IOOK Technology Center

Research Update

posted 7/8/07

Howdy IOOK:

For some time now it has come to the attention of the research department that increasing numbers of IOOK VPs are reporting fatigue and stress in their hands.

This condition is especially troublesome at the beginning of the evening IOOK leisure hour, when the pain in the hands causes IOOK VPs to be unable to hold a frosty beverage.

Curious about the condition, we tapped into some of the funds generated by the Retroincabulator sales to get Dr. Imon Topofit to engage in the research as to the cause.

Indeed, what we discovered is that IOOK VPs, through their constant work habits, are increasingly prone to Car Pal Tunnel Syndrome.  Dr. Imon was of the opinion that this situation manifests itself when IOOK VPs drove their cars through tunnels in the company of 10s.

It turns out that he was wrong.  It is merely the result of many hours spent at computer terminals either at work or at the hamshack logging program.  

Determining the problem was merely the routine carpal tunnel syndrome we all know, the IOOK Tech Center Mechanical Engineering branch engaged in a design to eliminate the problem.

Below you will find the prototype solutions.  We are confident that KF8KK’s “duckies” will be able to give us the raw material to prepare these for wide based tests before we release them for sale to the general public.  Our testing director is looking for IOOK VPs who wish to donate their time to testing the devices before we go public.

Ordering information will follow as soon as we get organized.

73 de NN3V


Technical Director, IOOK Technology Center .