IOOK Courtesy shown in Florida!

March, 2004

This past winter a couple of IOOK families traveled to Florida for the impromptu attendance of the Florida Winter IOOK Symposium!  As a special offer, the IOOK Technology Department provided matching models of "Courtesy Cars" for the event.  Technology Department Chairman, NN3V stated "This is an entry level program which we have been working on for some time.  It is our hope that through continued efforts that we will be able to provide courtesy cars for our traveling IOOK'ers on a much wider expanse.  However, it is possible too, that the entire program may be scrapped.  Housing, although not part of the original plan for this trip, was reluctantly included" said Ristorcelli, "in that we don't want to establish a terrible precedence regarding housing at these events.  As it is, if the program is successful, we hope to be providing Courtesy Cars to all out of town IOOK'ers at HamVention by 2010!"

The above picture is a snap shot of the Courtesy Cars furnished to the Florida Winter IOOK Symposium held in North Ft. Myers, Florida in mid March, 2004.  WB8WIQ & N8CVS used the red one and KE8ZB & N8KOR used the white one.  Funding for the housing and cars were provided by the "Ham Hock Foundation" and the "IOOK Technology Department".  Next years' date is TBA and an invitation will go out to all IOOK'ers.  Housing and courtesy cars may not be furnished next year.

IOOK President KBob, W8JUK, could not be reached for comment.

Hat's off to IOOK Courtesy!