Extra Circuit Developed

submitted 4/21/10

John, KA8ZSB found this circuit.  He wondered if it was possibly something that had been smuggled out of the IOOK Technology Labs.

Charlie, NN3V, who is the IOOK Technology Center VPIC said the following:

That is the circuit diagram that will be inserted in the Extra Class license exams.  The question will ask examinees to define the input-output characteristics of the device, as well as to describe the Kirchoff law characteristics of the resistor complex shown in the middle right portion of the diagram.

The IOOK Technology Center was contracted by the ARRL to develop the circuit diagram in order to help strengthen the Extra class exam in order to make up for the ease of licensing that is now prevalent in the era of no-code licensees.

Since developing the circuitry we have also found that the device works very well as a Hindi-English translation device, to be used when talking to tech support personnel of companies that have contracted tech support to Indian personnel.

73 de NN3V
Director of the IOOK Technology Center