HamVention 2015


Back in January Jim - W5JCS sent in these shots showing he was making his preparations for HamVention 2015!




As you can see, Jim is one guy who takes his attendance at HamVention very seriously!


In March of 2015 Fast Eddie - W8ED was playing the IOOK's Vice Presidential Slot Machine.  Look at the total credits Ed acquired during this series of plays!

135,855,510?  What's up with that?
Ed certainly seems to have too much time on his hands!  UGH!

Here's a link for you...



Here's a look at Joe - WA5FLT's new fusion repeater from May 4th. 

His comment was "Less than one hour old.  Up and running.  146.610 minus no tone."

Congratulations Joe!


On May 6th this was e-mailed to the IOOK!  Golly, that is a lot easier than the snail mail version we used to do back in the OLD days!


This was attached to the e-mail...



On May 8th Tom - W3TOM had this to share with us:

For the first time the full HamVention 2015 program is available before the start of the event:


de w3tom



HamVention stuff is laid out on the pool table!  Plans are coming together! (5/10)


Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Wednesday afternoon Lou and Keith loaded the floors onto Lou's pickup in preparation for delivery at HamVention Thursday after breakfast.

Here's a cheesecake shot of Lou!


After Keith got back to the Farley Flophouse, Fast Eddie - W8ED, the Flow Manager, arrived to set up the keg!


Here Fast Eddie and Keith toast the first beer drawn from the keg!  Mmm Mmm good!


Bob and Jean are soon to cross into Ohio!


The Fisher's arrived at the Pauly Pavilion!


Jean and Bob - N0BIX!


John and Jan have arrived at the Pauly campground...


John - N5AAA


C'mon Back!  C'mon Back!


Jean and Jan


John and Lou hooking things up...




Sandi, Jan, Jean and Lou...


Sandi and Jan at the computer...


Dinner Wednesday night was at Company 7 BBQ - back entrance...


Loyd - K8EI, Sandi, Jean, Jan - KA9VQS and Marian - WD8CJD


Dinner at Company 7 BBQ!  L-R K8EI, Sandi, Jean, KA9VQS, WD8CJD




John is taking a picture of Bob's new watch...


Here's Bob's new IOOK watch!  Another breakthrough in IOOK Technology!  Bob is the first to get one of these!


Our waiter took several shots...




The motif of Company 7 BBQ is oriented around fire fighting equipment.  The back bar is a converted fire engine!


Jean and Jan


Here's the front of Company 7 BBQ!

A good time was had by all and we managed to get all fed up!


Thursday, 5/14./2015


Breakfast at Burkey's N8KXM, N5AAA, N5JFQ


Wendell - WB5ISO, WA5FLT, AB8CO, AI0OK





Time to set up the floors for our booth!






The van is in place beside the floors and the antenna mount is under the rear tire.



While the guys were going to the flea market to set things up, Stan - N5JFQ, Wendell - WB5ISO and Chas - AI0OK went to the Air Force Museum.


According to Stan "Thursday after breakfast Wendell and I headed out to the Air Force Museum.  With increased security and a slow mag line, we were able to catch up with Chas at the membership counter while getting our membership cards.   Chatting with the volunteer (who happened to be from Oklahoma) the Foundation Executive Director, Michael Imhoff, came up and heard us talking with him.   Mr. Imhoff took an interest in us, not sure why, maybe because we were from Oklahoma and talked about the tornados, etc.   Anyway we chatted with him awhile and then headed inside.  Just past the store there was a photo “booth” setup and Mr. Imhoff volunteered to purchase a photo for each one of us.  So we all jumped in with him and ended up with this photo."


Stan says: "Upon hearing that we had tickets to next IMAX show at the museum, Mr. Imhoff gave us a private tour of the IMAX projection booth and of 
course another photo op.

L-R WB5ISO, Mr. Imhoff, N5JFQ, AI0OK


This is a close up of one of the IMAX projectors.  For 3D it uses two projectors simultaneously and a special glass just in front of the lens. (And your 3D glasses) They are DLP Cinema projectors, no film, and anything can be inputted.  They recently had a seminar in the auditorium and used one for a Power Point presentation on that huge screen.  Imagine that.


One of my interests at the museum was to see the recently awarded Congressional Medal of Honor to the Doolittle Raiders.  And yes, I was able to get that close to the glass to get a full picture.


Chas left early, so Wendell and I got a bite of lunch.  While in the cafe, Mr. Imhoff came through with foundation board member and retired Astronaut Frederick Gregory and introduced us.  Another photo op of course.  Upon talking about Oklahoma's recent tornadoes, he told us about one of his special missions in Oklahoma years ago.  He was flying a fighter jet (an F-4 I recall) into thunderstorms while the NSSL Doppler radar was tracking him and the storm.  His purpose was verifying the data that the radar was obtaining.  I'll keep it short here, but his story continues with more interesting details.


After doing the initial set up in the flea market the guys went to the grocery to pick up lunch fixings.


Making progress...

We ended up with two carts of stuff...


Joe is checking out the 6 meter duplexer that is supposed to go home with them in Stan's SUV.


Here are a few shots that Bob - N0BIX took at Lou and Sandi's...







Tom and Debbie have arrived at the Pauly Campground...


Jan - KA9VQS and Debbie - KA3VNF


Tom - W3TOM is checking out something under their motor home.




It is time to head to the Toll House Tavern!

NA6RS - Ron and Brenda


Max - K1MAX and Joe - N8BYT


Dave - W8TVC and Big Al - KB8FJB


Chas - AI0OK


Joe - WA5FLT


Randy - AB8CO


Jim - KA8SFL


Keith - WA8ZWJ and Marian - WD8CJD


Lew - KC4US and Miriam


Loyd - K8EI and Charlie - NN3V


Lou - N8KXM, Bob - N0BIX, John - N5AAA and Jan - KA9VQS



Jim - W5JCS




Gail and Wil - WB5YFX



Bruce - W6RBM





Stan - N5JFQ and Wendell - WB5ISO


Hmm, it looks like John is messing with Bob just a bit!  Har!



Chas is too busy with his nachos to look at the camera...






Bill - WZ1L


WE usually have difficulty hearing Bill on the 40 meter schedules.  So, Bob took this shot of Dave, Bill and Keith to show Mike - K8LMJ that Bill - WZ1L is not Keith's imaginary friend!  Here's proof Mike!  Bill - Please buy an amplifier so we can hear you!




Here's a look at the entrance to the Toll House Tavern.

We all managed to get fed up once again!  

Then a bunch of us were off to the arena to finish setting up the flea market booth.


Sorting the poles and laying out the brackets...





The frame is taking shape...


Here comes the tarp...





Securing the tarp to the frame...


Preparing to have an erection...



Moving the canopy into position...


Securing the IOOK flag to the top of the antenna...


Putting up the antenna and flag...


Group picture...The job is nearing completion...


Bob taking a shot of the set up crew...


Setting up the tables...


Peachy dandy!


Back at the Pauly Place, John and Jan are relaxing after one very long day!


Friday, 5/15/2015

HamVention is here!


Part of the early breakfast group...












Setting up our sales in the flea market...


Jim - WB8VSU



Lou is explaining about an item...


Wendell and Stan have arrived....guess they have already been inside...


N0BIX has arrived!


Bob runs into Charlie while looking around inside...


Stan and Wendell (tall guys) assist in the booth set up by putting up our banner...


Hmm, looks like Wendell is getting assistance from front and back!




According to Stan "Early Friday morning at the IOOK booth shortly after Wendell and I (two tall guys) put up the official banner."


Max - K1MAX


Loyd - K8EI and Bob - N0BIX


Chas - AI0OK


Jim - W5JCS


Dave - K7DRM with Flat KBob...



Bob and Jim...

Unfortunately Jim sprained his ankle later in the day and did not get to participate in HamVention as he is accustomed...


Doc Dave - K8WPE



Hmm - somehow a peanut shell has appeared upon Max's hat!










N5JFQ says "A newly introduced scanner from AOR. It will receive and decode almost any digital mode (not encrypted), but it runs $1100 plus."


Stan says "With an interest in digital Amateur radio, on Friday I went to the DMR Forum presented by John Burningham, W2XAB."


Bill - N8TQ




Keith - WE0G


Bill - WZ1L



Dave - W8TVC and Big Al - KB8FJB



Persimmons are being served on the veranda...


While the IOOK were enjoying our lunch N0BIX's XYL, Jean was enjoying lunch at the Golden Lamb in Wilmington, Ohio with friends.





Now, back to HamVention!


Wil - WB5YFX



Audrey - KC8DTM (Damn Tired Mom)



Rob - KV8P




Bruce - W6RBM, Loyd - K8EI and Stan - N5JFQ having some fun...



Some of the IOOK has taken advantage of our neighbors HOSSpitality across the way by using some of their chairs to relax a bit...



Skip - N2FOE


Wynn - W6CDR


Yep!  That's rain dripping off the tarp...


Dave is making a sale as the rain diminishes...


Ed - W8ED


Loyd is checking his eyelids for leaks...


Close down the booth for the day and head to the Gathering Of The Faithful!


Bob gets a shot of some of the gang arriving at the Farley Flophouse...















The blessing has been said and dinner is served...


















Stan says "Gathering activities: here is N0BIX talking with Hoss on the  cell phone.  The phone was passed around to almost everyone and Hoss really enjoyed the chat."


According to Stan "More Gathering chitchat and Keith on the phone with Hoss."


Stan says "More Gathering:  With Keith's cutter, Dave prepares a cigar."













Dinner is over...time for awards...


According to Stan "With a fresh cigar Keith begins the awards as The Flat Prez presides."



But first, the Candle Lighting Ceremony to remember our friends who have passed...


You can't see it but it is lit...



Keith - N8LIS receives an award...




Keith is assimilated by Bill - N8TQ


Wendell - WB5ISO is assimilated by Stan - N5JFQ



Stan says "Keith gets animated over something ridiculous."


Bob  - N0BIX receives several awards...


Some of the gang...No, Lee - WA8MSD is not asleep.  He is feeling very poorly and ended up having to go home early because of his illness...


Bob gets another award...


Lew - KC4US receives an award...



Fast Eddie receives an award...


Tom - W3TOM receives an award for being elected as the ARRL's Director of the Atlantic Division!



Marian - WD8CJD passes out gifts to new grandparents...


Charlie - NN3V receives an award...


Charlie presents an award to Loyd - K8EI



Lou - N8KXM prepares to make an award...


Our videographer and Fast Eddie taking snap shots...



Sasha and Grandpa Randy enjoying the awards...

It was said that Sasha would clap enthusiastically after each award and then tell Grandpa that she did not understand.  :-)



Charlie - NN3V is the recipient of the 2015 IOOK Hall Of Fame Award!  Congratulations Charlie!




The awards are done and now let's all move to the living room to watch a video about how KBob became President of the IOOK for 3 lifetimes!




We all enjoyed the 3 short videos about President KBob!  Yes, he really shot his motor home out of season!




Stan has managed to get all the 6 meter repeater stuff into his SUV!  No easy feat!  Front shot...


Back shot...


A look at HamVention APRS activity late Friday evening!


According to Stan "Jimbo (W5JCS) was curiously absent from the Gathering and missed an award.  He had a sprained ankle and needed crutches to get around.  His bunkie, Jim Leadham, follows."


Saturday, 5/16/15


Imagine Keith - WA8ZWJ's surprise when this is what he found when he arrived to drop off his van before breakfast!





He was devastated!  Our canopy appeared to have been destroyed!


Keith describes to the group at breakfast what the canopy looked like....BLAAAAAH!


Early breakfast group at Burkey's - 6:15 AM!







It is 7:16 AM and time to figure out what to do with the canopy.





Pretty badly bent in places...


Lou and Joe seem to think that the poles can be straightened...




Lou uses a sledge hammer to straighten some of the bow out of some of the pipes...


The frame is back together and amazingly the tarp was not damaged!


Here it is back up at 8:25 AM!  WOW!


We begin putting out the sales items...


We are open for business!


Since Keith's van was parked in the other lot, we moved one of the tables from under the canopy and Dave set his sales stuff up there.


Lee - WA8MSD


Jim - WB8VSU


Charlie went inside and took a few shots of some new items available...




Here is one VERY huge crank up tower...






Bob - N0BIX arrived and went inside for a look around!  He found W3TOM, N5AAA, AB8CO and N8KXM!


While Charlie was looking at new toys Lou - N8KXM was being interviewed by Tom - W5KUB!



Yes, Bob recorded some of the interview and it will appear on the DVD.  He says it is difficult to hear.



Wendell - WB5ISO


Kim and Butch - WD8EOL


Doc Dave - K8WPE


Randy - KA0AZS


Persimmons are being served on the veranda!




Loyd is enjoying his persimmons!



Lee and Chas have finished theirs...



Loyd - K8EI and Randy - AB8CO


According to Stan "Saturday's luncheon chefs enjoying their own persimmons with a heavy dose of Fritos."


Dave - K7DRM working on a sale...


Bruce - W6RBM and Lou - N8KXM


According to Stan "Getting mellow after Saturday's lunch."


Hmm - looks like a meeting.  I didn't think the IOOK had any meetings!


Charlie - NN3V runs into an old friend...


Stan says "The Hilberling PT-8000A Transceiver that Charlie wants real bad.  Runs about $13,290.00 in Euro dollars (about US $14,836)."



Bill - N8TQ


W3TOM, K8EI, KC4US and Miriam


3:27 PM - Baby the rain must fall!



The rain only lasted about 10 or 15 minutes and we were able to take the plastic off the tables again.


We closed up shop a little before 5PM and headed towards Rob's for dinner.


Dinner at Rob's!






















Yes. the IOOK does travel on it's stomach and we all managed to get all fed up!


Here are a couple of after dinner shots of the R&R at the Pauly Place!



Sunday, 5/17/15

The early breakfast was at 7:00 AM this morning!  AI0OK, K7DRM, N5AAA












Randy set up his own booth in the space vacated by our neighbors across the aisle from us.






Randy made a sign to identify his space...









Edward - KD5JUM



Chas - AI0OK


Our Korean neighbor has set out his breakfast and then went to search for something in his car.  Lou - N8KXM decided to play a trick on him by making it look like he was eating the breakfast!


Lou is confronted...


We are all smiles now!


Fast Eddie ventured inside for a while and took this shot of a new radio...



Bill - WZ1L shows us his purchase...front...


back...Thank you to all the veterans for your service!


Who knows?


Another new radio...


Randy's son and granddaughter...



Sunday view of the back of our space.  No neighbors behind us any more.


Our IOOK flag proudly waving in the breeze attached to the antenna we have used for the weekend!


While we were enjoying the hamfest, N0BIX's XYL, Jean was visiting with her friends Al and Karla in Kingman...



Here are Jean and Karla before Bob picked up Jean to head back to Dayton.


Back to Dayton!


Looks like Charlie and Joe are setting up for lunch...


Persimmons are being served on the veranda!



Tom and Debbie have to head back for their missionary efforts!  Here's his parting shot...



Several of the guys ventured inside to watch tickets.  Sadly, none of our numbers were drawn.


It's after 1PM.  We have closed up and begun our tearing down activities...



There is actually an aisle you can walk down in the middle after all the stuff was loaded.  We must have sold some stuff because there was no room to walk when the van made it's trip into the flea market on Thursday!


Taking the tarp off the frame...



Bruce is getting ready to take Charlie to the airport for his afternoon flight.


Loading the floors...














Securing the load...




Meanwhile at the Pauly Pavilion, the girls were visiting with the farm animals across the fence...





Here's Jan - probably checking e-mail...


Tom and Debbie are ready to head east...


There goes Tom...


Here goes Debbie!  They will hook the Jeep up to the camper after while.


Jean and Jan watch them drive off...


Well, it must be time for the guys to unload and store the floors for another year!





Look for the small set of wheels Lou has made up.  The floors are loaded onto the wheels and then pushed back to the shed where they are stored.


On the wheels and ready to head that direction.  Much easier than carrying them all the way!  These are HEAVY!








The pickup is empty.  The small floors go on top of the large floors.  They are light enough to be carried.


One small floor on top...


There goes the last one!

Yee haw!  Another task is done!


A bit of R&R for W8ED, WA8ZWJ and K7DRM before dinner...


Time to head to Marion's Piazza!


Ron - KA8PBB and Vicky


Jean and Bob - N0BIX


Lew - KC4US and Miriam


Waiting on the pizza...KA8PBB, Sandi, KA9VQS, N5AAA & N8KXM




AB8CO, Marilyn and Miriam


The pizza has arrived!




AB8CO, Marilyn, Miriam and KC4US


Looks like Marian has received a gift!  Someone knows her pretty well!




Hmm, looks like someone needs to order a new shirt!

Yep, as the IOOK does, we all managed to get all fed up!


Monday, 5/18/15

Here's Keith's group shot from Monday morning breakfast...



Here's Bob's group shot!



Jan and John!


After breakfast, Bob and Jean headed west.  Here's a look at the arch from the other direction!


It turns out the bag that was found in the van belongs to Stan - N5JFQ.  So, another mystery is solved!

As mentioned in the above note, it was great seeing all of you who attended!  :-)  We missed those of you who were not able to attend!


Tuesday, 5/19/15

This is from Ron - W6KJ...

Congratulations Charlie!



As you have managed to get this far, you certainly have a strong desire to see what is what with the IOOK's version of the 2015 HamVention.


Many thanks to all who helped make this IOOK HamVention a memorable one!

There are over 460 jpeg images used in this web page.  Wow!  I cannot guess how many photos are on the cutting room floor!

Photo contributors are:  AB8CO, Jean, N0BIX, N5AAA, N5JFQ, N8KXM, NN3V, W5JCS, WA5FLT, W8ED, WA8ZWJ

If I missed someone, please let me know!

Best wishes to all!

Respectfully submitted by Keith - WA8ZWJ



On May 29th, 2015 Mike - KG8CW took this shot of Keith - WA8ZWJ presenting this "Gathering" award to John - KF8KK since he was unable to attend HamVention this year!

Congratulations John!