W8JUK's Inverted Vine Antenna

posted 9/11/06

On Saturday, September 2, 2006, KBob, W8JUK, President of the IOOK submitted the following to Charlie, NN3V, Chairman of the IOOK Technology Center:

Charlie, I would like to submit my new antenna design.  It is called an "inverted vine".  It is interesting to note that my signal has been growing with each passing day.  I am not yet sure how this thing works.  Perhaps the Technology Center could be of help to me in this regard.  73, kbob

On Sunday, September 3, 2006, Charlie responded with the following statement:

Clearly an invention worthy of the technology center webpage.

It is such a revolutionary idea that our lead antenna designers are unsure of how to approach the research.  It may be that the antenna has nothing to do with the radiation capability.  It is more likely that the radiation has infected the vine, making it a sustaining radiator.  In that case, the Technology Safety Director is loathe to risk the health of the investigators.

But, it should be added to the collection of possible antenna layouts.  It should be very useful for Field Days in West Virginia , provided a vine is planted now so that it is available next June.

73 de NN3V  -.-

Below is a photo of this revolutionary new antenna design!

Now that KBob has found his amplifier "on" switch AND has this revolutionary new antenna design, his signal has been reported to be several S Units stronger than a normal "KBob type signal" where a voice could be heard to be speaking, but, no one could tell what was being said!

Congratulations KBob!