IOOK QSL Cards - Old and New


I recently ran into a number of QSL cards and I got to thinking about scanning them in and putting them here in the Photo Page.  Some of them are rather unique.  Please send me a copy of your QSL card or of some of the other IOOK'er's that are not shown here and I will include them.  These are in alphabetical order...I think.

This first one is a few years old - when Jim and Sue still lived in the Dayton area...

Bert just sent this one in so it is up to date!


Tom sent in a couple of cards...first the old one...

...and a more up to date one as well!


Yeah, this one is out of date too - They haven't lived in Virginia for years!

Hmm, they are back in Virginia now - guess he will have to update the address!


Here are a couple of KA8PBB's QSL cards...

posted 12/15


This card of KC4YG's is from a few years ago as well!


KN8J QSL - Front

KN8J QSL - Back



This QSL card dates from 1976


 below - WA5LTM's QSL card

This QSL card of WA8MSD's dates from 11/30/68.  

Before Max changed his callsign to KC4YG, his callsign was WA8PBC.  We affectionately called him "Push Button Charlie"!  Here are a couple of his early QSL cards from that vintage.

Back in the "old days" Sam's callsign was WA8VTW.  Here is a QSL card of Sam's from 1968.


Yes, I was licensed at age 14.  My dad was a ham, so that accounts for the fine station in the picture - it was his!  The station consisted of an Eico 720 transmitter, Collins 75S-1 receiver, Gonset G-50 6 meter transceiver and a Gonset Communicator IV 2 meter am transceiver.  Yes, I did hold both the Novice and Technician licenses at the same time.  At that time there was only one band that overlapped privileges.  That was 2 meters - and back then it was 2 meter AM.  So, when I was on 2 meters I could use either callsign.  This card dates from 1965.

Here is an old family QSL card I made up some time after Marian first got her license.

This pencil drawing card was made by a former student of mine, Mark Henn, who is now an artist with Disney Studios in California.


This one dates from 1976

Recently, Marian was asked by a new ham at church to be his first contact on the air.  Of course, once a contact was made, she needed a QSL card, so we made her one!

More to come....