Findlay Hamfest 2018

posted 9/9/18

Keith - WA8ZWJ and Marian - WD8CJD attended the 2018 Findlay Hamfest which was the 76th annual Findlay Hamfest!


First of all, here is a bit of background information.  As you probably well know, we usually set up to sell at the Findlay Hamfest.  We are usually joined in the flea market by Glenn - W8AK and Audrey - KC8DTM.  However, as the week prior to the hamfest progressed, the weather forecast did not look promising.  On Friday, 9/7/18 we discussed our options and decided not to set up to sell.  That was probably a wise decision upon our part!  We left our place Saturday around noon and headed towards Findlay in heavy rain.  It turns out we had some kind of precipitation the entire trip up, during and back.  Judging from the standing water we saw on our way home, there had been a lot of rainfall.  Thankfully, it was not quite that wet at Findlay!

Yes, we could have set up inside somewhere, but, that was not what I really wanted to do.  I figured that with the nasty weather forecast there would be poor attendance at the hamfest.

One of the reasons for us to go to Findlay was to celebrate Marian's birthday.  We had made room reservations and she had made arrangements for all of her normal commitments.  So, it was a get away weekend for her!  Happy Birthday Marian!

Once we got checked into the hotel, we changed and went to the pool area and enjoyed both the hot tub and the pool!  Delightful!  While she was attending Saturday Mass, I did some shopping.  When I picked her up we had dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant up there!  Then we did some more shopping.  The rest of the evening was spent watching some TV.

Sunday morning we went back to the pool area and enjoyed everything again!  Then, after a light breakfast provided by the hotel, we headed to the hamfest.


Here is what the parking lot looked like when we got there a little before 9AM.  Yes, it was drizzling.


We usually set up in the middle of this row to sell.  As you can see, there is only one place set up to sell there on the right by the building.


This is a general shot of the ONLY enclosed building.


Now, here's looking in another direction.


This guy had so many boat anchors the table was low in the middle!


Here's another table of the same booth.  Notice the sign says "Boat Anchor Heaven!".  Yes, this table is sagging too!


Lots of laptops for sale!


Here's Mark - N8ME from DARA!


Here's a shot of Marian - WD8CJD at one of the booths!


Here's Keith - WA8ZWJ at a different booth.


More boat anchors at a different booth!


You could hear this guy's radio all over the building!  Of course, what we were hearing was mostly static!


Some more sales stuff at one of the dealers.


Here is an open sided building where some vendors chose to set up.  At least they were protected from the rain.

By the way, the temperature was in the 50's and there was a breeze, so, if you weren't layered up it was chilly.


Here is inside the open sided building.


We always see this guy at the Fort Wayne Hamfest!  He was selling in the open sided building.

He said that one advantage the weather had caused was you didn't have the "tire kickers".  These folks came to buy!


Here is one of the two outdoor flea market vendors.


I just thought this was funny enough to include a shot of it!


Here is where the prize drawings are done.


Here is the other outdoor flea market vendor.


After we left the hamfest we did some more shopping.  After all, it was Marian's get away weekend!


We had lunch at one of our favorite places to go in Findlay!


We had a fun weekend in Findlay and enjoyed the small hamfest.  Yes, attendance was down.  I did manage to pick up a couple of things I needed as well!  I certainly hope that the weather cooperates better next year!

Respectfully submitted by Keith - WA8ZWJ!