Social Research and

Development Results

posted 10/8/10

The IOOK Technology Center is pleased to bring you the result of some unusual research accomplished by our Social Sciences research department.

For the information of IOOK VPs who worry about the capital expenditures of the Center, we hasten to say that the Center did not fund or authorize the research.  It is not a field in which we believe there is much technology to exploit. The research was accomplished entirely on the employees’ own time.

However, the result of the research is surprising.

 Many IOOK VPs wonder about the vicissitudes of life, and unexpectedly, the research  provides answers to many of the deep philosophical questions pondered by the VPs in their day dreaming moments, centered about cold adult beverages.

All of us at the IOOK Technology Center hope you will find this information of use as you go about your important activities.

NN3V, Charlie

Director Emeritus IOOK Technology Center