HamVention 2018

posted 5/25/18



Back in January of 2018 Jim - W5JCS sent along this photo!  Yes, he was looking forward to the 2018 HamVention!


Here's this year's HamVention flyer.


ZWJ is making progress on his preparations for HamVention...

(Photo taken 5/13/18)


Debbie - KA3VNF and Tom - W3TOM arrived in town rather early.

We were able to get together for dinner on Monday, 5/14/18


Keith - WA8ZWJ, Marian - WD8CJD, Debbie - KA3VNF and Tom - W3TOM


On Tuesday, 5/15/18 Fast Eddie - W8ED arrived and dropped off the beer fridge!


Wednesday, 5/16/18


In the morning Fast Eddie came back and set up the beer keg.

Then we went and picked up the pickup truck we were borrowing from Ron - KA8PBB's son Brad again!

He said that the front left tire might be a bit low so we checked all the tires just to be safe.


Then we had a bit of time to spend so Fast Eddie tapped the keg for the first time!


Cheers and beers!


Once Bill - WZ1L had arrived from Amesbury, Mass. we headed to lunch.

After lunch we headed to Fast Eddie's place in Medway to load the floors!


ZWJ didn't take very many pictures of the loading process because he was helping!




Here's the loading crew!

 Fast Eddie - W8ED, John - KA8ZSB, Bill - WZ1L, Randy - AB8CO and Keith - WA8ZWJ


After the loading was complete, Bill and Keith drove past the house where Marian WD8CJD grew up!  This is where she lived when Keith and her started dating.

It is located very close to Fast Eddie's and she used to baby sit for the family that lived where Ed does now!


N0BIX is approaching the Ohio state line...


On his way into town, Bob - N0BIX stopped at the campground where a number of the IOOK'ers were staying.

He had a special gift for them!


Here's the "Camp IOOK" at WACO Field!

On the right are Chick - AC4CT and Lou - N8KXM


Bob - N0BIX arrived after we got back to the Farley Flophouse from Medway.  He had brought a special gift!

Pretty neat, eh?   It ought to make it a bit easier for the gang to know for sure where the Gathering Of The Faithful will be!


Dinner that evening was at Company 7 BBQ!

Fast Eddie - W8ED, Bob - N0BIX and Bill - WZ1L


Keith - WA8ZWJ, Marian - WD8CJD, Debbie - KA3VNF, Tom - W3TOM


Max - K1MAX


Sandi, Lou - N8KXM and Jan - KA9VQS


John - N5AAA


Chick - AC4CT and Debby - KB4LOO


After dinner some of the guys came back to the Farley Flophouse to be active on the Wednesday night IOOK Net!

For a while it didn't look like conditions were going to permit us to play radio and then the band changed and things got much better!



We actually had a couple of beers during the net and the after net visit!


Bob is playing with his camera after the net was over.


Thursday, 5/17/18


Breakfast was at the Big Boy in Xenia.

Fast Eddie - W8ED, Chick - AC4CT, Lou - N8KXM and Bob - N0BIX


Joe - N8BYT, Randy - AB8CO, Loyd - K8EI, Charlie - NN3V and John - N5AAA


N0BIXie got a shot with ZWJ in it!


After breakfast we headed to the flea market to begin set up chores.

































Joe - N8BYT's classic car that has enough room to carry his flea market sales stuff...



Tom - KD8TJR and John - KD8AIZ


Adjusting the canopy to fit around the screwdriver antenna on the back of the van.


Our Set Up Crew!



Once the flea market is all set up our lunch chef, NN3V, has N0BIX, K8EI and WA8ZWJ head to the grocery to purchase lunch vittles!







After the lunch vittles have been purchased Loyd - K8EI and Charlie - NN3V visit Hara Arena!


It is truly sad that this has not been kept up.  It has recently been sold and what the new owner has in plan for the facility is still unknown.


Kristen - K6WX stopped by later and looked through one of the windows and took this shot.



N0BIXie goes for a walk.  Here's a shot he took during his walk.


The new sign has been relocated to make it more visible from the road for The Gathering Of The Faithful!


Dinner that evening was at the Toll House Tavern.

Cathy and Joe - WA5FLT...



Loyd - K8EI, Melissa (our waitress), Charlie - NN3V and Bob - N0BIX


Max - K1MAX and Bill - WZ1L


Dave - K3CRF


John - KF8KK and Dave - W8TVC



Lou - N8KXM and Chas - AI0OK



Chick - AC4CT and John - N5AAA


Debby - KB4LOO and Jan - KA9VQS


Bob - N0BIX



Loyd - K8EI and Charlie - NN3V



Joe - N8BYT


Marian - WD8CJD and Keith - WA8ZWJ



Fast Eddie - W8ED


Jim - W5JCS, Ron - KC5QVC, Darell - WA3OPY


Jim assimilates Darell into the IOOK as a Vice President!  Congratulations Darell!





Lew - KC4US, Miriam and Dan - KK4OFR from The Villages in Florida!



Bruce - W6RBM


Jim - W5JCS sent the two photos below with this info...

 Jim - W5JCS, Bud - W3FF creator of the Buddipole antenna system, and Darell - WA3OPY at Four Days in May Vender night.


Jim - W5JCS and Joe Eisenberg - K0NEB IOOK Vice Presidents.


After dinner John and Dave joined Keith for a couple of beers at the Farley Flophouse!


It appears that John is beginning to fade...


Cheers and beers!


Friday, 5/18/18

Before breakfast Chas showed off the new larger mugs that he would be handing out at the Gathering Of The Faithful!


Max - K1MAX and Dave - K3CRF


Bill - WZ1L


Bruce - W6RBM and Bruce - K8CJM


Jim - WB8VSU


Chas - AI0OK


Joe - N8BYT


Charlie - NN3V and Loyd - K8EI

It would seem Keith did not get a photo of himself at breakfast.

After breakfast we headed to the flea market to begin setting up for the day!

Shortly after our arrival in the flea market the fire marshal asked Keith to move his maroon van because the neighbors were complaining about gasoline fumes.

Dave - K7DRM offered to trade spaces with Keith.  His car was in the committee parking area.  So, that is what we did.


Welcome to HamVention!


Lou - N8KXM


John - N5AAA and Tom - W3TOM


Skip - N2FOE


Loyd - K8EI and Debbie - KA3VNF


They are setting up the canopy for Tom - W3TOM and Debbie - KA3VNF's spaces next the the IOOK's spaces.


Here's Bill - N8TQ!


They seem to be missing a pipe for the canopy so Lou - N8KXM is attaching it to our canopy!


Miriam, Lew - KC4US and Dan - KK4OFR


Yes, we had quite a number of off and on showers during the day Friday  They were rather heavy at times.


Tom and Debbie's booth is nearly ready to open up!


Hmm, so, do you think it will continue to rain?


Bob - N0BIX is riding in from parking...



He has arrived!


Stephen - KC9EKU and John - KA8ZSB


John - N5AAA, Skip - N2FOE and Tom - W3TOM setting up Tom and Debbie's space...



Bob - N0BIX - I'm singing in the rain!








The paths in the flea market are much improved over last year!


Ah, finally the rain has let up...for a while...


Bob - N0BIX goes back up to the buildings...


Here he finds Chick - AC4CT, Debby - KB4LOO and Jan - KA9VQS


Another look at the IOOK flea market space after the rain has stopped...


The Michigan contingent has arrived!  Mike - K8LMJ, Dave - W8TVC and John - KF8KK!


Lou - N8KXM, Chick - AC4CT, Debby - KB4LOO, Jan - KA9VQS and John - N5AAA


Then Lou takes a photo of the group so Bob - N0BIX can be included!


Persimmons are being served on the veranda!

Charlie - NN3V, lunch chef and Stan - N5JFQ!



Stan - N5JFQ


Then Bob - N0BIX gets on the bus to go back to his car.


He goes to the Camp IOOK to get a photo of where the campers had to be moved to for the day because of another activity that was happening there.


Back at HamVention...

Jim - W5JCS says "Rainy Friday by the food trucks. "


Tom and Debbie's spaces are open for business!


Jim - W5JCS says "Fun at the IOOK booth. "


Surprise!  Kristen - K6WX is here!  Yee haw!


Fast Eddie - W8ED



Jim - W5JCS says "Rainy Friday. "





John - W9KD has arrived!




Vice President Glenn - W8AK


Tom and Debbie's booth...

I don't know how Tom did but our booth did not sell well on Friday.


N0BIXie is back at the Farley Flophouse!


Back in Xenia...





IOOK booth...


Jim - W5JCS and Jim - WB0BIK went to the Voice Of America Friday evening.

Jim says "Voice of American, Bethany transmitter station run by WC8VOA Club."


Entry of VOA station


Plaque for Radio Station WLW commemorating its operation of 500 KW transmitter in the 1930ís.  WLW is located next to the VOA site south of Dayton.


Master Control room of the Voice of America transmitting site


Control panel of transmitters for Voice of America Bethany site


WB0BIK talks with member of WC9VOA in Master Control room for VOA


WLW-AM 700 transmitting tower next to VOA site.  Notice only guyed at one level.


One of the final tubes used in WLW-AM's 500,000 KW transmitter in the 1930s.


Switching panels for the transmitters to antennas at the VOA transmitter site.


Information on the Amateur Radio station housed inside the former Voice of America transmitter site.  This site is now the site of the Ohio Broadcast Museum and houses an impressive amateur radio collection including Bob Drake's personal collection of Drake radios.  All these Drake radios in his collection are as new and never have been used.


West Chester Amateur Radio Association WC8VOA welcome sign.


Operating room for WC8VOA which includes seven operating positions.


Close up of one of seven operating positions at WC8VOA. This position features an Icom IC-7300 and Heil PR77D microphone donated by Bob Heil.


Some of the early arrivals for The Gathering Of The Faithful!

Marian - WD8CJD and Chas - AI0OK


Dave - W8TVC and Lee - WA8MSD


Mike - K8LMJ and John  - KF8KK


Randy - AB8CO and Lew - KC4US


Dave has begun fixing the brats!





Keith - N8LIS and Henry - WD8Q


The gang continues to wait for ZWJ and the other late comers!




Ready and waiting!


When Keith got home that evening everyone commented that they could smell the gasoline fumes as well.

Needless to say, Keith did not drive that van the rest of the weekend.

The late comers have arrived and blessing has been said!

Let's eat!





Bob - N0BIX, Debbie - KA3VNF, Jan, John - N5AAA and Jan - KA9VQS


Folks getting their dinners...



Lee - WA8MSD, John - W9KD and Bill - WZ1L


Kristen - K6WX, Max - K1MAX and Charlie - NN3V


Liz, Stan - N5JFQ, Joe - WA5FLT and Cathy


Stan's dinner...


Dave - K3CRF, Tom - W3TOM, Skip - N2FOE


Eating dinner...


Mike - K8LMJ and Keith - N8LIS


Bruce - W6RBM and Joe - WA5FLT


Truly, we are blessed!  As we were finishing up dinner outside it began to rain.  

So, we moved the awards and recognition presentations inside.  Then it really poured!  You know, cats and dogs!


Da Bear's Candle Lighting Ceremony!


The lighting of the candle!

RIP and God bless them!


Time to begin handing out the awards!



Ready for the awards...


Ready for the awards...


Chas is being recognized for the new mugs we all received this year!  Thank you Chas!


Keith must be telling one heck of a whopper!


Dave - W8TVC is being awarded the 1st runner up for Wednesday night net check ins!

Yeah, even though Dave is net control on Wednesday evenings, Keith had subbed for him enough to be the number one check in.


Lew - KC4US is being awarded for having the most check ins for the 20 Meter IOOK Nets.

Bill was the runner up.


Lew's award


Max was awarded for having the most check ins on the IOOK Sunday morning 40 Meter Nets and John was awarded 1st runner up!


Max's award


Charlie was recognized for being the IOOK'er at the Gathering who had traveled the furthest to be there!


Charlie's award...


Lew is being awarded for being the oldest IOOK'er in attendance!  He will be turning 90 soon!

As you can see, no fun was being had here!  Har de har!


Lew's award...



Lou is making Fast Eddie the "official" floor manager!


Keith is given a "Florida" badge for his lack of attendance at HamCation!


Lew presents Mike with the IOOK Hall Of Fame Award!  Congratulations Mike!


Bob calls for an impromptu vote from those present to induct Marian into the Hall Of Fame as well for hosting The Gathering Of The Faithful for 30 years!

Congratulations and Thank You to Marian!


Marilyn also recognizes Marian for being our hostess!


Loyd explains the total expenses for our flea market spaces, lunches and other expenses and then begins collecting from those in attendance!




The good news is that due to the generous donations as well as the profits from the sales in the flea market we broke even!

Many thanks to Loyd for all he does for the IOOK!


After the awards things begin winding down...Sandi, Marilyn and Randy...


Dan, Miriam and Lew!


Joe thanks Chas for the great new mug!


By the way, if you haven't looked at the bottom of your new mug here's what it says!


Kristen gets a tour of ZWJ's ham shack and then enjoys quite a visit with some of the gang!


Saturday, 5/19/18


Saturday morning breakfast crew...

Dave - K7DRM and Chas - AI0OK


Randy - AB8CO, Bill - WZ1L and Jim - WB8VSU


Charlie - NN3V, Loyd - K8EI, Bruce - W6RBM, Joe - N8BYT and Keith - WA8ZWJ


Dave - K3CRF


While we were in Xenia Bob - N0BIX was taking another walk near the Farley Flophouse.


We are set up and ready to sell!


Lou - N8KXM


Chick - AC4CT and John - N5AAA







Yep!  It's raining!


Max - K1MAX and Randy - AB8CO


Joe and Stan pose in view of approaching dark rain clouds on Saturday.


John - KD8AIZ


Our lunch chef is making preparations!



Persimmons are being served on the veranda!



Stan says "For those that havenít been to the new HamVention location, numerous food trucks are available for lunch and snacks.  I thought it was interesting that the longest line was for the ďKentucky StyleĒ pork chop sandwich.  Maybe itís popular because it was being grilled right there on site."




While the guys in the flea market were enjoying Charlie's lunch Bob managed to find the gals at their lunch.

Jan - KA9VQS and Marian - WD8CJD


Sandi and Jan


Jan and Debby - KB4LOO


Bob's typical lunch!


Back in the flea market...


Funny T shirt!



This guy used to set up across from us when we were at Hara Arena.



Stan - N5JFQ and Joe - WA5FLT went to the Air Force Museum.  Here is what Stan had to say.

"There are so many great historical items at the Air Force Museum.  It was interesting to see the toasting goblets of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders.  There is only one remaining goblet standing upright, meaning there is only one man still alive that flew on that bombing raid back in WW II.  He is Lt. Col. Dick Cole and he should be 102 years old this year."


"This year during HamVention one of my interests was seeing the newly dedicated exhibit at the Air Force Museum, the Memphis Belle.  Wow, she was beautifully restored and a great description of her history on display panels.  Afterwards Joe and I watched the restored Memphis Belle movie in the Museumís big screen theater."


"And finally, one of my other favorites at the Air Force Museum, the SR71. "


Back at HamVention...

Our buddy Sam - WA8VIW is a member of this group!



Our buddy Tom - W5KUB's booth!











Joe - K0NEB




Randy - KA0AZS


Hmm, Loyd must be checking his eyelids for leaks!


Randy - AB8CO and his son and granddaughter


The HamVention officials came around and told everyone that we needed to seek shelter because a nasty storm was coming in.

So, we closed up our flea market space earlier than usual and headed back to the Farley Flophouse.

We were very fortunate in that what rain we got during the day came from behind us so we never had to cover things up with the plastic!

The good news is our sales were better than on Friday!

Fast Eddie's family has arrived!


Fast Eddie - W8ED, Bob - N0BIX, Charlie - NN3Vand Joe - N8BYT.

Yes, we soaked up some suds during this visit!


Loyd - K8EI and Fast Eddie's daughter and wife


After a little while we were off to Rob's for dinner!


As you will see, we all managed to get all fed up!










Ed - KD5JUM and Wil - WB5YFX have arrived!


Wil's wife Gail



Bill - WZ1L has arrived after a long day of being a Volunteer Examiner!


Sunday, 5/20/18


The group at Sunday breakfast!


Hmm, looks like ZWJ did not get in a photo again...


After breakfast Chas is heading out!  Safe travels my friend!


While the guys were at breakfast Bob went for another walk.




Back at the flea market...

Set up and ready to sell!




Bruce is working on some items to sell.





The sun is trying to peak out!


Lou makes a call to IOOK President, KBob - KG7SB!  It only seemed appropriate to have the flat version of KBob in the background!


Lou wished him a happy birthday when he will become 83 on Tuesday!

KBob actually told us that he is considering changing back to his old call of W8JUK!


Wil - WB5YFX


Jim - W5JCS



Then Fast Eddie went back inside to look around some more.



Stephen - KC9EKU and John - KA8ZSB




Persimmons are being served on the veranda by our chef of the day, Joe - N8BYT!


Shortly after lunch was over things were slow enough in the flea market that we began to tear down.






While we were still tearing down Sam - WA8VIW was done and headed towards home!









About the time we finished up it was time for the final HamVention drawings.


WZ1L, WB5YFX and WA5FLT watching and listening for our numbers...de W5JCS


Once everything was loaded up we headed to Fast Eddie's in Medway to drop off the floors.






Once that task was completed the gang headed to the Farley Flophouse to unload the van and then the tables from the pickup truck.

Finishing up unloading the van...


Unloading the tables...




Yes, of course that was followed up by sipping some more suds!


Before too long we managed to blow the keg so Fast Eddie started tearing down the beer fridge!




After a bit more visiting it was time to head to Marion's Piazza for dinner.



Here are Vicky and Ron - KA8PBB!

Ron is the one who makes all the badges for the IOOK as well as he arranged for us to borrow the pickup truck.








Keith sits down to visit some with Ron and Vicky.


Joe - N8BYT, Lou - N8KXM and Dave - WB8WIQ


Carole - N8CVF, Sandi and Marian - WD8CJD


Skip - N2FOE, Philip - M1GWZ (London, England) and Joe - N6DGY (Salt Lake City, Utah)


Jan and Brian - G2KQ (Oxford, England)


Kristen - K6WX joins Vicky and Ron - KA8PBB


Kristen's pizza has arrived!


She must have liked it because it is now all gone as well as most of her beer!


Monday, 5/21/18

Breakfast was at Rob's!




Bob walking back after taking photos of the motor coaches.




Fast Eddie has arrived as well!




Bob took a picture of Keith's breakfast!


The folks are loading up their motor coaches in preparation for their departure.



And they are on the road!




Bob is getting ready to exit Ohio!


Later that morning ZWJ's van was picked up and taken to the repair shop.

The good news is the problem has been fixed and it was picked up late Thursday afternoon!


In summary, let me say that I had a great time!

I thank you for your patience in wading through the over 400 photos in this collection!

Other than getting back into my daily gym routine, I have spent a great deal of time each day since HamVention

working on the photos and this web page.

If any of you see any mistakes in the chronology or captions on any of the photos, please let me know.

Photo contributors: AB8CO, K6WX, N0BIX, N5AAA, N5JFQ, NN3V, W5JCS, W8ED, WA8ZWJ

Many thanks to Ron - KA8PBB for making the arrangements for us to borrow his son's pickup truck!

Respectfully submitted by Keith - WA8ZWJ