IOOK Movie Files

started 1/16/08

This first batch of short videos are from a visit back in the fall of 2003 when Lou, N8KXM and Dave, N8DRM came up to Michigan.  Lou was playing with his new spud gun.  The first clip was at Johnny's shooting range.  The second clip was him shooting potatoes from the dock towards the boat and the final clip is from the dock.  These are all relatively short.

Spud Gun A

Spud Gun B

Spud Gun C

This second batch of videos were taken during "IOOK Summer Camp" during the summer of 2007.  N0BIXie had decided to step into the paddle boat to get a particular angle for a snap shot.  However, when he stepped into the boat the corner went under the water and dumped several gallons of water on his feet.  Then, he tried to get out of the paddle boat without getting wet.....

Paddle Boat A

Paddle Boat B

Paddle Boat C

The local Northwest Lower Michigan Chapter of the IOOK goes into the Brookside Inn in Beulah, Michigan upon occasion.  (   There we have a new found friend of the IOOK, Kim Frees.  He plays piano, sings a bit and visits with folks as they eat their meals in the dining room.  After seeing our I.O.O.K. shirts on a regular basis he asked about our group and, even though he was not a ham, wanted to know more about our group.  We told him about the web site.  Later he went to the web site and after looking at a lot of the various pages decided to write a song just for us.  The song is sung and piano played by Kim Frees - words by Kim Frees/Bradford Clark

IOOK Eating Song

Back in 1988, N0BIX made a comment about how the IOOK ought to have a theme song.  Keith, WA8ZWJ and Jim, KA8SFL got together and wrote the words and Jim put it to music.  The IOOK Theme song was premiered at the 1988 Gathering Of The Faithful by Jim's group called the Main Event.  If you listen carefully, you can hear President KBob say that "It was the stupidest thing I had ever heard in my life!" so naturally, we had to do it!  So, from the video archives of N0BIX, here is the Premier performance of the original "IOOK Theme Song"!

IOOK Theme Song Premier

N0BIXie watched the "premier" video after it had been posted.  He then remembered he had made a special slide show of the "Revised IOOK Theme Song" which was presented to the gang at the Gathering Of The Faithful 2007.  This slide show was made for the HamVention 2007 DVD.  So he has now sent it along as well.  It appears below for your enjoyment!

IOOK Revised Theme Song


This is pretty cool!  Dick, WB5TUG recently found this mpeg copy of "CQ Serenade" on the Internet!  Enjoy!

I believe it was in the early 60's when HamVention was still in downtown Dayton that someone produced that song and pressed it on a 45 RPM record.  Thousands were made and handed out at HamVention that year.  The flip side was an instrumental version of the same song.  Somewhere here I have one of the 45's from that HamVention!

CQ Serenade


New as of 12/4/09

The IOOK Theme song has been posted on Youtube by N0BIX.  The link is: