Fort Wayne Hamfest 2019

posted 11/18/19

We had a great time at the Fort Wayne hamfest again this year!

Here are a couple of flyers from the hamfest.


Notice that Riley - K4ZDH, an IOOK'er, is one of the presenters at a forum!


Notice the top picture in the above flyer?

Now take a close up look of the center of the photo!

This is from the 2018 hamfest.

It sure surprised me!


Friday, November 15, 2019


Marian - WD8CJD and Keith - WA8ZWJ headed towards Fort Wayne Friday morning on November 15th, 2019.

Their first stop was for lunch at Farmer Brown's near Arcanum, Ohio!


Here's Farmer Brown himself!

Marian plays Bridge weekly with Farmer Brown's older sister!


We arrived at our hotel about 2:30 PM!


While it was sunny Keith went outside and caught a snap shot of our favorite place to eat while we are here!


After Randy - AB8CO and Marilyn arrived, Keith and Randy went to the arena to drop off the stuff for sales.

Randy snapped this photo of Keith preparing the camera for the delayed snap shot.


Here's that picture.

Keith - WA8ZWJ, Flat KBob - W8JUK and Randy - AB8CO


We decided to take a second one just in case the first one didn't turn out well.

Keith is hurrying back for the next photo!


Looks like two good snap shots and the flea market goodies and IOOK banner are ready for tomorrow's hamfest!


Randy snapped this shot on our way to dinner since Bob - N0BIX was not there to do it for us!


Here's an after dinner group shot!

L-R - Keith - WA8ZWJ, Marian - WD8CJD, Marilyn, Randy - AB8CO


Here the girls are having some fun on the back up shot!


Saturday, 11/16/19

After breakfast at the hotel, Keith and Randy head to the hamfest to start setting up for the day!


Here's one of Lee - WA8MSD's radios for sale.



Randy - AB8CO and ???


One of John - KF8KK's spiders has flipped upside down!


Setting up...


Set up and ready to sell!



Here 'tis!


Gary - WB9DIA has arrived!


Randy took a trip upstairs to snap a few shots of the sales floor.

This is looking northwest.


Now he is looking mostly west.


Here's a close up while he is looking west.

The IOOK booths are kind of in the middle...


Looking southwest...


Now looking south southwest from a bit further north...


Keith took a walk a bit later and snapped this shot looking northwest on the floor level.


This guy owns EAE Sales and is at a lot of hamfests!

He is a very friendly fellow!


Gary - WB9DIA and Randy - AB8CO





Randy caught this shot of a couple of old "Twoer's"


Randy and Gary


Keith caught a shot of a couple of Clegg FM-28B's!  When he was a kid his dad had one as his mobile rig!


John - W9KD has arrived!  He was headed toward the seminar where Riley - K4ZDH would be speaking!


This shirt says a lot!


Riley - K4ZDH's seminar has begun!



Jim - WB8VSU has arrived!


Here's Stu - K8ST!


Gary enjoying a bite of lunch as he manages his sales area.  :-)


Randy visits with this potential customer!


After his seminar, Riley stops by for a visit!


Here's Mark - N8ME - Chairman of HamVention!




Jim - WB8VSU sits in for Gary - WB9DIA as he takes a walk!





As you can see, things slow down a bit in the afternoon!



Then Randy and Keith see Riley near the ARRL booth which is close to the IOOK booth so they go visit a bit!

Here's Riley and Keith!


Here are Riley and Randy!


Keith and Riley are visiting a bit more!


A while later Keith runs into Rosie - KN8JOY and Randy - KA0AZS!


Actually, the fingers are not Randy's!  Someone is hiding behind them and trying to put fingers on top of both of their heads but she is too short for Randy!




Randy gets a shot of Keith - WA8ZWJ and Jim - WB8VSU!


This is too funny!

Bob walks up and says "Do you know WN5TL?"   

I said "Sure!  I know Tom Lewis!

He said "Here's my phone.  When he answers he will think it is me."

When Tom answered I said "This is not Bob.  do you recognize my voice?"

He said "Hmm, you sound familiar."

I said "I am WA8ZWJ!"

He said "Hello Keith!  What's up?"

We chatted for a while.  When we had finished up I handed the phone back to Bob!

What a FUN TIME!  Incredible!  Bob recognized the IOOK shirt I was wearing and just knew that I might know Tom!

The IOOK is being recognized out there!

It truly is a small world!

Thanks Bob!





Randy has picked up a Christmas gift!

It's purchase was inspired by a conversation with Jim - WB8VSU!


Keith asks the gentleman pushing the cart how much it is for a bottle of water.

He says it is $4.00.

Keith decides he will pass and walk to the water fountain for a free drink.

He also had cans of beer for $6.85 each!

Keith passed on those as well!


W9KD and WA8ZWJ!


Gary - WB9DIA





Time to close up shop for the night...



Gary - WB9DIA joined Keith and Marian at Tavern at Coventry for dinner!

Gary's wife Susan could not join us because Gary and Susan are in the process of buying a house and moving!

Gary is in the recovery from an attack of Bells Palsy which came on in January.

He is progressing well!


Keith - WA8ZWJ and Marian - WD8CJD


Sunday, 11/17/19

Keith - WA8ZWJ and Randy - AB8CO at the free breakfast provided by the hotel!


We are set up and ready to serve our customers!


We also set up Gary's tables before he arrived so we could help him sell some stuff!


It was a really nice day outside!

Keith asked Randy to take a few snap shots while the sun was out!

This is looking northwest!

The doors you see there is where folks come into the Conference Center.


Here are the doors where the vendors like us go in!


What a beautiful day!

Many thanks to Randy for taking these shots!


Gary has found an item that flea market neighbors gifted him before they left the day before.


This is a VERY old transmitter for AM voice and CW.  The seller thinks it was built in 1947!


The owner says this is a Navy receiver that was built in 1945 and it weighs 135 pounds!



Yeah, we have expanded by using one of the tables that was empty beside us for the bargain basement items in boxes!


Keith says this is the largest Morse Code Key he has ever seen!  Ha ha!



Look out Gene - K8OW!  This guy wants your call sign!



We are packed up and ready to head out for the day!  Gary takes a photo for us!


Then a passer by volunteers to take a shot of the three of us!


OK!  The van is loaded!  We have 2 empty tubs which means we sold 40% of what I brought to sell!  Incredible!


Keith and Marian stop in Decatur for lupper!




Here's a cigar store Indian on display inside!


Keith says he sold a lot of Lee - WA8MSD's equipment and is looking forward to sending Vicky a nice check!

It was a great weekend!

Many thanks to Randy for all his assistance!

We are hoping more IOOK'ers are able to join us next year!

Keith and Gary have already reserved their tables for next year's hamfest!

Many thanks to Randy - AB8CO, Gary - WB9DIA and Keith - WA8ZWJ for their photos for this web page!


de Keith, WA8WJ!