I.T.C. Sound Technology

Posted 4/25/06


I.O.O.K. Technology Center Chief Guru, Charlie, NN3V announced yesterday that everything the "ITC" does is based upon Sound Technology!  According to "3V": "In the process of making so many recent discoveries and developments, a bit of Sound Technology was nearly overlooked.  As it turns out, this discovery could be the foundation for many future developments.  An obvious branch would be "Smell Technology" and "Aroma Therapy".  Of course, those kinds of research could also lead to "Scent Development".  We hope that at least some small portion of this research will benefit mankind!"

"Of course," 3V continued "if you don't at least carry a cell phone, this latest development won't help you a whole lot.  Personally, I used one during our R&D period have found it to be quite handy .  I think everyone will want one as soon as they see it's remarkable capabilities!"

Click on the link below to see the infomercial for this new technology.  Please be aware that the infomercial is 5,647 KB in size, so, if you are on dial up, be prepared for a long download.  (approximately 40 minutes dial up - not for the weak of heart!)