HamVention 2013


Here is the brochure that was sent out this year.


Here are sample tickets for this year's event.


This is an aerial view of last year's flea market.  Can you find the IOOK booth?

Using the left corner of the building go out to the second aisle from the top.  A little to the left beside the white tent you see our green tarp covering our spot.


Here's HamVention Week 2013 at a glance!


Awards and HamVention materials...


Saturday, May 11, 2013


This shot is of our three spaces taken the Saturday before HamVention!  What a difference a week can make!


Sunday, May 12, 2013


Richard - VK5UK and Jo-Anne arrive from Australia on Sunday before HamVention!

G'Day Mate!


Someone caught this highway sign as they were coming into Dayton!  HamVention cometh!


Monday, May 13, 2013


Lou - N8KXM has been working on setting up a new computer for the WA8ZWJ connection to EchoLink.  It is on the air as of today!

Many thanks to Lou for his efforts!  The catch is, we disable EchoLink during HamVention because the repeater is turned off while we are in the flea market so we can use simplex on the grounds.


Jo-Anne and Richard - VK5UK had never been to a baseball game, so Marian - WD8CJD and Keith - WA8ZWJ took them this evening.

WD8CJD had gotten 4 tickets for the game from where she works part time.


The main entry gate...


One of our tickets...


Marian, Jo-Anne and Richard in our seats...

10th row behind the home team dugout...


The Dayton Dragons mascots - Heater and Gem...


The scoreboard...


Another look at the scoreboard with smoke coming out of the dragons noses...


Heater and Gem greeting the Dragons line up as they are introduced...


Fun between innings...


More fun between innings...


A couple of guys from the gym where Keith works out...

Their seats were only a few rows behind ours...


Here's Gem with Keith's friends...


Final score Fort Wayne 5 and the Dragons 4.  Shucks!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Fast Eddie - W8ED has arrived to set up the beer.  Of course, everyone knows that Fast Eddie is the Flow Manager!


Judging from the foam, it is still needs time to settle down and Fast later adjusts the CO2 pressure...


Here Fast Eddie takes the first sample....


Of course, Keith - WA8ZWJ has to try a sip as well!   Mmm Mmm good!


After the sampling we talked with John - N5AAA on the repeater on his way to Lou - N8KXM's!  More folks are arriving!  Yee haw!


Wednesday, 5/15/13


Here's what N0BIX saw as he drove into the state of Ohio from the west!


N0BIX has arrived at the Farley Flophouse!


After a short visit we headed up to Lou and Sandi's to join some more of the gang.


Here's Sandi with a couple of her pet friends.


Jan, John and Jo-Anne


Marian and Keith


Marian, Keith, Lou and Richard


Richard and Bob...


Lou and Sandi's sundial


The guys begin loading the flea market floors into Lou's pickup...


Loading floors...


Loyd - K8EI and Charlie - NN3V arrive.  Loyd and Lou are looking at Lou's tower.


Keith and Charlie with Richard in the background...


Richard and Charlie


Jan and Bob


Loyd needs to replace a headlight bulb...


Charlie asks "How many IOOK'ers does it take to change a light bulb?"


The answer to his question is "How many IOOK'ers are there available?"


Tom - W3TOM and Debbie - KA3VNF arrive!


Welcome to Pauly's RV Park!


Tom - W3TOM


Just like that we are off to dinner!


Charlie and Loyd


L to R - John, Richard, Jan, Jo-Anne, Lou and Marian


L to R - Sandi, John, Debbie and Jan


Da Bear!


Appetizer menu


Game dinner menu

Yes, they have a full menu - these are just the specialties!


Our dinner gang with Sandi having fun and Debbie hiding!

L to R - John, Jan, Jan, Skip. (Debbie not seen), Tom, Sandi, Jo-Anne, Richard, Marian, Keith, Charlie and Loyd.


Here's N0BIXie who took the group photo!

OK - so we all know that Bob takes most of the photos!


Some locals waiting on a table...


Keith took this shot for Lee - WA8MSD and Vicky - KB8HUZ - this is a great bait shop up at Lake Erie!

This guy was not part of our group but had a great sense of humor!


A couple more locals waiting on a table...


Dinner is over and we head back to Lou and Sandi's and Tom and Debbie start setting up their new to them motorhome.




Sandi is inviting us back to continue with the tour that Debbie is giving.




John and Jan's motorhome.


If you look carefully, on the far left you can see the back of Lou and Sandi's camper, then John and Jan's motorhome, then Lou's tower, then Lou and Sandi's home, then Tom and Debbie's motorhome!

What a fun evening!


Thursday, May 16, 2013


Here are the early arrivals at the Burkey Family Restaurant.



Our waitress, Tami!


W6RBM - Bruce has arrived!


Tom - W3TOM


Debbie - KA3VNF


Bob's group shot...


Then we are off to the flea market to set up the floors...






Getting there...


While we were at breakfast Keith got a call from Marian that the waterbed had developed a leak that we thought had been repaired.  Luckily Keith and Marian had a spare mattress.  Bob and John elected to finish emptying the old mattress while Keith and Lou went to the grocery to buy vittles for our flea market lunches.



Upon our return, we installed the new mattress.  

While it was filling up Keith sliced the onions for the flea market lunches.


Then our small group went to West Milton for lunch.



Of course N0BIXie is not in the photos because he took them.


Later that afternoon, while Keith enjoyed a cigar and some rest time, Bob took snap shots of Keith's smoke patterns near an overhead light.  Bob thought this particular photo was kind of artistic because he saw a cat (Keith saw a dog) with a smaller dog barking at a face to the right.

Art is in the eye of the beholder!


Max - K1MAX has arrived just in time for us to head to the Toll House Tavern!


The Toll House Tavern!


Jan - KA9VQS and John - N5AAA


Jo-Anne, Richard - VK5UK and Max - K1MAX have joined them


Here are Edward - KD5JUM and Chas - AI0OK.  Edward is a close friend of Wil - WB5YFX's.  Wil was unable to attend HamVention at the last minute and asked that we show Edward a good time at HamVention!


Debbie - KA3VNF, Tom - K8BTE and Joe - N8BYT have arrived!


Keith is talking with Jim - W1KNK who is one of the locals who has been checking into our Wednesday evening nets.


Charlie - NN3V threatens to cut off Tom's tie!  Tom is objecting because he needs to leave soon to head to an ARRL function!

Obviously the ARRL is more formal than the IOOK!


Tom and Marian - WD8CJD


Brenda, Ron - NA6RS, Charlie and Keith


This is Jim - W1KNK's license plate.  He has upgraded since the KC8ZME call and retrieved his old call from when he was a ham many moons ago in a time far, far away!


The Michiganders and Oklahomans have arrived!  Plus Jimbo!

Stan - N5JFQ, Mike - N7LMJ, Dave - W8TVC, John - KF8KK,  Aaron - AD5JK, Jimbo - KA8SFL


Aaron, Stan, Jim and Bruce

According to Stan "The IOOK - the real people all the time!"




Keith getting a quick high for an aerial shot...


Keith's shot...


Lou - N8KXM and Richard - VK5UK






Jim - W5JCS finally has arrived!




Jim will never pass up a photo op with a young lady!


Our waitresses, Lena and Aimee!  Great job girls!  Thank you!






Then a bunch of us head back to the flea market to set up the tarp, antenna and flag!


Lou not only stores the floors, tarp and antenna set up but he organizes it's set up and tear down each year!  Many thanks to Lou!




It is starting to take shape...


Time to add the tarp.  We forgot the tarp last year and had to add it Friday morning!


Attaching the tarp to the frame...




Time for the erection...



Now we walk it back into place...



Antenna and flag erection time...


All assembled and ready to erect...



Just like Lou planned it!  Yee haw!


For some reason the space between our booth and the solder guys next door is really tight so we decide to leave the tan van there overnight while Keith has a lot of assistance to guide it into the small space.



Time to crash for the night and get ready for a big day tomorrow!


Friday, May 17, 2013


Here's the early breakfast group at Burkey's!



Debbie - KA3VNF missed the picture - she was at breakfast too!


Setting up the booth and preparing the banner...




The banner is up!


Early at Hara Arena...


Larry - K9XA and brother Max - K1MAX


Randy - KD8OEA


Making sales...


Lou - N8KXM


Charlie - NN3V placing the IOOK Guarantee in a prominent location


Jim - W5JCS and Joseph - WA5FLT


Aaron - AD5JK


Stan - N5JFQ


Jim - WB8VSU


Gary - KB0HH


Richard - VK5UK and Aaron


Don, Da Bear - KE8NK


Bruce - W6RBM


Bob - N0BIX


Charlie - WB8NSL


Tom - WN5TL


Skip - N2FOE and Joe - N6DGY


John - KD8AIZ


Charlie - NN3V


Tom - W3TOM in the ARRL booth


Debbie - KA3VNF in the ARRL booth


General flea market shot...


This is a Paulygraph - taken by Lou - N8KXM


Lee - WA8MSD


Nolan - KC9EJB and John - W9KD



Another look at our booth - notice Keith's tan van is not beside the booth?  It is parked in an empty space across the aisle.


Lou having fun with N0BIX...


Jim - W5JCS and Charlie - WB8NSL


Richard and Charlie...


Richard and John



Chris Medlin, AC5CM - W5KUB's son...


Charlie and Jim with Richard in the background...


We were looking at the value on the pot - however, we had to replace the batteries in the VOM before we could do the task!

Thanks to Joe - N8BYT for his assistance!



Mike - N7LMJ



Persimmons are being served on the veranda!


After the fog cleared the sun came out and the lunch chefs were getting hot (as well as the vittles) so Lou got a couple of umbrellas to shade them.


John - KF8KK


Max came in to assist Lou in his shading task but we don't seem to have a photo of that!



Later Joe stood in for Max but now Joe and Lou are looking for replacements so they can eat their sandwich!


Mike - N7LMJ sent in the satellite photo of our booth.  The catch is it must be from last year because the tan van was not there this year since it was parked across the aisle.


N0BIXie left HamVention and drove to West Milton to catch the girls at lunch at The Pearson House.


The Pearson House is well known for their pies!


Jo-Anne, Marian Sandi and Jan


Back at HamVention here are Ron - NA6RS and Brenda


Tom - WB8MVR


Randy - KA0AZS


Our friend from across the aisle...


Dave - W8TVC enjoying his HamVention cigar!


Aaron got Keith!  He had no clue!


ZWJ enjoys an after lunch cigar as well!


A look at the arena area inside...




Bob - K8GJL


Jim - W5JCS and Joseph - WA5FLT


Rick - KK8O - The O stands for Observer!


Edward - KD5JUM


Charlie poses with Flat KBob!


Bill - N8TQ


This guy says he is quite a CW enthusiast however, his friends who gave him the badge must think he sends with his left foot!


Hmm - Jim has had 20 feet of tower of for two years now and has not managed to complete the task.  I guess he is working on a five year plan!


Off to the Farley Flophouse for The Gathering Of The Faithful!



Jerry - KE8ZB, Libby - N8KOR and Jo-Anne


Inside preps - Marian, Jan and Sandi


Ah, our brat chef!  Dave - W8TVC brings the brats and Big Al usually cooks them but Big Al was unable to make the trip this year so Dave did the cooking!

Many thanks to Dave for the brats!  Everyone loves them!




Jan  - KA9VQS, Vicky - KB8HUZ and Lee - WA8MSD


John and Mike


Jo-Anne and Richard


John, Da Bear and Jan


Sandi, Libby, Lou and Jerry




Bruce and Lee


John enjoying some suds...


More suds...


Hmm - I think Charlie and Lou have spent entirely too much time at the firehouse!


Nice pair Tom!


Keith visits with Sasha - Randy's granddaughter...



Waiting for dinner...



Parking at the Farley Flophouse!




Loyd leads us in the blessing...

NOW it is time to eat!










After dinner Loyd starts off the evening activities by conducting our candle lighting ceremony.


The Memorial pages for Tom - K8BTE and Luis - XE1L have been completed.  Links are listed below:












First we must assimilate three more fellows into the IOOK!

Being assimilated are - L to R - Edward - KD5JUM, Henry - WD8Q and Bill - N3LLR


CONGRATULATIONS!  You are now an IOOK Vice President!


Dave - W8TVC has been helping rebuild a "Barney Fife Squad car" for the university!



Glenn - W8AK donated this control head, mic and speaker to add to the authenticity of the renovation!


Richard educated Keith on the Australian version of DILLIGAS.



In Australia it is DILLIGAF!

To hear an Australia version of the DILLIGAF song click on the link below.  NOTE - the language is strong and not suitable for young ears.




Jo-Anne says "DILLIGAF!"


Charlie is being presented the "Sleepy Head" award!


Tom is being presented the "Truly Retired" award.



Sessel B. DeFisher...


Dave is being presented the "Top Of The Heap" award.



Charlie is being presented the "Phat Phinger" award!


Bob and Loyd are being presented the "Wino or Why No" award




Rick is being presented the "Check Your Calendar" award.


Chas was presented the "Planning Ahead" award.


Then he presented Keith with the "I want a slash through the zero of my call sign license plate" award.

After going round and bout with his DMV they issued another license plate with a slash through the zero!



Stan is being presented the "Retard" award.



Lou and Sandi prepare to present Bob with an award...


It is "The Flamingo" award!




Charlie is asking the group if he missed getting "Flower Fund" contributions from anyone.


Bob presents John with the "Lighted Ducky Key Fob" award.




Bob prepares us for the IOOK Hall Of Fame presentation...


John - N5AAA is the recipient of the 2013 IOOK Hall Of Fame Award!  Congratulations John!






The group then moved to Keith's computer downstairs to visit one on one with Hoss - WA5ZAI who missed his first HamVention in 44 years!










Many thanks to all who helped made the 32nd Annual Gathering Of The Faithful a success!


Saturday, May 18, 2013


Here's the early breakfast bunch at Burkey's!


The guy in the middle is Rom - KA8PBB!  He is the guy who does our badges!





Here's Loyd with his two breakfasts!






When we got to the flea market this morning we discovered that this corner of the tarp had pulled loose.  At first we thought that wind was the cause but forensic evidence showed that rain water had collected on the tarp and the weight had pulled the zip ties and bungee cords loose.


The loose corner was soon repaired by Lou and his help crew!



Sell sell sell!




The bird of paradise?


With the rain Saturday morning the crowd inside was pretty thick.




Here's Tom - W5KUB at his new inside booth!



It's Henry - WD8Q - one of our new vice presidents!


The rain has stopped and the sun is coming out!  Yee haw!


Taking a load off their feet!








This is Rob - KA5RUC


Dave - N8DRM


Wynn - W6CDR



It must be lunch time and the lunch chefs are in place!  Persimmons....etc.



Another look at the bird...


Charlie - WB8NSL is hoping his turn for lunch comes soon!







Edward - KD5JUM - another new vice president!


Another new VP - Bill - N3LLR and Tom - W3TOM


Richard - VK5UK, Brian - VK5BC, Pamela and Jo-Anne

Can you imagine being that far from home and running into someone you know?






Time for our all-you-can-eat buffet at Rob's!


Of course, the first thing N0BIX saw was Jim - WB8VSU's license plate.

















Can you identify this IOOK belly?  If so, send Stand - N5JFQ and e-mail telling him who it is!


Stan's e-mail address is:  stan.okc@att.net


Wow!  Another really fine day!  What a blast!  Plus a fine feast at Rob's!  Ain't life grand?



Sunday, May 19, 2013


Here we are at Burkey's!  Loyd - K8EI has ordered his two breakfasts as usual!


Shaun was our waitress this morning.


Dave  - N8DRM and Charlie - NN3V


Joe - N8BYT and John - N5AAA


Lou - N8KXM


Edward - KD5JUM


Chas - AI0OK and Tom - W3TOM


When we got to HamVention the first IOOK'er we saw was Jim - WB8VSU who was volunteering for DARA today!


Sunday's special parking for the flea market IOOK!



This is ZWJ's shirt.  The spots are from this morning's chorizo sausage when one bit missed his face and landed on his belly.  The Tide stick did not remove the stains.


NN3V was convinced that the "Invisible Glass Cleaner" would remove the stains.

They were invisible while the foam from the spray was fresh.


Alas, the stains remain!

The good news is the stain remover that was applied later at home did remove them!


Our somewhat extended booth space...


Lou is having some fun with our neighbor who sells solder, soldering irons and such with a soldering iron from our table.


Jim is visiting with his friends who sell tools!



These are the "Very nice lady" and your new "Friend" who was selling the Chinese knock off tablets.


Some of the tablet purchasers!



Yep!  Lou is the Floor Manager in addition to all the other things he does for the IOOK!


Chas is sporting his Yuma IOOK shirt!



Here is Jim and his latest cell phone!


Taking a load off their feet!


Charlie is playing with his new tablet...


Jim (Stoney) - WB8JIM


Loyd is getting a ride from Edward who is also volunteering for DARA today!


Loyd is heading back to Lovettsville, VA!


Lunch time!  Persimmons are being served....




Jim says "I won!  I won!"  Congratulations Jim!


Looks like Hara's parking lot needs some attention!





Things are thinning out...













Time for Charlie to go to the airport and catch his flight home...


That big rusty item was part of the estate sale ZWJ is helping with.  We elected not to drag it home.  This is a box by the dumpster.


Notice the guy bent over the box?  (Forget the girl!  Sheesh!)


He is ready to load his new treasure into the back of his car!


We also threw away some books.  Dumpster diver number 2 is checking it out!


He has made his selection!


This gal is digging for treasure!


The van is loaded.  ZWJ is one tard dude.


Randy looks fresh as a daisy!

Now it is time to take down the tarp and put the floors on Lou's pickup.


Tarp is down.  Cooler to the other van.



Loading the floors...




Lou makes this look easy but it is not!  Trust me!




Securing the load...


Tarp poles and antenna stuff too!


Lou's group head towards his place and Keith's group go to his place to drop off the Maroon van and then take the Tan van to Lou's to help unload floors.


In Lou's garage unloading floors...




The floors are stored out back in an out building for the year.



Back at ZWJ's Fast Eddie takes a shot of the N0BIXmobile!


Time for dinner at Marion's Piazza!






Are we having fun yet?


Are we having fun yet?





Dick - W3HWN and Skip - N2FOE


Jan and Joe - N6DGY


No!  It is not W1AW!  It is Tom - W3TOM!













Yee haw!  Pizza dinner!  Wonderful!


ZWJ dealing with photos after dinner.


Stan - N5JFQ sent this via e-mail Sunday evening.  According to Stan "Headed home, but we're watching the weather closely since there are tornados again, this time in Oklahoma.  They started in Oklahoma City and passed a mile north of our house there (my daughter lives there) and now they are headed up the turnpike towards Tulsa.  We arrived in Tulsa at 6:30 pm and then Joe & Aaron had to head towards OKC with all of those colorful radar screens."

As we all know, tornadoes did strike just south of Oklahoma City.


Done for another day!


Monday, May 20, 2013


Breakfast at Rob's this morning!


Here is our splendid group of 12 for breakfast!










Last minute visiting...


It says:  Hoss:  As we walked by "The Wireman" this mysterious device followed us back to the booth.  We thought you might know what it can be, plus how to use it!  Get well, go for walks, be good to Margaret, (should be Margareth) and we expect you back here next year!  73 from the IOOK

Gold plated PL-259


Post HamVention Summary

Hello IOOK!

Wow!  What a weekend!

Thursday night was a fun time at the Toll House Tavern and the set up at the flea market afterwards went well!

Friday morning started off with thick fog but it turned out to be a really nice day and we really lucked out on the rain holding off until everyone had a chance to chat with Hoss via Skype!  Thanks to Fast Eddie for providing us with the draft beer!  Thanks to Dave for the brats!  Thanks to all the folks who brought covered dishes!

Saturday morning we had to deal with rain, but, after all, it IS Dayton!  Then it cleared off and got warm! Delightful!

Sunday was a bit slow but we did make sufficient sales to make staying open worth while!

We had 12 at breakfast this morning and had a great visit!  Now most of the folks have headed towards home.  I hope everyone has/had safe travels!

I am happy to say that, between your generous donations and the profits from the booth sales, I was able to add $60 to the flower fund this year so we are in the black!

Those of you who had cash in an envelope - the check is written and ready to be mailed.

To the best of my knowledge the only prize won by an IOOK'er was Jim - W5JCS who won one of the hourly prizes!  Congratulations Jim!  Also thanks to our ticket watchers AI0OK, N5AAA and W6RBM who spent their time listening for a late winner amongst the unclaimed hourly prizes!

Many thanks to our lunch chef, Charlie - NN3V and his able assistant, Dave - W8TVC!

Now I will ask for your patience as I wade through the photos collected and begin my work on the History web page.  Those of you who have photos to be included, please send them ASAP!

Especially, I thank Marian - WD8CJD for all she does behind the scenes to make our Friday night "Gathering" a success as well as all the other things she does to make the weekend peachy dandy!  Your kind and generous efforts are greatly appreciated!

Now, I am off to the bank to make a deposit so the checks I have written won't bounce!  :-)

For those of you who were not able to make HamVention this year, you missed a dandy!  What a FUN time!  I hope you make it next year!

Best 73,



Wow!  What a week it has been.  I am pleased to say that we have in the neighborhood of 500 photos here!  Dang!  That is a bunch!  Those have been gleamed from nearly 900 photos submitted by our photography crew so, yes, some did end up on the cutting room floor!  

Many thanks to all the photographers:  N0BIX, N5AAA, N5JFQ, N7LMJ, N8KXM, W8ED, WA8ZWJ and KD8OEA


If there are any additions/corrections/deletions needed in this web page, please do not hesitate to let me know.


Respectfully Submitted, Keith - WA8ZWJ