Huntsville Hamfest 2019

Posted 8/31/19

Bob - N0BIX has shared a bunch of photos with us that he and Jean took during a trip to Tennessee to take in the Huntsville Hamfest!

The comments for the photos have been gleamed from Bob's posting on Facebook.


Friday 8/16/19

Entering Tennessee


A view of Nashville


The Hartman homestead




Taking it easy before heading out for dinner

(L-R Jan, Jean, Bob - N0BIX, Sandi, John - N5AAA and Lou - N8KXM)


Margaritas with our Mexican dinner, naturally


Saturday 8/17/19

Lou, Bob and John go to the hamfest in Huntsville, AL


John & Lou checking things out


We meet Bill - WZ1L from Massachusetts early in our wandering


While the other guys canvas the hamfest, Bob went outside to take a few pictures






Prior to our departure from the hamfest we pose for a group shot with Tom - W5KUB and his wife Kathy

(Bill - WZ1L, John - N5AAA, Kathy, Lou - N8KXM, Tom - W5KUB, Bob - N0BIX)


While the guys were in Huntsville, Jan, Sandi and Jean went to Franklin, TN for sightseeing and shopping

First stop was the Farmers Market


Jan and Sandi enjoying their coffee and donuts


Jean also got this nice butterfly shot


Then on to The Factory at Franklin






Confederate Monument in the center of Franklin


A turkey family roaming the Hartman grounds


Dinner on the Hartman porch




Sunday morning 8/18/19

Jean and Bob take a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood



John on the Sunday sked


Jean and Jan enjoying breakfast upstairs


Brunch is at Marcy Jo's



A close up shot of the sign at the end of the table


And above our table


Anyone doubt this is Bob's meal?


Jan couldn't resist trimming the dead leaves off of the plant in front of Marcy Jo's


Monday 8/19/19

Jan, John,  Jean & Bob head to Lynchburg, TN



Chumley, the store manager at one of the small shops


Jean is using a phone app to determine what this is - unknown


Home style lunch/dinner at Mary Bobo's




Mike, our host at lunch, invited us into his house to see his Jack Daniel's memorabilia - quite a collection (his wife is a Daniel


Mike opened the Old Jail Museum for us (normally closed on Mondays)




The men's cellblock was upstairs




Downstairs in the front was the sheriff's quarters


Time to tour the Jack Daniel Distillery





They were in the beer business from 1992 to 1998 and used the 1927 Model T Ford truck for local deliveries


Jan, John, Jean and Bob ready for the tour


One of the many warehouses filled with barrels of Jack Daniel Whiskey


Stacks of wood ready to be converted into charcoal for filtering


The furnace


The result


Showing the process on the TV screen


This was the size of our group


The Jack Daniel's fire engine


Coming to the spring where all the water comes from to make the whiskey






The original office


Heading into a still house - no photos inside - didn't want a spark to ignite the vapors


The top of the still


Entering the packing building




Packing product for Poland and Mexico



Now for the tasting






Yes, there are a few barrels stored here


A  nice double rainbow as we head back to Spring Hill


Tuesday 8/20/19

Jan and Jean just before our goodbyes


Many thanks to John and Jan for hosting our visit



Many thanks to Bob and Jean for these memories!