HamVention 2010

started 5/17/10

The following was e-mailed to IOOK News March 26th, 2010

Attention IOOK!

The 29th Annual "Gathering Of The Faithful" is rapidly approaching! It will occur on Friday, May 14th starting at 6:30 PM at the Farley Flophouse Estate (N 39 54.611’ W 084 20.432’). Y’all plan to attend!!!

Our Flea market spaces (N 39 49.373’ W 084 15.451) are the same as the last few years: 3347, 3348, and 3349 (Now with a proceeding FW for Flea Market West) and as far as I know, Tom, W5KUB, and the rest of the Tennessee/Arkansas gang will be at FE3407, 3408 and 3409! Tom plans to have live streaming video during their travels Wednesday and during the flea market through HamVention! If you can’t make the hamfest, at least you can say hi to the gang and maybe you can win one of the prizes Tom has made arrangements for! http://w5kub.com

For prize listing see http://tmedlin.com/2010prizes.html

We have reservations for the all-you-can-eat buffet at Rob’s in Brookville scheduled for Saturday evening at 6:30 PM. You can also order off the menu if you prefer. Separate checks will be set up, so, no need to R.S.V.P. Just plan on being there!

Attached to this e-mail you will find the Order Form for acquiring IOOK wear. Please print out the form and snail mail it along with your check prior to the date indicated so you can insure delivery at HamVention.

This year be sure to bring along your copy of the March 2010 QST to the "Gathering" so you can have N8KXM sign by his article!

In the next e-mail I will send a copy of the HamVention Week Planner so you can plan your weekend.

We hope to B C N U soon! Many thanks!

Best 73, Zed W. Jay and the IOOK.


E-mailed to IOOK News May 5th, 2010

IOOK HamVention Week 2010  


    8:00 AM  Breakfast at California Garden  

    9:00 AM – WA8ZWJ and N8KXM meet W5KUB and the

Tennessee/Arkansas gang in the flea market

to set the floors and the van storage unit

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM Dinner at Toll House Tavern

             Rt 48 in Union (N 39 54.013' W 084 18.389')

    7:30 PM Trip to flea market to set up booth and dump

             stuff into the van


    6:15 AM - 7:00 AM - Breakfast at California Garden

             Shiloh Springs Rd. across from the Salem Mall near Hara Arena

    8:00 AM - 6:00 PM - Flea Market open

    9:00 AM – 6:00 PM – Indoor Exhibits open

    6:30 PM - 9:30 PM - "29th Gathering of the Faithful"


    6:15 AM - 7:00 AM - Breakfast at California Garden

    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM - Flea Market Open

    8:00 AM – 5:00 PM – Indoor Exhibits open

    6:30 PM - 8:30 PM - Dinner at Rob's Restaurant

         Banquet Room - 705 Arlington Road ,

         Brookville  See ZWJ 4 maps (N 39 50.588' W 084 25.499')


    7:00 AM - 7:45 AM - Breakfast at California Garden

    8:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Flea Market Open

    8:00 AM – 1:00 PM – Indoor Exhibits open

    5:30 PM  Pizza Dinner at Marion 's Piazza - Englewood

    Rt 40 in the K-Mart Shopping Center (N 39 52.531' W 084 18.607')


Jim, W5JCS is a HamVention "junky" and he was so happy to get his advanced ticket in the mail that he scanned a copy and sent it to Keith, WA8ZWJ.  Keith, also being a HamVention "junky" also scanned his ticket so you can see the difference between a "Flea Market" ticket and a regular ticket.

Here is what a flea market parking pass looks like.

Tuesday prior to HamVention, Fast Eddie arrived at the Farley Flophouse to set up the suds for flow.  As you look at the panel below you will see Fast making a final adjustment on the tap.  Next he is checking for clarity.  In the third shot he is sampling the bouquet prior to actually tasting the beverage!  In the final photo in the group you see Lou, N8KXM and Sandi as they stopped by to pick up the trailer that would be used to transport the floors to and from HamVention.


Wednesday afternoon Lou and Keith loaded the floors onto the trailer.  Lou stores the floors in a small outbuilding at his place.


This year's first out-of-town arrivals were Big Al, KB8FJB and Dave, W8TVC from Northwest Lower Michigan.  They were followed by Richard, VK5UK and his XYL, Jo-Anne from Adelaide, Australia.  Richard and Jo-Anne met Lou, N8KXM, his step father, Jack, Marian, WD8CJD, and Keith, WA8ZWJ  for Mexican dinner in Englewood.  Big Al and Dave enjoyed dinner with the HamVention campers at the KOA.  Joseph, WA5FLT and Al, AE5CJ arrived in town Wednesday evening as well!

After dinner, the gang assembled at the Farley Flophouse for a nice visit and opportunity to sample the suds provided by Flow Manager, Fast Eddie, W8ED.  Dave, W8TVC, net control of the Wednesday evening IOOK Net, conducted the net from ZWJ's station and all the guys had the opportunity to check in and say howdy to the others on the net.

After a round about trek caused by GPS instructions, Jack, KC7DUU from Yuma, Arizona arrived and visited with the gang as well!


Thursday morning on our way to breakfast prior to setting up in the flea market, N8KXM said "Houston, we have a problem here!"  From the photos below you can see why he said what he did!

ZWJ arrived with a floor jack and then he and KC7DUU took the rim and defunct tire and got a replacement tire.  In the last two photos above, the finishing touches are being added so we can head to breakfast!

Amazingly, we were only one hour late for breakfast!

Below you see the gang that assembled for the Thursday morning breakfast.


After breakfast, we headed over to Hara Arena to set up our flea market booth.  First, we stopped by W5KUB's place to drop off his floors.  Once we got our floors in place and the van positioned, it was time for our antenna erection.  This year we used a W5KUB dual band antenna and placed the IOOK flag over the end of it.

May the flag of the IOOK continue to wave for a long long time!

Below you see the guys relaxing and checking the flow of the suds (call it quality control) after doing our flea market luncheon grocery shopping.


As the afternoon continued, more out-of-towners arrived at the Farley Flophouse.


Before too long, it was time to head to the Toll House Tavern to get all fed up!  After all, the IOOK does travel on its stomach!

Many thanks to the Toll House Tavern gang for taking such good care of us!  We do appreciate it!

After dinner, some of the guys headed to the flea market to set up the support structure for the canopy that goes over the booth.  Upon our arrival, WA8ZWJ met N8DRM who was working "talk in" for the D.A.R.A.


It's Friday!

Here are the Early Birds at breakfast!

After breakfast we were off to the flea market!

Let's go inside for a while!

Lunch Chefs W8TVC and KB8FJB doing their thing!  Thank you!

Having fun at the HamVention!

Here's a shot of N5MS taken by W5JCS after the flea market at the motel.


The 29th Gathering Of The Faithful!

Time to get all fed up....again!

This shirt was presented from one retired firefighter to another Friday evening after the "Gathering"



Here are the Early Birds at The California Garden for breakfast.


And now....off to the flea market!

The girls had a fun day shopping together!

Here we are at Rob's!

Back at the motel after dinner...


It's Sunday!

Breakfast at the California Garden!

Off to the flea market!

While we were relaxing a bit before dinner, here is what Stan, N5JFQ was coping with:

So I'm at the airport getting ready to fly home on Sunday afternoon and my wife calls my cell phone saying the house and cars are getting beat-up by a bad storm.  Sure enough it's pretty bad.  My patrol car was damaged more, picture below.  Just a mile east of my house there was "grapefruit" size hail.  Those people had holes in their roof and skylights broken out.  The cars in those areas lost all of the glass.  Aaron moved from that area only 4 days ago, so he was pretty lucky.

My house is okay, but the roof may need to be replaced.  I spent most of the morning calling insurance companies. Lots of videos and pictures on www.news9.com and www.NewsOK.com.

Stan, N5JFQ

Here's Stan's patrol car:

Sorry about all the damage Stan!  You guys have had more than your share of bad weather this spring.

Before going to dinner, we had a short patio session at the Farley Flophouse

Sunday dinner at Marion's Piazza


Post dinner session at the Farley Flophouse...

We also composed the following "Post HamVention Note to the IOOK which appears below:

Post HamVention Note to the IOOK

Hello IOOK!

Well, we have been to Sunday dinner and are gathered at the Farley Flophouse and are transferring photos onto ZWJ's computer.  Yes, according to Big Al, we are all fed up!  A few barley pops are being consumed.  After all, some sacrifices must be made!

Man! A whole HamVention weekend without ANY rain!  Truly incredible!  In addition to the regular IOOK spaces, W1CX had a flea market space very nearby so, there was the IOOK annex.

Towards the end of HamVention, our oriental friend from across the aisle had managed to inherit some real "treasures" instead of us placing them into the circular containers.  He was delighted!

Thanks to our two lunch chefs (KB8FJB and W8TVC) for providing us sustenance (persimmons on the veranda) for the past three days!

Thanks to Lou, N8KXM for all he efforts which include "Floor Chairman", "Canopy Chairman" and "Vice Presidential Limousine Service" amongst many other details!

Since our President, KBob, KG7SB was unable to attend the HamVention (as usual), he sent a presidential address that we all managed to stay awake through and appreciate his efforts for passing along his thoughts at this time!

While we are telling tales, Chuck, N8ADN actually spent more time at HamVention IOOK related activities than he has spent on the air in the last year.

Lots of new toys were purchased - too many to mention!  Let us say the economy should swell after this weekend!  A special welcome to Jack KC7DUU from Yuma, Arizona who finally made it to the Dayton HamVention.  He was the Yuma Hamfest Chairman the first three years of that hamfest and has been promising to attend since the first one 6 years ago!  This morning he managed to miss breakfast in true IOOK fashion, in that he would have been there sooner, but he was asleep!

Also, welcome back to Richard, VK5UK who brought his XYL, Jo-Anne, along to the HamVention!  It has been a pleasure to get to know them better and make fun of their accent and expressions!  We especially enjoyed Luis' (XE1L) story about how he once saved an Aussie from being run over and he asked "Did you come here to die?"  And the Aussie replied "No, I got here

A special Thank You to our Libation Chairman (Flow Manager) Fast Eddie, W8ED, for proving the IOOK with suds for the weekend!

Thanks to AB8CO, N0BIX, N5AAA and VK5UK for watching our tickets during the post HamVention drawings.  Lucky Richard (VK5UK) won the only prize amongst the IOOK this year - a gift certificate!  According to N0BIXie, since we are not an official club but a non club group, we were not eligible for the Club Of The Year Award.

Do to a lot of fun and fellowship a grave oversight happened Friday night during the 29th Gathering Of The Faithful we forgot to make the annual Flower Fund collection.  Hoss and I attempted to see the guys during the hamfest, however, we are sure we missed some! So, if you got missed or if you would like to contribute to our Flower Fund, please send a check to Keith Farley (11312 Haber Road, Union, Ohio 45322) and he will see that it will help defer our expenses for sending flower to IOOK'ers when the need arises.

Looking back to our attendees for the HamVention, if we had a "travelled the furthest distance award" Jack, KC7DUU thought he had it all sowed up however, Richard and Jo-Anne would have won hands down!

For further information and photos regarding the 2010 HamVention, too bad.  You will have to wait a week or so for the photos to be organized and uploaded to the website.

If you are interested in getting a HamVention 2010 DVD, please send $7 to Bob Fisher (616 West Adams Street, O'Fallon, IL, 62269)

73 and best regards to all!

May the aroma of the IOOK linger on...


Monday morning breakfast at Rob's


Many thanks to all who helped make the IOOK's version of the 2010 HamVention a success!

Just FYI, there are 72 photo panels in this web page.

There were a total of 7 photo contributors including KC7DUU, N0BIX, N5AAA N5JFQ, VK5UK, W5JCS and WA8ZWJ.

A total of approximately 646 photos plus assorted items that were scanned in were sifted through for this presentation.

A very special thank you goes to Lou, N8KXM for all his special efforts towards the IOOK's 2010 HamVention!

Also, thank you to our lunch chefs, Big Al, KB8FJB and Dave, W8TVC.

Thank you to our Flow Manager, Fast Eddie, W8ED.

Thank you to all the locals who contribute to make our portion of HamVention happen!  This is a group effort!

Many thanks to all of you for everything you do to make the IOOK special for each of us!

Finally, thank you to Marian, WD8CJD for being so understanding and for everything she does to contribute to the event!

Best 73 and it is not too early begin  making your plans for next year's HamVention!  It will be the IOOK's 30th Anniversary!

Respectfully submitted, Keith, WA8ZWJ, IOOK Vice President