HamVention 1986

The Gathering Of The Faithful

Part 2


January of 2014

WA8ZWJ has been working on a project to convert old slide photos into digital images.  He recently found these photos from the 1986 Gathering Of The Faithful at Chuck - N8ADN's.

This really is a collection of long lost photos from that Gathering.

1986 was the year that the IOOK shirts were introduced.


Charlie - WB8NSL


Bob - N0BIX


Jim - KA8SFL


KBob says "Where's my shirt?"




I'm getting closer...


Looky what I've got!


Is that the smile of a President or what?


The guys are watching a video I believe...


Bottoms up Chuck!


It's dinner time!


Yep!  The IOOK travels on it's stomach!  Here's proof!




???, Helen, Bill - KA8ZBW, Lee - WA8MSD







It must be time for the awards!  Here's WA8ZWJ!


Jim - KA8SFL and Rodney


The crowd looks on...


Who is this?


N0BIX and KL7RF's mother, Doris - WA1WPI


Max, Ted - KA8ZBY & his XYL and Bill - KA8ZBW



Chuck - N8ADN


Hoss - WA5ZAI


Dale - WA8EEA


Mile - N5MS


Chuck - N8ADN and Joe - K5JB


Tom - WD8JPP


Joe - K5JB


KA8SFL again...


Hoss takes center stage...


Something for Chuck...


Bob - N0BIX's turn!


Joe - K5JB doing some of his computer magic!


I hope you enjoyed seeing these old photos as much as I did finding them!

They surely bring back a bunch of great memories!

Best 73, Keith