New Device

posted 9/18/10


The IOOK Technology Center is pleased to announce yet another fantastic invention from our Yesterdays Technology…Tomorrow standards.

The Technology Center seniors directorate was concerned about the aging characteristics of IOOK VPs. Recently, complaints from several VPs centered on the difficulties they were experiencing with the plethora of “gadgets” that are flooding the marketplaces, and for which their dexterities were challenged.

Rising to the occasion, the Technology Center ’s research and development directorate immediately took up the cause, focusing with laser-like precision on the key elements of the complaints. Having identified the principal user requirements for a solution, Yesterday’s Technology director set about to resolving the difficulty.

We are now proud to introduce a device that resolves the primary complaints of the affected VPs. This device fixes the issues of reduced vision and lack of manual dexterity afflicting the aging IOOK VPs

The IOOK Commercial Department is also working with the AARP to make the device available to all the AARP members. At a cost for non-IOOK VPs of $1000.00 per unit, the IOOK Finance Department forecasts a cash flow of some $2.0M for the 2011 IOOK fiscal year beginning April 1st.


Director Emeritus IOOK Technology Center




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