 35th Annual Gathering Of The Faithful!

Gee - do you think it will rain?  Probably!



Big Al is cooking the brats!  Mmm Mmm!



Pre dinner R&R in Keith's ham shack...





OK!  Loyd has blessed the meal so it is time to EAT!








With the rain outside it is hard to find an empty chair to sit on...



Well, we all managed to get ALL FED UP!


Time for the awards!

After the revised theme song was played Keith read a bit of history about the beginnings of the IOOK.


Respectfully submitted by Keith - WA8ZWJ

Here's a link to where KBob received his "President" shirt.


Yes, back then KBob actually attended the Gathering Of The Faithful!



Loyd is reading a note Hoss - WA5ZAI wrote a while back about his many friendships in the IOOK!


Well, Keith managed to get so caught up in The Gathering that he forgot to give his camera to someone to snap pictures of the awards.

Stan - N5JFQ usually does that for him but Stan was not in attendance this year.

Randy - AB8CO saved the bacon by capturing the following award snap shots from Bob - N0BIX's video!  Thanks Randy!


In 1989 Jim - KA8SFL and Keith - collaborated on the original IOOK Theme Song.

In 2007 Keith revised the words and Jim recorded them to create the updated version of the IOOK Theme Song.

Here's a link to the revised IOOK Theme Song that was played during the opening and closing of the 2016 Gathering Of The Faithful Awards Ceremony.



Keith is reading the 35th Gathering Of The Faithful history which you read earlier.


Loyd is reading the letter written by Hoss.


In response to Hoss's letter Bill - WZ1L wrote a letter which he is now reading.

Hoss and Bill's letters were written back in 2012.


John - N5AAA has brought Bob - AG5RV and Chick - WV4O up front...


Congratulations guys!  You have been assimilated!


Charlie - NN3V is telling a whopper that is THIS big!


Charlie has brought Kevin - KK6FRK up front.

Kevin is into Boy Scouts in a big way!  When Keith saw Kevin's jacket he had to show him his own Boy Scout jacket from 1966.


Charlie has assimilated Kevin into the IOOK!


Congratulations Kevin!


Keith shows a picture of himself with his dad taken in 1966 where he was wearing that jacket at HamVention.


This shot is of Keith - WA8ZWJ and his dad, Jim - WA8BNW.  Keith is wearing the scouting jacket from 1966 that was seen a little earlier with Kevin.

Gene - K8OW took this shot back in 1966!


Chuck - N8ADN, the other "founder" of the IOOK is receiving an award.  Nice to see you Chuck!


Fast Eddie - W8ED is receiving an award.


Bob - N0BIX is also receiving an award.



Dave - W8TVC is receiving an award.


Bill - WZ1L receives an award.


Richard - VK5UK receives an award.



Lew - KC4US receives an award.



Dave gets another award.


Max - K1MAX receives an award.


John - KF8KK receives an award.


IOOK Hall Of Fame Award!

This year's IOOK Hall Of Fame Award is being presented by last year's Hall Of Fame Award winner, Charlie - NN3V

This year's Hall of Fame Award goes to Dave - W8TVC!  Congratulations!


Charlie passes out commemorative pens and flashlights for the 35th Annual Gathering Of The Faithful!


In case you missed him earlier, Loyd is calling for Flower Fund donations.


Marilyn has brought Marian - WD8CJD up front.


Marilyn presents Marian - WD8CJD a gift for being the hostess of the Gathering!

Very nice!  Thank you!


Jim - KI4I


Jo-Anne is telling a whopper!

What a fun time!

Thanks to all who attended!


Saturday, May 21st

Pre dawn - if you look closely you will see two deer crossing the road while Joe and Keith wait for Lou to pick them up and head to breakfast.


Early Breakfast At Burkey's

Loyd - K8EI and Ron - KA8PBB


Dave - K7DRM and John - N5AAA


Lou - N8KXM, Charlie - NN3V and Joe - N8BYT


Keith - WA8ZWJ and Joe - WA5FLT

Yes, we got ALL FED UP!

The booth is all set up and ready for customers!  Yes, things are a bit more than damp.


John - KD8AIZ


Lou is showing us that Ron - AA5RT is on the phone...


The stuff is covered with plastic - must be raining again...Joe - N8BYT and Jim - WB8VSU


Skip - N2FOE


Bob - N0BIX



Seeing this old Eico 720 CW rig took Keith back to his novice year.  That was the model transmitter he used back in 1965!


Randy - AB8CO and Bruce - W6RBM


Jim - KI4I and Max - K1MAX


R-L  Chuck - N8ADN and his son, David!


Lou has purchased a new antenna!


Tom - WN5TL and Gordon - WA5GM  See the plastic bag?


Tom has assimilated Gordon into the IOOK!  Welcome Mr. Vice President!  Congratulations!



Tom - W3TOM has managed to slip away from the ARRL booth and look around a bit outside!  Way to go!


Joe is having a bit of fun with Loyd and Tom!


Kim said seeing Chuck brought back many fold memories!


Miriam and Lew - KC4US


Glenn - W8AK at the P&R flea market space where he spends most of his time here at HamVention.


The plastic is off!  Must have stopped raining.  Look at the puddles!  UGH!


Randy - KA0AZS


Persimmons are being served on the veranda!  Lunch Chef Charlie told Keith to make the announcement!




Sales are very slow for a Saturday at HamVention.


Here's Rob - KV8P!  He sometimes checks into our HF nets and knows several of the guys!


Stu - K8ST


Bill - WZ1L  (You see - he is not Keith's imaginary friend!  He just needs to buy an amplifier so he can be heard!)


Getting the wave from Charlie and Kevin while Joe enjoys his lunch!


This guy is wearing a backpack with an HF rig inside.  That tall thing is his antenna!


N0BIX has slipped away from the arena and is back and Lou and Sandi's.  Here are Jean and Jan!


Sandi, Debbie - KA3VNF, Jan - KA9VQS and Jean


Jo-Anne and Richard




Ah, the late nights and early mornings have caught up with Lou!


Hmm, looks like John has faded off as well!


Who put this red rubber ball on my nose?


Late evenings and early morning have caught up with Loyd!  Too many late nights followed by early mornings!

This shot was taken through the tinted window on ZWJ's maroon van!


Jim - W5JCS and John - W0NEV


Lee - WA8MSD!


Lee and Keith - Really OLD buddies!  They go back to when Lee came home from Viet Nam in the 60's.


Lee, Fast Eddie and Lou



Joe has made a purchase!


Ed - KD5JUM and Wil - WB5YFX


Lew and Loyd discussing things.  Obviously Loyd has finished his much needed nap!


Tom - W5KUB


Bill - WZ1L and Jim - W5JCS


Time for dinner at Robs!
















Buford - W4HVW and Carol - KK4NNJ


Jan and Jan!


New Vice Presidents sporting their new shirts!


If you didn't get ALL FED UP at Rob's you have no one to blame but yourself!


R&R at the Pauly Campground!  Yes, it looks like a few splashes of wine!


Sunday, May 22nd

The not quite as early breakfast bunch at Burkey's!

Loyd - K8EI and Ron - KA8PBB


John - N5AAA, Joe - N8BYT and Randy - AB8CO


Jim - WB8VSU, Lou - N8KXM and Joe - WA5FLT


Charlie - NN3V and Dave - K7DRM

Yep!  After it was lost nearly the entire weekend, Charlie finally found his flea market pass!


Tom - W3TOM and Keith - WA8ZWJ


Off to the flea market!

Looks like Loyd is packing up and heading towards home!


We have expanded our booth a bit with the nice weather and no close neighbors.



You have got to love this T shirt!


Fast Eddie has brought his daughter Kathy along today!


Sam - WA8VIW!  Sam and Keith go back to the mid 60's!



John - KD8AIZ





El Presdente of the IOOK!


Kathy and Keith




Wil - WB5YFX and his "deer in the headlights" look!


Bob - N0BIX


Bill - WZ1L


Persimmons are being served on the veranda!







Hmm, looks like the chef got caught with a mouth full!


After lunch, Keith took a quick trip just inside the arena to say hello to Gaylen - WB0W!  He is packing up!


OK!  It's after 1PM.  There is a gang watching ticket numbers inside.




We have put away all the sales items that are left and the tables have been loaded into the other van.


The canopy has been removed and is in the process of being folded up.


Getting the excess air out...


Another task is complete!


The frame for the canopy has been moved and in the process of being torn down.


John is telling us all the bad news that none of us won anything!


Lou is straightening out an antenna that spent the weekend being bent over.







The floors have been loaded and you can see where the peanut shells have fallen through the cracks!




The floors have been stored in their new home at Fast Eddie's.

With the pending sale of Lou and Sandi's home near Pleasant Hill it was necessary to find a new home for them.


Back at the Farley Flophouse a bit of R&R is going on...



Time for dinner at Marion's Piazza!





Fast Eddie and his family!






Bruce - W6RBM, Sharon, Barbara, Joe - N8BYT








Yes, we all got all fed up once again!  After all, the IOOK does travel on it's stomach!


Monday, May 23rd

Joe is wearing a great T shirt this morning!


Up at the Pauly Campground folks are preparing to head towards breakfast!


Richard and Jo-Anne are hooking things up...


Tom and Debbie are pulling out...

Oops!  That is John and Jan!  Tom and Debbie must have slipped out before Bob could get a shot of them exiting.


John and Jan are now headed that way!


Richard and Jo-Anne are on their way!


There go Lou and Sandi!


Breakfast was at Rob's this morning!









Another look at Joe's T shirt...


Chick is taking a shot of John's shirt.


It is a map of Australia!


Debby and Debbie


Bob and Bob


Plenty of parking for the campers this morning.


Richard, Jo-Anne, Jan and John pose for a parting picture as they prepare to head out on their adventure to Alaska!


Tom and Debbie are preparing to head east.


John and Jan's rig is ready as well!


Richard and Jo-Anne are climbing in...


Tom and Debbie are heading out on their way east...

Safe travels all y'all!


Jean took this shot as she and Bob approached the state line going west...


A short while later Jan took this series of shots as they approach the state line.





Well, there it is.  HamVention is officially over.  What a great time!



Wow!  What a ride!  Over 430 pictures!  We had almost 700 photos submitted!  So, yes!  Quite a number of them did end up on the cutting room floor!

Thanks for taking the time to look at them!

Many thanks to the photo contributors!

They are AB8CO, Jean, KA9VQS, N0BIX, N8KXM, W8ED, WA5FLT, WA8ZWJ, WZ1L

May the aroma of the IOOK last a long long time!

Respectfully submitted by Keith - WA8ZWJ