N5AAA Makes Desert Discovery

Posted 4/19/06

John says "While out in the desert this past weekend I think we discovered the missing piece of the Retroincabulator."

"I thought the Technology Center should know."  73, John

Editor's note - We are still waiting on a response from the IOOK Technology Center on verification and the ramifications of this discovery.

Film at eleven.

This Addendum Posted 4/23/06

After viewing the discovery of N5AAA on what he believes could be the missing Retroincabulator, I did some checking on the web.  It does indeed appear to be similar but the one in the photo appears to be the military version, which accounts for it being twice the size it needs to be.  The military apparently had a large research project for the device, but only two units were ever built.  The project was finally cancelled after 7 years when it was discovered no one could remember what they were going to do with it.  A high ranking military official was reported to have said, "I would have canceled it sooner, ... but I was asleep!"  73 de John, W9KD (Noblesville, IN)