Hoss History

posted 2/11

During our visit with Hoss and Margareth as we were preparing to make our trip to Yuma for the hamfest, Hoss brought out some great photos of him from a number of years ago.  As we reminisced, we all felt that we really ought to share some of the photos with the IOOK.

 To start things off with a fact that few of you probably know, Hoss came to this country on December 27th, 1949 and headed to Texas to attend Texas Tech.


This photo was taken in March of 1951 when Hoss and his friend went to New York to pick up Hoss's mother.


This shot was taken in April of 1951.  Hoss, Mom and some friends...


April, 1951 - Hoss, Mom and some friends...


This shot was probably taken in May of 1951 - Hoss, Mom and unknown fellow looking out the window.


This is Hoss - probably June of 1951


May of 1952


This is from Hoss's graduation picture from Texas Tech with degrees in French and Chemistry.


Hoss's graduation picture...


Hoss worked for six years in the petro chemical industry.


This is Hoss with the kids in the mid 60's.


Hoss went back to school in 1960 to work on his master's degree and graduated from Texas Tech in June of '62.

At that time he moved to Waco and went to work for the General Tire and Rubber Company.

In June of 1969 Hoss got his ham radio license, WN5ZAI.

He went to work for the United States Air Force in 1967 and was transferred to Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio in January of 1970.

This shack shot was taken in November of 1970.


Hoss, Mom and Sis - this shot taken in 1972


This shot was taken in the mid 1970's...


The following was added on July 25, 2012



Thank you both for sharing some of your past and thank you for being our friends!



Bob, N0BIX has submitted his

"Hoss Collection" of photos

added 1/26/2014

These have been accumulated over many years.


Here's Hoss during a Volksmarch in May of 1980


This is from Field Day 1980


This is also from Field Day 1980 - Bob and Hoss


This is from Field Day 1981


This photo was taken July 1, 1983


This was taken during HamVention of 1983


HamVention 1984 - Keith and Hoss


Hoss with a beard taken in October of 1984


HamVention 1985


October of 1985


HamVention 1986


September of 1986


HamVention 1987


HamVention 1988


ThanksGathering November of 1988


ThanksGathering November of 1989


HamVention 1990


HamVention 1990 - with son Ron and daughter Tina


Taken in Mount Vernon in August 1990


HamVention 1991


HamVention 1991


HamVention 1992


HamVention 1995


HamVention 1997


HamVention 1997


Hoss - WA5ZAI, Lou - N8KXM and Keith - WA8ZWJ during HamVention 2002


Tina, Hoss and Shila during HamVention 2003


SALUTE!  During HamVention 2004


Hoss and Tina during HamVention 2004


during HamVention 2004


Yuma February of 2006


Son Ron, his XYL Kristen and Hoss - Yuma February of 2006


during HamVention 2007


during HamVention 2007


during HamVention 2007


Tina is giving Hoss a neck message during HamVention 2007


during HamVention 2008


during HamVention 2008


Margareth and Hoss during HamVention 2009


In the back of Keith's van during HamVention 2009


during HamVention 2010


during HamVention 2011


during HamVention 2011


during HamVention 2012


during HamVention 2012


Hoss and Tina during HamVention 2012


during HamVention 2012


A rare moment with Hoss on his cell phone during HamVention 2012


What a great smile!  Taken during HamVention 2012


Can you tell that N0BIXie prefers vertical format photos to horizontal?

Many thanks to Bob for sharing these great photos of Hoss with the IOOK!

Best 73,




After seeing the letters and pictures about Hoss, I also wish to add my tribute to this long-time friend and great American.

My first encounter with Hoss was at the Pentagon Amateur Radio Club in 1985.  He was working for Air Force Logistics and his office was located on the fifth floor, B-ring between corridors 2 and 3.  Just across from his office was the small room where the Air Force had the radio club.  It was truly ironic that in this big building where space was at an absolute premium – we had a whole room full of radios to ourselves.  This was no-doubt due to the influence of a few senior people like Hoss.  That area is now all closed off and part of a secure area where access is strictly limited.  No doubt the radio room is long gone but the memories remain.

Lunch was the gathering time for Pentagon hams to get away from the hustle and bustle of Air Force life and meet to talk radio.  I don’t remember much operating going on but we solved many of the world’s problems and there was always an expert to tell you how to fix a ham radio related problem.  Hoss was always present for lunch, dressed in cowboy boots and smoking a cigar.  It was Hoss that helped me get my first HF rig a Kenwood 930 which I still have.  He saw an ad posted somewhere and linked me with the Air Force sergeant selling the system.  He also facilitated me getting my first 2-meter rig from another member of the Pentagon radio club.

Hoss often spoke of the International Order of Krazies and the annual trek to Dayton.  I never made it to the HamVention till I moved to the area in 1992 but he certainly provided the stimulus to continue my activities in Ham radio and make many additional radio friends.

Hoss was a great Elmer to me in Ham Radio and remains a faithful, long-time friend.


Skip Pratt, N2FOE


Tom - W5KUB sent along this information in December of 2017:

Keith , I was looking through some old log books and I see that I worked Hoss WA5ZAI on 11 Sept 1970.  I have his location as Oklahoma City.  Looks like he may have run a phone patch for me.     Who would have known, we had talked 45 years ago.