K0NEB Remembers

posted 3/3/18

Joe - K0NEB was assimilated as Vice President into the IOOK at the 2018 Yuma Hamfest.

He has shared a few of his IOOK memories from past years.


Joe says "HI!  I feel very honored to have been assimilated at Yuma!  Here are the old HamVention photos I have of the group.  The file names are marked by the year they were taken.  I also have some from Yuma 2 years ago, and this year to sort through and get sent to you.

73 de K0NEB"




N8KXM, N8DRM (now K7DRM), unknown and Hoss - WA5ZAI at HamVention



Our flea market spot at Dayton HamVention set up and selling!



WA5KUB's space beside ours in the HamVention flea market



N8BYT, WA8ZWJ and ? HamVention flea market



Flat KBob, WA8ZWJ and N8KXM at HamVention in flea market


Also 2008

Flat KBob, N8KXM and WA5ZAI in flea market



HamVention N8ADN, N8DRM, WA8ZWJ, N0BIX, unknown and NN3V



Old Buzzard's BBQ at Yuma Hamfest - AI0OK, WA8ZWJ, N6YLO, NN3V, W6KJ, W6RBM, K6WX, NJ6T, K7ILA



Group shot at 2018 Yuma Hamfest - the catch is Joe - K0NEB is not in the photo


Many thanks to Joe for sending these in and bringing back such great memories!

Congratulations to our newest Vice President!

RIP Ron - W6KJ and Hoss - WA5ZAI!