Security Breach

IOOK Technology Center Hacked

posted 5/14/11


On Monday, May 02, 2011 at 6:06 PM Richard - VK5UK wrote IOOK Technology Center Guru, Charlie - NN3V the following:

Hi Charlie, I was directed to the following website and immediately
recognized the device and suspected a security breach at the IOOK Tech
Center.  Could you please investigate and report accordingly?

(click on "Mystery Meter" to see what Richard found)

Thanks Richard VK5UK IooK VP


Charlie's response follows:

Most interesting.

This represents a "hack" of unbelievable proportions. Some unknown intruder
hacked into our Top Secret invention data base, and downloaded the latest
iteration of the Retronicabulator power meter.

I have directed the Technology Center IT Security department to conduct a
thorough review of our IT Network to make sure there are no other breaches
of security, and try to identify how the hacker gained access to such an
important data base.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

73 de NN3V
Director Emeritus
IOOK Technology Center


Anyone who can assist the IOOK Technology Center investigate this breach of security is encouraged to contact Charlie, NN3V.


Thank you!