KC4US's Connector Project

An IOOK Technology Center Project that any IOOK'er can take on!


First, you need a specified use for a connector that you cannot easily obtain.  Second you will need the following items:

        1)    The pin out of the plug you need to mate to.

        2)    2 small blocks of wood.

        3)    As many nails of the correct size to fit the holes as needed to complete the circuit connection.

        4)    Assorted wires appropriate for the project.

        5)    A small screw to hold the two pieces of wood together.

        6)    A drill the same size as the nails and drill motor to drill the holes in the wood.

        7)    You may wish to make a paper template of the holes in the plug the connector is to connect into.

Constructions is rather simple.  Simply mark where the connections need to be made and drill the holes.  Bend the nails in such a manner that a sufficient amount of the nail protrudes from the block of wood to be inserted into the plug.  You then need to decide which way each of the nails have to exit the board so they do not short out.  Mark those lines and then cut a slot (trench) for each of the nails to lie in.  Drill a hole in the second piece of wood through which the screw will pass to screw into the first piece of wood to secure the pins in place.  Make sure that the screw does not short the pins in the first board.  Solder the proper wire to the proper nail end that protrudes from the block.

In the inventor's own words "The wooden connector was made to work with the Icom 730.  It was used with the "Digipan" software.  It is just two blocks of wood, one has holes drilled to fit the Icom connector.  A nail or pin is then pushed through each hole and extended the right amount to fill the sockets on the radio.  The nail or wire was then bent 90 so it would extend beside the block.  To help with stability I carved a small trench for each pin.  The other block just holds the pins in place."

Respectfully submitted by Lew, KC4US to the IOOK Technology Center!