Retrincabulator Two Application

posted 3/07/11

The IOOK Technology Center is pleased to bring you the latest news in the Centerís aggressive pursuit of technology applications.  

In 2010 we bought you the news of our Retroincabulator Two efforts. This resulted from our partnering with Rockwell International to further the Technology Center ís research efforts. You may review those efforts by visiting the following URL:

The Technology Center ís advisory board reviewed the approach the Marketing Department was pursuing in the development of the Retroincabulator Two, and reached the opinion that it was a flawed approach.

In concert with the Technology Center ís sales staff, it became apparent that there was faster  way to bring the Retroincabulator to a successful practical application. The resulting approach focused on using the Retroincabulator for the aviation industry. Given the enormous profits being achieved by the airline industry, this is a quicker way to spur cash flow into the Center. Furthermore, success of the effort may allow the Technology Center marketing department to successfully compete for lucrative government sales, a market we have not yet penetrated.

Consequently, our sales department entered into a licensing agreement with the Ft. Worth Vintage Flying Museum to apply the Retroincabulator Two for modernizing the aircraft flown by the Museumís staff.

The pivotal facet of this effort has been the development of routine maintenance procedures for the Retroincabulator Twoís upkeep. By so doing, the Museumís cost of operating and maintaining their aircraft has been dramatically reduced.

The cost advantages, and maintenance simplification for airborne applications has been so dramatic, that the Technology Center government services division is now discussing with the Pentagon the possible application of the technology to the manufacture of the highly controversial alternative engine for the F-35 fighter.

You will find a full review of this practical application at the following URL: