HamVention 2005

May 26, 27 and 28, 2005


Hello IOOK!

Well, the 24th “Gathering of the Faithful” has come and gone along with the 53rd HamVention and the 75th anniversary of the Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA).  Hoorah!


Even though HamVention did not officially begin until Friday, selling, buying and trading was active in the IOOK as early as Wednesday!  Even though selected IOOK’ers arrived before, many IOOK’ers began arriving to kick off the weekend Thursday afternoon.  The IOOK’s first “official” event was dinner at the Toll House Tavern Thursday evening.  A fine dinner was consumed by all attending, but, even more importantly, was the fun and fellowship that was shared and the stories and yarns that were told!


The hard core hamfest attendees met for breakfast at the California Gardens around 6AM Friday morning.  The over night rain had subsided and an overcast and cool day greeted us for the HamVention kickoff.  The IOOK flag and hamfest tarp were properly erected and sales and shopping initiated.  Persimmons were served on the veranda by lunch chef, NN3V and assistant W8TVC.  All attendees were "fed up"! 


After the tarp was set up we began to load the tables with the items to be sold.  K8EI had a "close encounter of the van kind" and had to be taken to the urgent care facility to have 7 staples added.  I thought it brought a whole new idea to the phrase "chrome dome".  Others thought it was a strange way to have a microwave yagi installed!  Loyd commented that he got this funny feeling any time he was near a microwave oven!  Har!

During the day, we were honored by a visit from the ICOM girls who were promoting a new radio that was to be announced the next day!

After the hamfest closed at 6PM festivities began at the “Gathering Of The Faithful” around 6:30 PM .  As always, a delightful repast was served by the locals and other IOOK’ers and enjoyed by all!  BURP!  Of course, the evening would not have been complete without our awards ceremony which was started with the unofficial arrival of a flat, thin life sized replica of President KBob – with a special thanks to Lou, N8KXM and Mile, N7LMJ.  This replica was quite unlike the actual president in that he remained quiet during the entire proceedings!  However, we all know a picture is worth a thousand words.

Saturday morning’s arrival by the early contingent in the flea market was greeted by the demise of our hamfest tarp, antenna and flag pole as an unusual gust of wind had turned it upside down and placed it in the spaces behind our own, like a dead spider with it’s legs in the air.  Thankfully, the weather cooperated and sunshine and warmth was enjoyed by all in our booth with the top down!

Bill, KA8ZBW displayed his nickel plated antenna feed line bulkhead which fits between two studs in the wall.  He is taking orders.  If you are interested, please drop him a line at wcarver1@woh.rr.com

After lunch a telephone call was placed to El Presidente, KBob and birthday wishes for his upcoming birthday on Sunday were offered while his thin partner looked on.  KBob brought up WA5KUB’s web cam and finally saw himself on the web!  His comment was “That can’t be!”  Later he stated “I am everywhere!”

El Presidente, KBob, W8JUK celebrated his 70th birthday on Sunday!  Congratulations KBob! 

Saturday evening found the IOOK at Rob’s restaurant doing what we seem to do best!  This was documented by WA5KUB’s video cam.  The possibility of some poor hungry Armenian looking at the plates of food passing the camera would comment “A plate like that would feed my family for a week!”

Sunday morning the early contingent was greeted with an article in the Dayton Daily News from an interview that had taken place in the flea market Saturday afternoon with our very own WB8NSL.  Also in the newspaper was an extensive HamVention article with a picture of WA5KUB’s web cam streaming video.

Sunday afternoon as the vans were being unloaded W8ED, KB8FJB and KC8VSA were watching tickets at the late prize drawing.  WA8ZWJ was the winner of a major prize and it will be shipped (we think it is the ICOM digital radio).

Sunday evening’s Marion ’s Pizza dinner was a delightful wrap up to the official IOOK activities.  N8KXM and WA5ZAI got special “treatment” from ZAI’s daughter, Tina!

A great time was had by all IOOK attendees.  We hope that they all share the great and fond memories that we have.  Plan now to attend next year!

Of course, you see the darndest things when in the flea market at Dayton!

Also, it is not too early to begin your planning for February’s Yuma “Old Buzzard” Hamfest!