Fort Wayne Hamfest 2018

posted 11/19/18


Here is the hamfest flyer...


Friday, November 16, 2018

Late Friday morning Keith - WA8ZWJ and Marian - WD8CJD head towards Fort Wayne for the weekend.

Along the way they stop at Farmer Brown's for lunch.

As you can see, we had gotten some freezing rain but it was not sticking to the roads.


Here's the fountain at Farmer Brown's!


Keith and Marian got all fed up and headed on towards the hotel to check in.


After the gang got checked in it was time to get to the hamfest site.

Keith - WA8ZWJ, Randy - AB8CO and Bob - N0BIX head to the hamfest to be able to drive inside and drop off the sales stuff.

Here are Randy and Bob.


Here's Keith!


Keith talked with Glenn - W8AK on the radio and discovered that Glenn and Audrey were not too far in line in front them. 

So, Keith walked up to take their picture.

Here's Glenn - W8AK and Audrey - KC8DTM!


Riding along with them was Joe - KD8GIL!


While Keith and Randy unloaded the van Bob got set up for his group photo.


Here's our set up group photo!


As usual, Glenn and Audrey's table is beside ours!  They are just about ready to leave too!


Back at the hotel Bob prepares to take a before dinner visit group photo!


Bob's before dinner group shot!

L-R Marian - WD8CJD, Marilyn, Jean, Keith - WA8ZWJ and Randy - AB8CO


As the gang is heading towards dinner, Bob stops to visit with one of the cleaning ladies who is working rather late!


As you can see there's no fun being had here!  Har de har!


Bob had made reservations for our group at Tavern At Coventry which is next door to our hotel!


Here's Bob taking the Friday night dinner group shot!



Bob is setting up for the after dinner group shot in the hotel lobby.


Our after dinner group shot!


Here's the after dinner visit in the lobby.

L-R Marian - WD8CJD, Bob - N0BIX, Marilyn,  Randy - AB8CO and Jean.


Saturday, 11/17/2018


Early Saturday morning John - N5AAA has arrived to spend the day with the IOOK gang!


We almost forgot to take our early breakfast photos!

Bob - N0BIX and John - N5AAA


John and Keith...


John - N5AAA takes a few candid shots while the gang is setting up our booth!




Glenn - W8AK


Bob gets a "Late Breakfast" photo of Jean, Marian and Marilyn!


Back at the hamfest...


Gary - WB9DIA has arrived!


John is discussing some repeater issues with Glenn...


John, Glenn and Audrey...

Bob shot this as he arrived...


Gary is visiting with a co-worker who is also a ham!


Bob - N0BIX has arrived at the hamfest!


Bob takes a shot of Gary and Keith!


Before too long Bob makes his trek up to the balcony to take his special shots from up there!


OK!  Everybody wave at Bob!


Here's Stu - K8ST!


Bob has made it back to our sales booth!


This is a shirt worn by an individual who did not want his face to be photographed!

Do you have any idea what this is all about?


Tony - KD8SRQ has arrived!

Tony was assimilated last summer so this is his first hamfest with the group as a Vice President!


Bob gets a shot of Tony and Keith together!


Randy is checking out the OLD QST's that Gary is selling!

The big surprise was how small the type was in those old magazines!


Jean took some shots while the girls were out shopping!



Here's a shot of Marian and Marilyn that Jean took during the girls lunch!


Back at the hamfest...

Gary is visiting with a potential customer!


Randy took a few candid shots of our sales areas...




In the afternoon, Keith took a walk out to his van to finish off a cigar from earlier.

Here are a couple of shots of what folks see when they arrive for the hamfest!



This guy sets up at a lot of the hamfests!  He is a very friendly fellow!


Audrey, Randy and John are manning the tables when Keith gets back to our booth.


Here's a shot Randy took of John and Keith...


Rosie - KN8JOY and Randy - KA0AZS


Nolan - KC9EJB and John - W9KD


Late in the afternoon Glenn, Audrey and the gang close up shop and head towards home.

Tim - W8TPK, Glenn - W8AK, Audrey - KC8DTM and Joe - KD8GIL


Randy took a shot of Keith taking a shot of the gang preparing to leave!


While Keith is out taking a walk he saw this old Gonset G-50!  Keith's dad had one of these when Keith was a kid!

Ah, what great memories!


Well, it is about 4PM and time to close up shop for the day!


Shortly before we headed out, Gary's XYL Susan arrived!


Bob is taking his "On the way to dinner" group photo!


L-R - Keith, Marian Tony and Jean...


Bob had made reservations again at Tavern At Coventry!

Yes, the food and service are good enough for us to go two nights in a row!

Bob is taking the dinner group photo!


L-R - Jean, Marian - WD8CJD, Susan, Jane (Gary's 90 year old mother), Gary - WB9DIA, Keith - WA8ZWJ, John - N5AAA and Tony - KD8SRQ


Jean takes a group shot to get Bob in the photo!


Bob is setting up to take the after dinner group photo!


Here's our after dinner group shot!

L-R - Susan, Gary, Jane, Jean, Bob, John, Marian, Keith and Tony!


Bob gets a photo of Keith copying photos on his laptop computer...


Sunday, 11/18/2018


Here's the early breakfast group!


Bob gets a shot of the early breakfast group!

As you can see, there is no fun being had here!


Randy headed back to the room for a bit after he finished breakfast and Marilyn took his place at the table!

It is kind of unusual for a gal to join the gang for early breakfast but Marilyn said she could not get back to sleep after Randy left!


As you can see we were able to spread out and use a couple more tables to display our sales stuff for the day!

Three tables instead of one!



Randy took a panorama shot of our three tables!


Tony and Keith...


Randy is sending Keith photos he has taken during the weekend!


Gary has spread out and is using three tables as well!


Here's a panorama shot Randy took of Gary's three tables...


Keith took a walk outside to drop off something he had purchased in the van and was surprised to see the snow falling!

Thank goodness it did not stick to the ground or the van!


Here are Holly and David - KE8KEF!

David is a former student of Keith's. 

David attended a "Gathering Of The Faithful" or two back in the 80's.

His call back then was KB8DHO.

He has recently gotten his ham radio license again after it had lapsed many years ago.

He hopes to become more active!


Here's a shot of Keith that David - KE8KEF took during their visit!


Here's a panorama shot Randy took while Holly and David were visiting with Keith.


Gary and Randy are visiting while Gary enjoys his lunch!


Susan has joined the gang again!


Well, it is drawing nigh on 1PM and Keith and Randy have closed up shop for this hamfest!

Susan is manning the table while Gary is out and about!


Keith was pleased with his sales for the weekend!  He brought four storage tubs full of stuff plus two cardboard boxes.

The good news is one of those storage tubs is completely empty and another one is half empty!

Also, Keith made some significant sales on Sunday which made spending the morning at the hamfest productive!

Keith will refill the tubs with items that are stored in his garage to take to Yuma to sell at the hamfest!


Randy and Marilyn elected to head towards home after the hamfest.

Keith and Marian headed to Decatur, Indiana for a great lunch at the Back 40 Junction!

Yes, they managed to get all fed up enough that they elected to skip dinner that evening!


It was great seeing all the gang!  We wish more of you could have been there!

Many thanks to the photo contributors for this web page!

They are:  AB8CO, KE8KEF, N0BIX, N5AAA and WA8ZWJ!

Respectfully Submitted, Keith - WA8ZWJ