Welcome to IOOK’s home on the web!

Have a look around in the menus above (some of them pull down now) for WAY more information than anyone needs to know about our group.

The reason this group exists is to have FUN with Ham Radio, Friends and Food (The IOOK travels on it’s Stomach!) Be sure to join us on our round-table style nets on the air. Information Here or follow the person in the IOOK shirt at a Hamfest near you!

The official calling frequency for the IOOK on 2 meters FM is 146.415.
On 2 meters Digital is 144.92 (Dstar – C4FM – DMR)
As Proclaimed by Vice President Mike, K8LMJ! 


The IOOK Booth at Hamvention 2016 (Last one for HARA)


Canceled 🙁   See ya in 2022!