KC4US's 90th Birthday




Dan - KK4OFR has put together to following shots in order to possibly answer a question.


Dan says "On the occasion of Lew Obermanís 90th birthday, IOOK Vice President John Hartman presented Lew with a state-of-the-art Crystal Radio."


Unfortunately, it was not assembled so Lew and I set aside a week to put it together. On about day 3 we had finished reading up on the theory of operation. We got out the SWR meter, ohm meter, and a screwdriver and began assembly.


Things seemed to go pretty well but after we finished, we had a couple of components left over. After more research and some discussion we decided that we probably didnít need those parts anyway. (The instructions said to ďask an adult if you have questions ď but Miriam was sleeping and we didnít want to wake her so we got Lewís niece Nancy on the phone. She holds a PHD and sheís a Dean at a University here in Florida. We didnít pay much attention to what she said but it was nice talking to her. We stuck with our first conclusion that they had put extra parts in the kit.

Next came the first test. The instructions said to hold the antenna wire in the air while listening for a station as you turn the tuning knob.



After about 3 hours of this, Lewís arm got tired so we decided to connect the antenna wire to the Force 12 flagpole antenna. It still didnít work. We think it is a SWR issue.  Or possibly itís solar flares. Or maybe itís that this radio just doesnít tune to 20 meters!

We may have to re-visit our assumptions about those ďextraĒ components!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Dan Hayden - KK4OFR