NN3V's New Pet Project

added 10/15/11


A fine IOOK Day to you.

For a long time, the Technology Center innovation department has pondered ways to help IOOK VPs in their technology pursuits.

One area that frequently presents the VPs with problems is the need, for many projects, to figure out steps to overcome the VP propensity to try fitting a square peg in a round hole.

On a recent DX ped journey (that is a DX effort carried out on foot), one of the innovation VPs saw a demo of a new idea, and working with the Tech Center legal and contract departments, authored a bilateral research agreement with a Chinese company.

The result is shown in this video.

If enough IOOK VPs show interest in this idea, we may look into further development of the technology for commercial purposes.

Give us feedback on your opinion.

The IOOK Technology Center Public Relations department will post this on the Technology Center web page.

73 de NN3V
Director Emeritus
IOOK Technology Center