Current I.O.O.K. Ham Shacks

collection started 1/20/04 - alphabetically by call sign

Last updated 1/1/16




Below you will see the latest shack shot from ex/WF0E, ex/WE1L now K4UUU!


These are not good photos, I am ready to throw the camera in the field; but here's the rig as moved to the living room, and the aftermath--the basement room where the rig was, or most of it. It is pretty much of a disaster area there!  But I'll worry about that later.   Got to test the stuff upstairs now. Under the desk is a variac for the HT37, Drake 2A and Valiant. 

Center rig is a Yaesu FT 920, and to the left an ICOM 746.  I use the variac for two reasons.  House voltage is about 123 to 125, so I keep it down to 110 for those old rigs, which is what they were designed for.  Second reason is that the transformer in the HT 37 buzzes like heck if I don't bring the voltage up slowly on a variac.  73, Riley, K4ZDH



KB8FJB's Crystal Chandelier Amateur Radio Studio  Snap shot by N8KXM - 7/05


9/20/05 - Well, Lew, KC4US has gotten his "Ham Shack Cart" up and going.  He sent this great picture showing not only his shack on a cart, but included himself in the photo!  In Lew's own words - "I still have some work to do on the ham-cart, a few ways to improve it, but this is essentially the way it will look.  There are two places to plug in inside the laundry room; one is the power plug and the other is a feed-through for the signal."  Hey Lew, it's working!





This is KF8KK's workshop shack in Empire, Michigan.  The newly acquired Kenwood TS-2000 will be not only a great hf/six meter/vhf/uhf rig, but a great piece of test equipment.  The switch panel shown on the right is actually behind Johnny in the shack picture.  Not shown in the shack shot are an assortment of six meter, vhf, 220 and uhf radios that also play into the antenna scheme and establish the need for the switching network.  (11/05)


Below you will see John, KF8KK's new "in the house" ham radio shack!  This has also become his new place to practice the Dark Art of Apple Computering.  He is learning how to make High Definition Videos.


"Just had to share my couch shack with you all.  On the right is a FT-857D with a LDG meter, and a LDG Z100 ultra auto tuner.  On the left is a Kenwood D700 dual bander.  I recently worked a station in Serbia on 20 meters using only 50 watts into my G5RV antenna.  Now if I can just stay awake!   Wish I could be with you guys at HamVention.  Hope u all have a ball.   73, Kbob, KG7SB"  (to see KBob's "regular" shack see W8JUK below in alphabetical order)



This is where I operate from now as KK8O.  Rick


Mike - KN8J updated his shack shot in January of 2013!


Here's Rick - KI8MET's new ham shack!




Mike recently updated his shack.  Here are the latest photos...


Lou, N8KXM recently moved his ham shack from the middle of the house to the end of the house to be nearer to the tower so coax runs and so on will be closer and easier to route to the shack.


DE - Charlie - NN3V

Attached is a recent photo of the operating position at my shack.

I finally got the ELAD FDM-DUO SDR transceiver set up permanently. That is the little SDR I bought at Dayton last year (2015).

The photo shows the two large flat panel displays that show what is going on in the shack. The right display shows the log book of the contacts in process, and the one on the left is the visual display of all the signals on the band (in this case, 20 meters). This “pan scope” display is generated by the ELAD FDM-DUO.

In the bottom right of the photo  are two pieces of equipment showing a blue display. The one closest the center is the ELAD FDM-DUO, and on the far right is the RM Italy HLA-305 linear amp for the FDM-DUO.

Max output power of the ELAD is 9 watts, and with the linear, I get 280 watts output.

When really needed, I drive everything with 2 watts from the FDM-DUO, get 25 watts out of the HLA-305, and feed the 25 watts to my Alpha 89 linear for 1.5 KW.

I am a happy camper!  73 de NN3V - Charlie





Since my wife won’t let me have one in the house, I can only operate mobile, attached are pictures of my ChevyShack.
Dennis Orcutt, W5LOL

With a call sign like W5LOL, one has to "Laugh Out Loud"!  :-)


Below is a shack shot of Ron, W6KJ's shack in Yuba City, CA.


Below are a couple shots of W8AK's ham shack and test bench.  Of course, I am pretty sure that Glenn is unaware that these shots exist!  These were taken 4/5/03.



posted 12/7/06 - on left W8JUK - on right WE1L - According to our President "Here is a rather unique shack picture.  Bob, Jr. and I working the Sweepstakes contest.  The fancy mike belongs to "The Big Wheel".  KBob


Rob, W8REJ's shack shot!


Here is Dave - W8TVC's ham shack updated as of January of 2013!

W8TVC's RF To Go




These pictures were taken of Hoss's ham shack in February of 2005 just prior to the Yuma Hamfest.  On the left beside Chuck is the APRS station computer.  There is an assortment of VHF and UHF frequencies that Hoss monitors 24/7 on the shelves on that wall.  Behind Hoss in the corner is the back up HF station and the computer he uses to monitor weather activity.  On the table just to the right of Hoss is the primary HF station and across from Hoss is the primary computer Hoss uses to keep contact with the IOOK via e-mail and the Internet.


On the left hand side of this picture is the primary HF station consisting of a Kenwood TS-690, TL-922 Amplifier, PK-232 TNC, Drake Mn-2700 antenna tuner, rotor controller and antenna switch.  On the right hand side is the APRS machine, digital HF station consisting of a Kenwood TS-440S and Rig Blaster.  There is an assortment of VHF and UHF radios that monitor and scan a variety of frequencies 24/7.  Not shown to the far left is the primary computer used for e-mail and the Internet.


WA8ZWJ's Michigan cottage ham shack  This shack consists of a Icom, IC-746PRO, Heathkit SB-200 Amplifier and a Kenwood TM-721 dual band rig with an RF Concepts RFC 2-417 amplifier.  A RIGblaster Pro is interfaced into the Dell computer.  updated 7/4/05  This is the IC-746PRO that was won at HamVention 2003.



Jim, WB8VSU has made a lot of progress since he last sent in a shack update where he was mudding the walls of the new room!  It is especially nice that he used a shade of nearly IOOK blue on the walls!  Now, all he has to do is get the tower up and then start using some of the radios!  Good luck Jim!



WE0G is shown in his ham shack below..




If you would like a snap shot of your ham shack to appear here, please send to

We would like to have as many of the IOOK as possible!  Best 73, Keith, WA8ZWJ