Ham Holiday 2018

posted 8/1/18

Stan - N5JFQ and Jim - W5JCS have sent along some shots from Ham Holiday.


Jim - W5JCS, Darell - WA3OPY, Mike - N5MS and Skip - N2FOE


First group pic before going into the DMR forum. Micheal - N5MS, Darell - WA3OPY, Stan - N5JFQ and Joe - WA5FLT.


The First Ladies: Liz, Cathy, and Gayle.


Three Amigos, Joe - WA5FLT, Stan - N5JFQ and Jim - W5JCS


Joe - WA5FLT and Wil - WB5YFX exploring the flea market.


Joe - WA5FLT and Wendell - WB5ISO at the indoor flea market.


DMR discussion with Darell, Stan, Micheal and Mark Matalik - AE5DN.  Mark is our local guru for DMR and owns 2 DMR repeaters.  Next to Mark is wife Lea.  Unknown person with his back to the camera.  This was a quick random photo by Jim and Stan was attempting to wave back and not really making gestures over Darrell’s head.


Jim takes a selfie with Michael as we arrive at lunch, a Mexican food restaurant.


Jim invited two speakers from Ham Holiday to join us at lunch: Valerie Hotzfeld, N9VL, from Ham Nation and her husband. Jerry Rosalius WB9Z.


Sitting across from Valerie, Joe and Cathy, Wil and Gail.


And of course the obligatory group shot at lunch. Somehow Wendell missed the dinner bell.


Many thanks to Stan for organizing these photos and including the comments.

Many thanks to Jim for the photos he provided as well!

It looks like the IOOK gang had a good time at Ham Holiday!