Prototype Flop!

posted 3/1/14

This announcement was sent to the IOOK News list on Wednesday, 2/12/14

prior to the Yuma Hamfest


The IOOK Technology Center regrets to announce that the premier technology
feature we planned to introduce at the Yuma Hamfest failed!

IOOK VPs can be pleased at the care with which the Technology Center Venture
Capital directorate screens our potential investments.

Several month's ago, taking advantage of a generous tax benefit offer from
the Federal Government, we began looking into a cooperative venture with a
young aircraft entrepreneur.

His business plan appeared very solid. And he cunningly used crowd sourcing
on the internet for preliminary investment sources. The preponderance of his
capital was acquired through blind email requests sent through the internet
that returned significant cash, with no need for repayment. This appeared a
promising opportunity.

As plans evolved for the prototype demonstration, we became aware the
investment would require the transfer of at least one IOOK VP to be
permanently stationed at the overseas development facility. This would be an
unusual step for IOOK, as so far we never require geographic transfer of Vs
in order to pursue an investment.

Fortunately we were alerted that before prototype roll-out, several tests
were planned, so we sent an observer to identify first hand the potential
success of the venture before we committed to the VP transfer.

After observing the test, the Technology Center Personnel Director decided
it is best to pass on this opportunity.

You can observe the demonstration below.

We are disappointed the Yuma Hamfest will have to get by without our
demonstration. We hoped to give the Marine Corps Harrier pilots a wonderful
show during the Hamfest, but that will not happen.

73 de NN3V
Director Emeritus
IOOK Technology Center


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Very clearly a case wherein the entrepreneur focused too carefully on the
Technology Center's claim for:

Yesterday's technology..............Tomorrow.