Screwdriver Antenna Project

KF8KK's Secret Revealed



Today, the secret of Johnny, KF8KK's (alias Corky) super mobile signal from Phoenix, Arizona was revealed.  Many regular check ins to the Wednesday evening 40 meter net had suspected that John was experimenting with something new when his mobile signal nearly doubles in signal strength one evening during the sked.  After being asked what was going on, Johnny commented that he "was trying out his new screwdriver antenna design!"  "It is a bit unusual, but it really, really works!"  KK, an experimenter from way back is always trying to improve upon an idea.  Judging from his signal strength on 40 meters, he has been successful again in making an improvement to an already existing product.  Johnny's close friend, Ham Hock, commented saying "I would not be surprised what that young man could make a living selling ducks on the Internet!  He is very talented!"

Below is a snap shot of Johnny's new screwdriver antenna.

According to Ron, W6KJ, it looks as though Johnny might have a handle on the problem!

Film at eleven!