More New Technology!

posted 9/30/10



The IOOK Technology Center is pleased to bring to the IOOK VPs yet another example of our development prowess.

In this case, advantages for the American economy are also inherent to the development.

First though, the Center owes a debt of gratitude to the Security department as well.

For some time we have been concerned about the likelihood that foreign nations – particularly China and Japan – have attempted to penetrate the Technology Center ’s laboratories with the purpose of availing themselves of our innovative developments. As a result, the Security department entered into a reciprocal arrangement with General Electric. The Technology Center will license our best developments to GE, and in exchange, GE will serve as a front for the Center in order to confuse foreign agents.

In the video below, ALL references to General Electric in reality are references to the IOOK Technology Center , thanks to the cover story resulting from above..

In the best tradition of Yesterdays Technology………..Tomorrow, the highlighted development is believed to be a far reaching technology.

When licensed to American manufacturing companies, the resulting job growth will benefit not only new employees, but the lowered unemployment levels to result from the expanded market place that will support the newly produced items.

Another benefit from the technology will be the phasing out of vacuum tubes traditionally used in the obsolescent technology replaced by these new devices. All those vacuum tubes will be recycled into advanced amateur radio products.

Of importance to IOOK VPs and the value of their stock holdings in the Technology Center , the accounting department is unable to quantify the cash resources that are to become available from licensing this element of yesterday’s technology, because the sales volume is predicted to be astronomical.

The Technology Center hopes you find this product of valuable use in some future purchase. It will be proudly sold under the “Made In The USA” logo.


Charlie Ristorcelli

Director Emeritus

IOOK Technology Center