Antenna Farms of the IOOK

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The photos below are from Bob, K4UUU (formerly WF0E & WE1L).  His description of the antenna set up is as follows:  "I have created a panoramic pic of my Slinky Dipole.  It is in a Bent Inverted L Configuration.  I have received great reports with this strange antenna.   73ís K4UUU"  These photos were added 1/23/07.



Below you will see KA8ZBW's antenna farm.  Looking at Bill's Antenna Farm starting at the top is a dual band antenna for 2 meters and 440.  Then there is the tri-band HF beam on 10, 15 and 20 meters.  Next is the side arm support for the G5RV.  You can see the ladder line going down beside the tower and one of the dipole elements looks like a jet stream across the sky.  Next on the lower left is the 2 meter Isopole for APRS.  Finally just above the TV antenna on the lower right is the 6 meter Ringo antenna.  Yes, there is quite a bit of local activity on 52.525!



Here's a shot of Gary - KB0HH's Bunkhouse antenna farm.  There are 6 towers - 4 that rotate.  One of the towers is a utility tower with Internet and telephone.  The tall one going out of sight is a J-Pole for 80 Meters and 40 Meters.



Below you will see KC9EKU's new Broadband Hexagonal Beam that he constructed and recently installed!

Stephen's first contact was on 20 meters with Hoss, WA5ZAI during the Sunday, May 31st IOOK Net!

For more information about Stephen's new beam, see the article on page 30 in the March 2009 of QST Magazine





Below is KF8KK's antenna farm.  On the top of the tower (below left) on the left is a dual band 2 meter and 440 vertical and on the right is a full sized 6 meter vertical.  The tower was recently installed by the pole barn on his property near Empire, Michigan.  There are ropes with pulleys set up to be able to raise and lower wire antennas at a later time.  In front of the pole barn (below right) is a mast with an assortment of antennas that he uses in his workshop as part of the test bench set up.


Here are a series of shots of some of Mike - KG8CW's antenna farm.  In addition to what you will see below, he has plans to add to the collection as well as improve what he has got.  (added 9/5/11)

This is one of the termination points for Mike's 160 meter dipole and 80 meter dipole.  Both have the capability to be quickly changed from the phone portion of the band to the CW portion of the band.

This is a shot of Mike's tower.  The beam on top is a KT34UP multi band beam.

Here is a shot that Mike sent me of his tower...a much better shot than mine!

This is the center point for Mike's 4 element Beverage antenna.  The two elements on the left go towards the front of his property.  Each of those are 500 feet long.  The two elements on the right go towards the back of his property and each are 1,100 feet long.

The elements gradually go up to the 10 foot level and then stay that level off the ground until they terminate.  Mike calls this his bit set of EARS!  No, he cannot transmit on this antenna!

This is Mike's fan dipole set up.  The red number 1 indicates the feed point of the fan dipole.  The red 2 indicates where the coax is fed into hard line.

This is a closer shot of the feed point of Mike's fan dipole.

The is a 30 meter vertical.  Mike is not particularly satisfied with it's current performance and will probably swap it out for another antenna in the future.

The is the feed point and ground plane center for Mike's 160 meter inverted L antenna.  Mike says he plans to add about 1/2 mile of ground wire every year until it performs to it's optimum value.  At that point he says he will probably have to start replacing the ground system in portions as it rusts away since it is simply laying on top of the ground and the ground is basically sand.

Here's a shot of Mike holding the driven element of the 160 meter inverted L.

Congratulations to Mike on his fine antenna farm set up!  Good luck in the future!


Here's KI8MET's antenna farm as of 7/29/11










Here's a more up-to-date shot of Charlie's beam with the add on kit installed.



Here's a look at Tom - W3TOM's mobile antenna farm!


Below is a shot of W5JCS's antenna farm....


OK!  That is Jim's dream antenna farm!  He does have hopes of putting up a tower this summer.  We shall see.  In the mean time, he has this stealth G5RV antenna which is one of the reasons why we have difficulty hearing him on Sunday mornings.  The other reason is he sold his amplifier and has yet to replace it!  Below is his stealth G5RV.

Here's a better look at Jim - W5JCS's antenna farm.  This shot taken 2/29/16...

It looks like a G5RV on the top with a VHF beam under that and then a UHF beam under that!


Below is Ron, W6KJ's antenna farm...




Below see WA5ZAI's antenna farm.  2/11/06

On the tower in the foreground we have a dual band UHF/VHF vertical and a 24 element UHF beam.  On the tower in the background we have a dual band UHF/VHF vertical and 19 element VHF beam and a Mosley Pro 67 B 40 meter through 10 meter beam.


Below is another shot of Hoss's antenna system from a short distance away.  This shot was taken on 2/25/09.





If you have a snap shot of your antenna farm, please send it to and it will be included here!