New Technology Announcement

From NN3V - ITC Head

posted 10/11/08


I am pleased to announce the results of a year long product development effort in the Technology Center .

Last year the Technology Center business planning committee embarked on a plan to exploit the Christmas Holiday shopping period as a time to maximize revenue and profit for the IOOK stock fund.

The invention committee – with the help of appropriate liquids and related vision enhancers – settled on the development of a toy that smart shoppers could purchase for their pets as Christmas toys.

The result is the automated ball launcher shown in the attached video. The toy will provide hours of fascinating play time for dog and master. The unit in the video is the final prototype that is fully tested and has operated for 2,000 hours of uninterrupted ball launching. The Technology center has cycled through 5 dogs during the test period. Two principal steps are left in preparation for product release. The Technology Center manufacturing division is producing the final package of the unit, and is also researching a proper name for the toy.

I am sure you will all be thrilled at the product preview contained in the attached.

Click here to see video

K8EI, Technology Center Assistant VP was heard commenting “…holy smokes! This thing could be more fun than playing with my trains at the foot of the Christmas tree on Christmas eve. All I need is a doggie!”

73 de NN3V …-.-