HamVention 2007

posted 6/07

Below is the e-mail message that went out to the IOOK prior to HamVention.

Attention IOOK!

The 26th Annual “Gathering Of The Faithful” is rapidly approaching!  It will occur on Friday, May 18th starting at 6:30 PM at the Farley Flophouse Estate.  Y’all plan to attend!!!

Our Flea market  spaces are the same as the last few years:  3347, 3348, and 3349 and Tom, WA5KUB, and the rest of the Tennessee/Arkansas gang will be next door….again!  Tom plans to have live streaming video during their travels Wednesday and during the flea market through HamVention!  If you can’t make the hamfest, at least you can say hi to us and see what is going on at the booth!   http://wa5kub.com

We have reservations for the all-you-can-eat buffet at Rob’s in Brookville scheduled for Saturday evening at 6:30 PM.  You can also order off the menu if you prefer.  Separate checks will be set up, so, no need to R.S.V.P.  Just plan on being there! 

We hope to B C N U soon!  Many thanks!

Best 73, Zed W. Jay and the IOOK.


HamVention arrived right on time and the gang started arriving Thursday afternoon on the 17th of May.  The first chance for a lot of the gang to see each other was our get together at the Toll House Tavern that evening.

As always we had a good time there!  Plus, according to Big Al, KB8FJB, "We all get fed up in the IOOK tradition!"

As the text above says, the Hard Core IOOK then went to the Flea Market to finish the set up that ZWJ and KXM had started that morning.

Friday morning found the early birds at the California Garden for breakfast before heading to the Flea Market.

Before long the gang had the booth set up and sales began....

WA5KUB had his streaming video already running when the gang got there for set up!

Sales were pretty good on Friday.  Of course, once the doors opened up some of the gang ventured inside.  The robots seemed to capture the imagination of a lot of the folks at the hamfest.

Even though the morning started off cool, the weather was beautiful!  Once the Flea Market closed, it was time to head to the Farley Flophouse for the 26th Annual Gathering Of The Faithful!


The keg had been tapped the night before, so, there was no delay in sampling the nectar of the gods!

Finally it was time to eat!  Here's the IOOK doing what it does best - getting fed up!