WWV Tick

added 9/17/10


Tired of listening to the same old time ticks from WWV, the IOOK Technology Center contacted the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) with a request that they consider updating the GMT time broadcast.

Under the new policies of the Federal Government, NIST expressed an unwillingness to engage in a research project to accomplish the requested change.

But spurred on by our research department, and accommodating the same new Federal Regulations, NIST acceded to the thought of contracting out the operation of WWV.

The result was just announced in the news media, resulting in the announcement below.

IOOK VPs will want to listen to the new sounds that will be transmitted, as contained in the second file below.

The IOOK Technology Center looks forward to listening to the new GMT broadcasts.

73 de NN3V

Director Emeritus IOOK Technology Center .


National Institute of Standards and Technology is close to signing a Lease 
Management Agreement with Clear Channel Communications, Inc. for its flagship 
Time and Frequency station WWV, Fort Collins , Colorado .
More details here: www.lownoiserecords.com/wwv_the_tick.html
A sample of the likely new programming is here: