Digital Research

posted 6/13/06

The following is from the "Head Guru" of the IOOK Technology Center!

Our digital research department is on the forefront of once again combining perspicacity with creativity and our environmental concerns to alleviate a troubling problem recently reported in Wall Street Journal.

Increasing numbers of computer users are finding it very frustrating to find mountains of CDs lying around for which they have little use.

This is especially true for CD-R, and DVD-R disks.  For example:  What is one to do with the dozens of “free CDs” received in the mailers from AOL, EarthLink, etc, offering free trials of their buggy software?

Many just throw the silly things in the trash, increasing non-biodegradable content in our landfills and trash collection agencies.  A vast problem we are leaving for our future generations as well as a waste of the petroleum resources to manufacture the plastic that is used in manufacturing the disks.

Our digital and chemical engineering expert, Dr. Geronimo Everett Knownuts (GEEK for short) pondered this issue whilst rummaging through the Dayton HamVention flee market, and suddenly realized a solution was easy to achieve.

Past technology periods in the use of reel to reel recording days solved the matter of re-use of the tapes through the simple means of rewinding the tapes.

GEEK pursued the idea of making the CDs fully reusable by returning them to virgin state without the need of troublesome software (most of which does not work well with any Windows product).  The key to this idea was the need to come up with a device that the average consumer, not known for erudite understanding of computer software, could use simply and effectively.

From that idea arose the CD / DVD REWINDER.   The device is mechanically foolproof.  The consumer merely inserts the disc to be restored to virgin condition into the holder, and turns it mechanically.  As the disk is turned, a fine scribe removes the layers that have been digitized returning the disk to it’s original state.

As an added advantage, since the device is powered by Manuel force, the user gets to strengthen the muscles in the prime mover extremity.

Attached is the photo of the prototype device.  Trial sales will begin at Best Buy, Fry’s, and at the IOOK Technology Center HamVention booth in the early fall of 2007.

73 de NN3V  ...-.-