An Assimilation

posted 7/23/21


Hello IOOK!  Yes, we have had an assimilation into the IOOK recently.

It was Gary - KI5DDE!

So, we now have a new Vice President of the IOOK!


Here Chick - AC4CT prepares to give Gary his new IOOK shirt!


Now Chick gives Gary his new IOOK hat!

AC4CT, Skip's wife, Skip - N2FOE, Gary - KI5DDE, Mary


Gary - KI5DDE and Mary!


The gang...

Sandi, Lou - N8KXM, Jan - KA9VQS, John - N5AAA, Jan , Skip - N2FOE, Debbie - KB4LOO, Chick - AC4CT, Mary, Gary - KI5DDE


Welcome to the IOOK Gary!




Congratulations to our new Vice President!

Welcome to the IOOK!