Latest Auto Technology

submitted 8/4/06

Clearly, a new frontier is upon our Technology Center miniaturization laboratory.

By applying the combinatorial properties of our recently discovered new element Govermentium in the metal alloy mix required to manufacture automobiles of extreme performance characteristics, the IOOK Technology Center is reaching the cusp of manufacturing and miniaturization technology.  

This prototype automobile, combining the alloy materials resulting from injecting Govermentium in all material resources needed to manufacture a car, was then irradiated in the IOOK VGBS chamber.

Once in the chamber, a monocochal programming effort led to the asymmetric planned decomposition sequence that allows the object to morph to the pre-programmed state for storage.

The seminal procedure required to accomplish the miniaturization of the object requires tremendous amounts of power (approaching the googleplexwatt level).  Fortunately, earlier research that produced the Retroincabulator allowed the technology center to find the precise magnitude of the Pudenda Vector Function (PVF) needed to successfully reach the miniaturization factor.

When the prototype was unveiled at the recent San Diego Comi-Con, the largest gathering of futuristic thinkers in the business of documenting important events, the leader of the exhibit accurately described the experiment in true IOOK Technology Capability factors as Nobi Novis Sulis Soli.

The Technology Center marketing coordinator expects to introduce the vehicle during the worldwide miniaturization sales convention to be held at the Dayton Hara Arena on 2/31/07.  This event is NOT associated with the 2007 HamVention. 

To view a short movie (1,240 KB) showing this technology click HERE .

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