Yuma Trip 2017

Page started 2/5/17


DE - Keith - WA8ZWJ


This will be a photo diary of my trip to Yuma and back.

Here's the Yuma Hamfest flyer...


This is the TripTik I had made up by AAA for this trip to Yuma and back.



Saturday, 2/4/17

I left our home around 7:30AM Saturday morning.  It was 10 (ten) degrees.

When I crossed the state line into Tennessee it was up to 40 degrees.

By the time I got into the greater Memphis area it was up to 51 degrees!  Man!  What a difference!

I checked into the hotel and contacted Max - K1MAX.  He said he would pick me up and we would go to dinner in a little while.


Here are Max - K1MAX and Lee at our dinner place in Germantown, Tennessee!


Dinner turned out to be a birthday celebration for one of Max and Lee's nieces.  Quite a group!


Here are Sharon and her husband Andrew.  Sharon is the birthday girl!


Here are Lee, Me and Max!

We all managed to get all fed up and then the party continued at Sharon and Andrew's place for desert!

What a wonderful time!


Sunday, 2/5/17


I awoke early as I had not adjusted to the new time zone.  So, I spent an hour or so walking prior to heading to Max's for the radio schedules.

Along my walk I saw this colorful sculpture of a horse.  This is at the entrance to a medical office area.


Here I am along with Max - K1MAX in his ham shack in Germantown, Tennessee!



We took turns talking however, when it was my turn on the radio I failed to give Max my camera!

20 Meters was tough.  We only heard a couple of the guys and each of us got to make one transmission.

Then we could tell someone was talking but were not sure who it was or what they were saying.

Then things just totally faded away and we never heard another one of the guys on the net.

Comparatively, 40 Meters was a lot better!  We could actually hear ALL of the guys on the net and there ended up being 12 of us!

Many thanks to Max for giving me the opportunity to share net time with him!

I elected to work on pictures while Max and Lee went to church and ran a couple of errands.

In the afternoon Max and I headed to the Bass Pro Pyramid!  It is huge!


Here's Max getting ready to go inside!


There are numerous fish tanks, ponds and pools.


Being fishermen, Max and I are intrigued by the large fish here.



Here's an unusual bowling alley.  It appears to be under water.  

There is what looks like ice on the ceiling above and fish suspended that look like they are swimming around.


In addition to these 8 lanes are four more lanes on the other side of the bar area.


This is an elevator that you can take to the observation area at the top of the pyramid.


We decided not to take the ride this time because we were a bit short on time.  So, that will be an outing for another trip.


This is a lamp using double barrel shotguns as a support!


Here's a fish shaped mailbox!

Time went quickly for us!  Before long it was time for us to leave.

We spent the evening at a Super Bowl Party.  It was hosted by another nephew and niece's family.

Pre game snacks are on the table.  Lee is serving up some cheese onto some chips for me.


Football themed cookies!


Dinner is served!  Look at the fantastic sandwiches!

Needless to say, we all managed to get all fed up!


Here are some IOOK'ers enjoying a Super Bowl Celebration in California!

L-R are John - N5AAA, Lou - N8KXM, Charlie - NN3V and Tom - W3TOM

I feel sure everyone had a good time whether their team won or not!


Monday, 2/6/17


I was up and on the road by 4:30 AM.  It was 53 and raining.  As I proceeded west the rain was mixed with occasional drizzle and fog.

The fog and drizzle continued all across Arkansas.

The fog finally cleared as I approached Texarkana.  The temperature was up to 69!

It was still overcast and there was occasional drizzle.

The first dry road I encountered was well into Texas after I exited I-30.

I arrived at the Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana about 11:40.  The temperature was up to 73.

I went inside and picked up the items I came for and met up with Wil - WB5YFX.


Here's Wil - WB5YFX!  We headed out to go to lunch nearby.


Lunch was at the Cotton Patch!

What a great lunch!  We both had the beef tips and rice special of the day.  It was delicious!

We had a dandy visit and managed to get all fed up!

When I left the restaurant the temperature was up to 78!  Delightful!

The only catch was it was also quite windy.


Here's Hoss - WA5ZAI a short while after I arrived at the Lazy K Ranch!

Hoss says he feels OK but he doesn't have much energy.  He thinks his get up and go has got up and went!

I told him that the less he does the less he will feel like doing.

In my humble opinion, Hoss is giving up.  It seems very sad.


Trooper is resting after giving me quite a nice welcome!

Wow!  Another great day!


Tuesday, 2/7/17


This morning it was in the low 60's when I headed out for my morning walk.


Here's a horse I saw along my walk.


This near perfectly shaped tree caught my eye with the beautiful sky during my walk.


It was a gorgeous day here!  We got up into the mid 80's today!


Can you guess where dinner was this evening?  Yep!  The Bunkhouse BBQ!


Margareth and I had a dandy dinner!  Hoss chose not to join us!  We brought his dinner home with us!


Here's a look at tonight's beautiful sunset that we saw on the way back to the Lazy K Ranch!


Another beautiful and fantastic day!


While I was enjoying my after dinner cigar in my van I thought of Jim - W5JCS when I saw this call sign on my APRS radio!

God Bless you Jim!


Wednesday, 2/8/17


Here's a donkey that greeted me along my morning walk.


Ah, the sun is coming up during my walk...


Some kind of cactus beside someone's driveway along my walk...

This thing is over 6 feet tall...


Today's activity was to work on cleaning up some limbs that had fallen in a fairly recent wind storm.

This limb is across the fence and Margareth's primary objective is to clear the ground where she will need to mow.

Since this limb is not on the ground she did not consider this a high priority.


Here are the limbs that she was most concerned about.  This is a before shot.


Margareth and I worked for a couple of hours before lunch.  Then we took a lunch and rest break.

Her battery powered chain saw has two batteries.  After lunch both batteries were recharged.

We went back out and worked until both batteries were in need of charge again.

Here's a look at our progress where we decided to quit for today!  So we did make good progress!


After dinner this evening Hoss and I got on the air and joined the IOOK for the Wednesday night net!

It was amazing!  Band conditions were pretty good and we could hear almost everyone!


Here's Hoss "ON THE AIR!"

It was great having the chance to catch up with the guys!  We ended up having 10 check ins as well as a nice phone call from Lou - N8KXM!


Thursday, 2/9/17


Margareth was up early this morning.

Around 6AM Ron - AA5RT and JoAnne arrived and the three of them headed off towards the casino for the day.

It was 39 when I got up and headed out for my morning walk.

After breakfast Hoss and I spent some time playing a crossword puzzle.

After lunch I ran a couple of errands.

This afternoon Hoss and I worked some more on the crossword puzzle and we managed to finish it!

Trooper and I went outside for a while.  Here we are enjoying the sunshine, 60 degrees and clear weather!

Hoss and I enjoyed a nice dinner and restful evening!

Ron - AA5RT and JoAnne dropped Margareth around 7:30ish while I was out enjoying one of my cigars.

I set up the tripod and took a shot of the moon this evening.

This is not a good shot of the moon.  It was very bright and seemed like it was a searchlight!

Ah, the misgivings of an old cheap camera!


Friday, 2/10/17


This morning it was in the 40's, overcast and breezy when I headed out for my walk.

Here's a yard display of some old farm equipment I took during my walk.


Margareth had to run some errands in the morning.

While she was out Hoss and I worked another crossword puzzle.

After lunch I went out to enjoy some of the 70 plus degree weather.

I was going to have a cigar but changed my mind when I saw how nice it was.

I decided to do a bit more work on the limb project for Margareth.

Here's another look at how we finished the other day.


I managed to get the limb off the fence and cut up quite a number of pieces before the battery ran down.


It was pretty windy all day.  I saw gusts of 25 or 30 MPH.

After dinner Margareth took Trooper out for a walk around.

She came back inside and told me to bring my camera!

I was pleased to see Waylon and Willie in the pasture behind the house!

The sun was in the process of setting so it was tough to get good pictures.  I tried the flash but they were too far away for that to work.


No, I have no idea which Longhorn is Waylon and which one is Willie!


These animals are HUGE!  Their backs are nearly as tall as I am!


Wow!  Another great day!


Saturday, 2/11/17


This morning it was in the mid 60's when I headed out for my morning walk.

True enough, I don't normally walk on weekends, but, looking toward the wet weather that is forecast to arrive I may not be able to walk some this coming week.

Some yard art along my walk.


Another look at the donkey.


Some cactus!


Cactus is something you don't normally see in Ohio, however, it is common here!


Another yard display...


The Lazy K Ranch as I returned from my walk!


Before too long it was time for me to head out towards Salado to meet my high school chum, Don Snoots!

The restaurant we planned to meet at was still closed for remodeling.  

This Mexican restaurant was close by.  Here are Don and I!

We had a dandy lunch and fantastic visit!

It was great having the opportunity to catch up on old times!


Here's a sign about our preferred restaurant.  It was closed last year for remodeling.

Yes, this sign is still on the fence.


As I approached the Stagecoach Inn there were to guys on the balcony eating lunch.

One stood up and began talking with me.

He said they were the new owners and they hoped to open sometime in May.

I asked him "May of what year?" to which he laughed out loud!

He said they had experienced many set backs but things were looking promising now.

Here what the Stagecoach Inn currently looks like!


When I stopped to top off the tank I decided to take a shot of my dash display!

Yes, it is up to 86 degrees and sunny today!  Delightful!


The afternoon was spent watching an interesting western movie on television.

As always, Margareth prepared a delightful dinner and we all managed to get all fed up!

After it was dark I went out for my "after dinner" cigar.

The temperature was down to 73 degrees.

I tried to take a shot of the stars in the night sky but my poor old camera just wasn't up to the task.

Another great day in Central Texas!


Sunday, 2/12/17


This morning it was 65 degrees and there was some light fog and LOTS of dew!

Hoss elected to eat his breakfast instead of getting in the air this morning.

20 Meters was better than it has been but Lew - KC4US could only hear me well of the out of town guys.

Thank goodness I could hear several of the other guys!

40 Meters was OK but not great!

Here I am playing radios this morning.


After lunch Margareth and I headed into Clifton to the Antique Mall.

Margareth had a few items to drop off and I shopped for a while.

Then we ran a couple of more errands while we were out and about.

It actually warmed up to 73 here this afternoon!

I did some more chain saw work out back.

Before long it was time to head into Waco for dinner.

I just love this buffet!


Here are Joanne and Ron - AA5RT!


Here are Margareth and I....


What an incredible buffet!

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to catch up with Ron and Joanne.

They are a great couple!

As you can imagine, we all managed to get all fed up!

As you have probably figured out, Hoss elected to stay at home.

We took him a to go dinner.

Wow!  Another great day at the Lazy K Ranch!



Monday, 2/13/17

It looked a lot like rain this morning so I decided to walk close by.

As I was finishing up my morning walk I noticed that the Longhorns were back.



After I got cleaned up and checked e-mail I went out for a cigar.

I decided that since it was not raining I would move the firewood that I cut the last couple of times and stack it.

We have been using an old trash can with wheels to move the wood.

I pretty well managed to fill the can when I moved the wood.


I spent some time this afternoon checking my packing for the trip to Yuma and back.  

I also worked some on checking radio frequencies and programming.


Here's a kitty fix for you...

Annie woke up momentarily from her afternoon nap behind Margareth while I was taking her picture.


This is a look at Callie also enjoying the couch near Margareth.

Margareth had gotten up to do something.


Dinner was a delightful rice and pork dish Margareth prepared.

It turned out that the pork had been slow roasting in the oven since way before lunch!

After dinner I went out for a walk around.

I saw one of the Longhorns using the tip of his horn to scratch his side!

About 7:30 I went out for my after dinner cigar.

While I was in the van I got to experience one of Hoss's 6 inch rains!

It was 6 inches between the drops as they hit the windshield!

Another great day at the HOSScienda!


Bob - N0BIX and Jean began their trip towards Texas Monday

I believe this is the Mississippi River...


Now they are crossing over into Missouri from Illinois...



This was taken around lunch time, so I'll bet this is a display board where they ate lunch...

It turns out it is from the Oklahoma Visitor Center...


One very tall Indian!



Looks like they are in Texas...




Tuesday, 2/14/17

Happy Valentine's Day!

I awoke to the sound of heavy rain hitting the roof.

So I turned over and stacked a few more zzzzzzzz's.

A while later I woke back up and still heard heavy rain and decided to look at the weather channel on TV here.

Yep!  It's raining!

They say it ought to clear off later so maybe I will be able to walk later in the day.

Here's the Valentine's Day kitty balloon that I picked up for Hoss to give to Margareth.

Check out Trooper on the couch behind the balloon!

I hope everyone has a nice Valentine's Day!

About 9:30 it quit raining so I managed to go out and get my walk in for the day.

After lunch I went out for a cigar.

After a while I saw N0BIX-9 on APRS.

I watched the distance indicator and when they started getting close I went out to meet them at the gate.

Bob - N0BIX and Jean have arrived!


Here are Jean and Bob!


Bob is trying to figure out why his radio won't connect to the local repeater.

The bottom line is, since it is a low power radio, he doesn't have enough power to get into the repeater.

Also, because of the low power his APRS coverage is very limited as well.

He claims that his new car will not permit him to install a "real" radio because the RF could damage the electronics.

My solution for that problem is BUY ANOTHER CAR BOB!


Here we are visiting!


Bob took a shot of the sign in board in my bedroom that has been up since Hoss and Margareth moved in many years ago,

There is a lot of history here!


We spent the afternoon visiting!  What fun!

About 5 PM we headed out to dinner.

Dinner this evening was at the Bunkhouse BBQ!  Yee haw!

Here are Margareth and Jean...


Here are Bob and I...

Sadly, Wil - WB5YFX and Gail did not join us as they had tentatively planned to do.

It turned out that Wil was feeling under the weather.

Here's the owner of the Bunkhouse BBQ!  Here's Ricky!

Ricky was very pleased to see me and we had a nice visit!

Ricky also asked about Hoss since he hasn't seen him for some time now.

As always, the service was fast and the food was delicious!

And, as you can imagine, we all managed to get all fed up!

We got a to go dinner for Hoss since he chose not to join us.

Early tomorrow morning Bob and Jean will meet up with me and we will begin our trek towards Yuma for the hamfest!


Here are some photos from Bob and Jean's trip today before they arrived at the HOSScienda.

They stayed overnight in Sherman, Texas...


A photo taken at the motel...


Bob had a TEXAS waffle for breakfast...


Yep!  It was raining there too!


My guess would be this is in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area...



This looks like they are getting ready to cross the damn at Lake Whitney...




Wednesday, 2/15/17


It was 41 degrees when I left the Lazy K Ranch this morning.  Brrr!

I met up with Bob - N0BIX and Jean and we headed to Lampasas for breakfast!

Here's the Country Kitchen and it is time for breakfast!


Jean snapped a shot of me as I was heading inside...


Bob got this shot of the front of the Country Kitchen...


These two old timers are still playing poker!  However, it looks like someone has spilled their coffee!


Here are Jean and I...


Here's Bob and Jean!


Check out these House Rules!


We are getting ready to head out...


We are now on the Vice Presidential Highway in West Texas.

Nothing in front of us!


The only thing behind me is Bob and Jean.


Bob and Jean's view of the Vice Presidential Highway!


Mesquite trees along our drive...


An assortment of scenery shots Jean took...










We stopped for fuel on I-10 near Fort Stockton.



These look like some kind of wind catchers...

This is in El Paso...


Here is the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) where Chas - AI0OK works...





Soon after we crossed the state line into New Mexico we caught up with Chas - AI0OK.

It wasn't long and we arrived in Mesilla, New Mexico.

We parked in a lot near our restaurant.

Chas has a surprise hot sauce gift for me!  I love hot sauce!


The three cars parked side by side...




After purchasing a couple of post cards I went to the Post Office to mail them!


Then I met back up with the gang outside the Billy The Kid Gift Shop.


After a bit more shopping we headed to dinner.

Right across the street from the gift shop is La Posta, our favorite eating place along this route!

Yes, the IOOK does travel on it's stomach!


This tee shirt in the La Posta gift shop made me laugh when I saw it!  Har de har!



In the lobby...


It's dinner time!  Here's Bob and Jean!


Here are Chas and I!





Needless to say, we all managed to get all fed up once again!

Another item on display in the lobby...



Here are a couple of shots of the fish tank in the lobby...


We made it to Lordsburg and checked into our motel around 8PM Mountain Time.

Yes, in west Texas we crossed into the Mountain Time Zone.

We saw a high temperature of 58 during our travels today.

Even though it was cool it was a beautiful sunny day all day long!

I sure hope it warms up by the time we get to Yuma!


Thursday, 2/16/17


Thursday morning we had 32 degrees and I had frost on my windshield!  UGH!

We left Lordsburg and headed west around 6:30 AM.


Scenery shots...




We stopped at the Texas Canyon rest area.

L-R - Bob - N0BIX, Jean, Chas - AI0OK, Keith - WA8ZWJ


Here's a shot of the moon over the tops of the huge rocks!


Some display boards at Texas Canyon...




A panorama shot Chas took of the rocks by the rest area...


Here's Bob's panorama of the Canyon that Bob took after Chas showed him how to take the panorama shots with his cell phone.


When we reached Tucson it was up to 57 degrees and sunny.

Brunch was north of Tucson at the Iron Skillet Restaurant!  It was up to 60 degrees!


Here we are getting ready to eat...


Bob is always amazed by how much pepper I use on certain items...

Yes, I take the lid off the pepper shaker to save time!

It was an all-you-can-eat buffet, so we all managed to get all fed up!


Here's a look at our small caravan.  I'm in front, Bob and Jean are in the middle and Chas is in the back.


Jean took some more scenery shots as we headed towards Yuma...



Here are a few shots of a HUGE solar farm along our way...




That solar farm is over a mile long and I don't know how deep it is!


This is our first look at Yuma!  It doesn't show much but it means a lot to us!

It was up to 80 degrees when we checked into our motel.

Once we got settled in we headed to the hamfest to check in for our flea market space.


On our way to check in we ran into John - N5AAA and Lou - N8KXM waiting in line to park their campers.


Sadly my picture of BJ did not turn out when we checked in!


When we came out from checking in we were pleasantly surprised to see Jan - Skip - N2FOE's XYL.


Here's Skip - N2FOE!


When we got to our flea market space we were greeted by Chick -AA8CT!

Here are Chas and Chick!


We were told to be sure to post this at our space so we taped it to the wall in our space.


Here's one of the Yuma Hamfest volunteers who stopped by to greet us!


Chick helped Chas and I get our banner installed!


Jack - KC7DUU stopped by for a short visit!  He was busy parking campers.


Skip and Jan have gotten their camper parked across from us!


Here's Tom - W3TOM!


Here's Debbie - KA3VNF!


Here's Tom and Debbie's motor home parked next to Skip and Jan!


As Bob and Jean were arriving at the fairgrounds they saw John and Jan's motor home and Jeep.


Here's Jan - KA9VQS...


Here's John - N5AAA...


Here's John - N5AAA!  He is parked beside Tom and Debbie.


Lou - N8KXM, Sandi and Sammy (the dog) have their 5th wheel next to John and Jan!


Charlie - NN3V has arrived!


The Marines are doing an exercise this afternoon.


Here's another one...


Here are Jan, Debbie and Jean...


Here's Jan - KA9VQS...


I am helping Lou adjust where the front of his 5th wheel needs to be...



Palm trees in the fairgrounds...


After visiting with the gang it was time to head to dinner at the Golden Corral!

Here is our Yuma Hamfest Vice Presidential Hostess Ti-Michelle - NJ6T!



Most of the gang are here so it is time to go inside...


Chick and Debby...


Chas, Chick and Debby...


Jan, Skip, Bob, Charlie and Ti...


Tom, Debbie and Jean...

Yes, it was an all-you-can-eat buffet so you know we all got all fed up!

Wow!  Some of us had two all-you-can-eat buffets today!  :-)


After dinner Charlie and Chas stopped by my room and we enjoyed a bit of Scotch.

Sadly, somehow the fifth of Jim Beam got broken in shipment!  UGH!

Another truly outstanding day!

I must truly be blessed!


Friday, 2/17/17


Charlie - NN3V, Chas - AI0OK and I met for early breakfast at the IHOP.

It was our goal to be at the hamfest by 7:30ish.  We didn't miss it by much.

Then it was time to begin the set up of our booth.


While we were setting things up Flat KBob got blown down.


Making progress on set up but Flat KBob blew down again.


Chas caught me taking a picture!


The first IOOK'er we ran into today was Dave - W6EVO!


L-R Skip and Jan's, Tom and Debbie's, John and Jan's and Lou and Sandi's


Chas is looking up items that we need to price for the tables.


Here are Charlie - NN3V and Dave - W6EVO...


Here's Hal - KD7TZU!  He is the Yuma Hamfest official photographer!


The reason for the jackets is because it was quite windy.  John, Charlie and Dave


Lou - N8KXM...



It was so windy that after Flat KBob got blown over the 3rd time we bungee corded him to the wall!



Bob - N0BIX is making a list and collecting money to buy tickets for the Saturday night Buzzards BBQ!

When Kristen - K6WX bought her ticket there were only 6 tickets left!


Even with all the wind the Vice Presidential Air Cap continues...



Yes, the wind was so strong that Flat KBob still got blown around some!


The wind is strong enough that it blows the sheet up in front of the stuff we are trying to sell.

I am answering questions here...


Ti - NJ6T has arrived!  She is giving Bob her money for her dinner ticket.


Here's a look at some of the other flea market spaces.




Jack - KC7DUU is still parking campers...


The inside does not open until noon but folks are already lining up to purchase their wrist bands.


I missed getting a shot of BJ - KD7WBH when I checked in Thursday, so, I made a special trip to get a shot of her!


Here's another volunteer who works with BJ in the office!


Here's Roger!  He is the Hamfest Chairman!


Dave - K7DRM has arrived!


John and Bob went to IN-N-OUT to purchase lunches for the folks who had ordered them!


Lunch was GREAT!  Thanks guys!


Vice Presidential Air Cap continues...


I must say that Ti - NJ6T's sweatshirt caught my attention!


Bruce - W6RBM has arrived!


Dave - W6EVO has parked his camper right beside our booth...



Not far away is Chick and Debby's camper.


John found a loose nut on my ground system for the screw driver antenna so he went and got a couple of wrenches and tightened it up!

Many thanks John!


Bob went up on a high spot to take some shots of all the campers and flea market areas.




I heard there were nearly 200 campers this year!


Here's Bob's panorama of the campers and some of the flea market area...


Glen - AI6RR has arrived!


It looks like some serious visiting going on here!

L-R - Sandi, Jan, Debbie, Ti, Debby, Jean




Dave - W6EVO sent in this photo of Chas looking over Charlie's shoulder.

This is the back of Dave's camper.

Charlie was checking things out in preparation for Saturday's presentation.

Dave - was helping Charlie with his set up!  They were using Dave's camper.


Lou is getting lots of help adjusting his TV dish...


Inside now, Jean and Jan...


Debbie has joined the girls...


Having fun...


Charlie has purchased some PL-259's!  Now he is set!


Ah, there ain't nothin' like a good cigar!


We had wind gusts up on the 40 and 50 MPH range during the day!

Yes, it was quite breezy!

5 o'clock arrived and we closed the space down and headed to dinner!

As has become our tradition, dinner was at the Village Inn Pizza Parlor near our hotel!





I caught Bob taking a picture of him taking a picture of me!




Here are Helen - KA7VLV and Bob - KE8DM.  Bob is the ARRL Section Manager for Arizona!







Jack - KC7DUU has arrived!


Here's a look down our long table!


Kristen - K6WX has arrived!




Pink - K7ILA has arrived!

There was tons of fun and frolic going on!

Yes, there was even a substantial amount of pizza and beer consumed and we all managed to get all fed up!

After dinner Chas and Charlie came back to my room for a couple of sips of Jim Beam that Chas had purchased to replace the broken bottle!

Thanks Chas!

You can imagine that no fun was being had here!  Ha ha!

What an incredible day!

I don't remember ever having to tolerate that much wind for that long a period of time!

Thankfully, the wind did not blow away our spirits!

Needless to say, I slept well Friday night!


Lew - KC4US went to the Brooksville Hamfest in Florida.  He says this is the area where you check in.


Saturday, 2/18/17


Saturday morning it was 51 degrees and, according to reports, it had been raining since about 1AM.

Plus it was windy at times making it feel even cooler.

We had 4 at the early breakfast this morning - Bruce, Charlie, Chas and I.

Because of the rain and wind we elected to not put the sheets on the tables like we normally do.


Vice Presidential Air Cap...


Jan and John Hartman



Vice Presidential Air Cap...


This is a club logo that was on the back of a visitor's jacket!  Pretty neat I thought!

"CQ CQ CQ horseback mobile!"


Yuma County Emergency Mobile Command Center...


I went inside to purchase my hourly and grand prize tickets.

Guess who showed up beside me?  Lou - N8KXM doing the same thing!


Undoubtedly because of the rain, there were lots of people inside looking around.





Skip - N2FOE!  Glad to see him!  Even though his camper was right across the aisle from us we didn't see much of him and Jan.



Ti - NJ6T has arrived and she has brought her cute little dog, Puppet with her!


Kristen - K6WX has arrived.  Yes, it is still raining.

Kristen and Charlie - NN3V both had seminar presentations to make today.

Sadly, they were both at the same time!  UGH!


Here are some photos of Kristen's seminar...




Photos from Charlie's seminar will be added later.

It must be later....here they are thanks to W6RBM...

Bruce said "Here are some shots of Charlie in action, and the big audience he had.  It was a Software Defined Radio demo. I learned a lot."




Bob took a video of Charlie's presentation.

Here are a few shots that Bob snagged from the video.





I understand both seminars were well attended!

The presentations are done!  Both went very well!

It's time for the group picture.

Sadly, we are missing a few IOOK'ers.

Even though Charlie was feeling very bad, he stayed for the group picture.

He headed home to Poway shortly thereafter.


Jan won one of the baskets!


Lou - N8KXM on the left and that black hooded guy talking with him is me!

I wore my rain jacket as an outer layer and the hood was up to keep my neck from getting cold!


The afternoon is drawing nigh.  Bruce has decided to head towards home in Palm Springs so he can get there before dark.


During one of my trips inside I ran into Jack and he showed me a go kit he had made for a friend who recently passed away.

The kit includes a dual band radio, battery, charger, microphone and antenna and can operate for many hours without needing recharged.

The rain and wind continued but the wind was not quite so strong.


Ti came back to the booth after a while.


Chas got a couple good shots of Puppet...




This guy always comes past the booth and we end up talking cigars.

Yesterday he told me he was going to stop back and show me his 80 ring gauge cigar!  Well, here it is!



Chas went inside to help reserve our table space for the dinner.

He caught Bob taking a photo of Jean!



A little before 5PM we started packing up.

AC finally stopped by to visit!


OK!  It is a little after 5 and we are all packed up!

Sammy thought she ought to be loaded into the back of the van with the stuff that didn't sell!



We sold pretty well today.

I am thinking that because of the rain many vendors could not set up and since our space was covered we were one of the few flea market spaces that was open.

It was still raining and the high for the day was 59 degrees!  BRRR!

A number of folks in our group had been saving seats for us for the Buzzard's BBQ.

We went inside to join them.

Here's the Old Buzzard!


I didn't hold my camera quite steady enough for the lack of light but this will give you a feel of the size of the Buzzard's BBQ!




These volunteers have just finished organizing the prizes for tonight's drawings.


Roger is setting up his computer to show pictures on the large screen.


We are now waiting for our table to be called to go through the serving line...


Lou and Sandi


Jan and John


Jean and Jan


Jan and Skip


Tom and Debbie


Debby and Chic


Chic and Debby's friends...


Ti and Puppet


Dave and Keith


Glen and Chas


Bob and Jean


We are still waiting for our table to be called...


John - N5AAA says "Here's a rare shot of Bob without his camera!  Ha ha!"



And table number 5 was last to be called through the dinner line!


Dinner was great!  Plus, those of us who wanted them had seconds!

Pink won one of the dinner prizes!

Sadly, none of our group won any of the great major prizes!

They estimated that the grand prizes had a total value of $25,000!

Pretty incredible for a small hamfest!

It was still raining when we headed back to the motel after dinner!

The locals say that it is very unusual for it to rain all day like it has today!

Well, the hamfest may be over but the best part was getting to see all my friends!


Sunday, 2/19/17


It was 55 degrees and partly cloudy when I headed out for breakfast.

The roads were still wet so the rain must have continued into the early morning.

This morning we had 14 at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast!

Here's Bob taking breakfast photos...









Debbie, Jan, Sandi and Chick taking a photo with his cell phone.







Many of the gang were leaving Yuma after breakfast.

It was great seeing everybody!  I am so happy we had such good attendance!

When I left the restaurant it was up to 65 and sunny.


This is how I have spent my Sunday.  I have been working on photos all day long!

I am nowhere close to finishing and it is time to go meet Jack and BJ for dinner!


As usual, dinner this evening was at Tacos Mi Rancho!



Here are BJ - KD7WBH and Jack - KC7DUU!


Here are Tim and I.  Tim is Jack and BJ's nephew.

Tim recently passed his ham license exam!

It was so recent that he doesn't know his call sign yet!

We had a dandy visit and wonderful dinner!

Many thanks to Jack, BJ and Tim for coming out and meeting me!


The high I saw for today was 69 even if it was a bit breezy!  It's too bad that we didn't have weather like this yesterday!


Here are some shots from Bob and Jean that they took after leaving breakfast this morning...




On their way east Bob and Jean stopped for a while near Tucson...












If you look carefully you can see Jean has caught a shot of Bob taking a picture...


Continuing towards the east...





Time for dinner...




Now, that is one heck of a shish kabob!



Monday, 2/20/17


Happy President's Day!

This morning I was up and out of the motel around 6:15 Mountain Time.

It was dark and 55 degrees and there was VERY light drizzle.

The drizzle was so light that I never turned on my wipers.

By the time I got to the foothills east of Yuma it had quit.

I am on I-8 heading towards Tucson.  Here comes the sun!


This is in Texas Canyon and is not part of the rest area there.  But still some pretty impressive boulders!


When I saw this sign I thought about my Michigan Coffee Club buddies who all meet at the Honor Trading Post up there!


Crappy picture and crappy windshield but I have made it to Texas!


Near mile marker 135 in Texas on I-10.  Now I have lost an hour.  Plus I now have another time zone to adjust to!


Sometime in the afternoon I finished up listening to a CD.

I decided to see what FM stations I could pick up.

When I hit seek it only found one station.  I thought that was unusual.

So I hit seek again and it scanned the entire band and found one station again.

When this happened the third time I decided to listen a bit to see what kind of station it was.

It turned out to be a religious station.

I decided this may be some kind of a sign so I listened to it for the better part of an hour.  Amen.

I made it to Ft. Stockton, Texas shortly before 6PM Central Time.

By my calculations that is 11 hours on the road today.

After checking into the motel I went to dinner at KBob's!


Here's the front of KBob's.

Yes, I managed to get all fed up!


I played with today's pictures after dinner.

The high temperature I saw was 72 and that was as I was approaching Ft. Stockton.

There was hardly a cloud in the air all day until I got near Ft. Stockton.

I think I have figured out why there was no one working in any of the marked construction zones today.

It is a holiday for many folks!  Maybe they had the day off too!


Here are some shots from Bob and Jeans travels today...

Bob and Jean's motel...


Bob's breakfast waffle...





Tuesday, 2/21/17


I got on the road this morning about 6:30 AM and it was 51 degrees.

Today's trip is about 6 hours of travel time.

The place we usually stop along the way for breakfast was dark and there were no cars in the lot.

I never saw anything but fast food type places in any of the other towns I went through.

So, for brunch I ended up back in Lampasas at the Country Kitchen.


Here's one of the many photos they have on display there.


Here's a cigar store Indian without the cigar.  But, he has an American flag!


It was sunny, cloud free and 75 degrees when I arrived at the Lazy K Ranch in the early afternoon.


Once I got unpacked I went out and ran a couple of errands, one of which was fill up the gas tank!

When I got back here it was up to 78!  Fantastic!


Before too long Ron - AA5RT and Joanne arrived!

Here are Hoss and Ron.


Here's Joanne!


Here's Margareth with her lap dog, Trooper!  He does this all the time!

Can you imagine how uncomfortable this must be?

Hoss elected to stay at home.

The rest of us went to the Bunkhouse Bar-B-Que for dinner!

Now I have a left over for lunch tomorrow!  :-)

Great food and we all managed to get all fed up!


Ron and Joanne came back in after dinner for a short visit.


Since they left I have been playing with pictures and stuff.

Hopefully I will have a chance to catch up with some e-mail that has been neglected since I left here!

My butt is tired of riding but I am very happy to be back at the HOSScienda.


Here are some shots of Bob and Jean's travels today...







Scanning equipment at one of the citizen check points along the way...








It looks like Bob has desert with his dinner this evening...



Wednesday, 2/22/17


This morning it was in the low 40's when I headed out for my walk.

When the sun came up things did warm up!

Here's a gate along my walk.  Hmm, very similar to the Lazy K Ranch!

The name may be similar, but I doubt they can offer the great HOSSpitality that I get at the Lazy K Ranch!


A couple wagon wheels beside a driveway entrance.


Golly!  What beautiful weather we have had today!

It got up into the low 80's and was sunny all day!


I did some repacking in preparation for the remainder of my trip.

It was a restful day as well.

I guess I am in recovery from all that traveling.

I wasn't able to coerce Hoss into playing radio this evening.

He said he just didn't have the energy.

Here I am at the controls!  "This is WA8ZWJ at WA5ZAI!"

We had a really good net!

I could hear everyone except for Bill - WZ1L

He had a KBob signal!

Another delightful day!


Here's a shot Jean took today on the last leg of their way home...


Thursday, 2/23/17


It was in the low 50's when I headed out for my walk this morning.

It was absolutely clear when the sun came up!

Here's that gate again that has the Large Mouthed Bass!


This tractor and plow is in the Oliver's yard.  The sun was just right on it this morning!


The sun was bright on Margareth's Wild Roses.  She says "No, they are not Irish!"


It certainly looks like it will be a beautiful day!


Margareth served corn chips with the sandwich she had made for lunch.

That reminded me about the hot sauce.

Remember the bottle of hot sauce that Chas gave me when we saw him for the first time?

Well, here it is!

The Reaper Puree...


I promised Chas to give it a try when I got back to Hoss and Margareth's

This is HOT stuff!  1.474 million Scoville's!

I tried one drop on a corn chip!

WOW!  It is HOT sauce!

It took me the rest of a hand full of corn chips to tame down the fire in my mouth!

Yes, Chas, you have found a HOT one!

Thank you!


After lunch I was outside for a while enjoying this gorgeous weather with Trooper!


What an absolutely GORGEOUS day!  Wow!

I spent time this afternoon loading some of the stuff in the van.

The only things left are some last minute items that I will get in the morning.

It got up to 87 this afternoon!


Dinner this evening was in McGregor!


We all enjoyed the all-you-can-eat Mexican buffet!


Here we are after we got all fed up!

Here are Joanne, Ron and Margareth!

Yes, as usual, Hoss declined to join us.  We got him a to go dinner.

We had a dandy visit as well!

Many thanks to Ron and Joanne for coming out this evening!


On the way back to the Lazy K Ranch Margareth thought I ought to get a picture of this road sign.

Obviously, you would not see a sign like that in Ohio!

Good idea!

I must be having fun because the time is simply flying by!

It is hard for me to imagine that I head towards Oklahoma tomorrow!

Well, at bedtime I set up the tripod and got a shot of the three of us!


Must be bedtime for Trooper too!


Friday, 2/24/17


This morning it was 50 and breezy with partly cloudy skies when I headed out for my walk.

After I got cleaned up I joined Hoss and Margareth for breakfast.

Then I loaded the last minute stuff in the van.

Hoss actually got up out of the chair to give me a couple of hugs!

After goodbyes all the way around I headed towards Calumet, Oklahoma.

It was quite windy along the way today.

Even though I drove through a number of construction zones I fail to understand why I never saw anyone working!

I arrived at Joe and Cathy's around 2:15!


Here's Joe - WA5FLT!  Can you tell it was windy?


We spent the afternoon visiting.

Oh yes, we did make a trip to the local school a few blocks away to pick up one of Joe's granddaughters from school.

She wasn't here too long and her mom came and picked her up.

Cathy had spent the day sitting with one of the other grandchildren.

It was great to have some nice time to catch up!

Special times!


Cornbread and stew for dinner tonight!  Thanks Cathy!


Here's an after dinner shot of Joe and Cathy!


After dinner we had a chance to visit with Jim - W5JCS on the phone.

If all goes according to plan we hope to get to see Jim tomorrow!

Wow!  Another FANTASTIC day!


Saturday, 2/25/17


Good morning from Calumet, Oklahoma!

We have sunny skies and 22 degrees!  BRRR!

Well, after visiting with Jim last night we had plans to go to Stillwater today to visit with Jim - W5JCS.

However around 4AM Joe got a text saying that Jim was having a rough night and we would have to cancel our visit.

Since I will not be able to visit with Jim this trip I decided to share this shot of him that Joe took during a visit at the hospital.

 Jim - W5JCS and Joe - WA5FLT on the 8th of February.

I was glad to visit with Jim on the phone last night.

He sounds very good and has hopes of going back to work in a couple of weeks.

I wish him the very best!

We decided to take a drive out to Joe's repeater site.  Here's the first look at the tower.

The antenna on the side of the tower is for the UHF repeater.


As you see, the top antenna mast has been bent by high winds.  Joe has a new section of mast available to replace the bent one.


Since the last time I was at the repeater site a HUGE wind power farm has grown up.


All of these shots are taken in a different direction.



Here's Joe with his two new Fusion repeaters!  The bottom one on VHF and the top one on UHF.


Looking up from the base of the tower.


We decided to see if we could find Stan - N5JFQ and Liz's new place.

We are relatively sure we have found it!

The SUV has what looks like a ham antenna on it.


On the right in the back you can see the gazebo by the pool.


Here's the outbuilding!  It looks like it is pretty large!

This looks like a great location for a tower and a bunch of ham antennas!

Stan and Liz were not there.  They are out of town going to Colorado on a ski trip.


Joe has been supervising my photo shoot and is proud that he managed to find the place!

From there we went a bit further south and got on the old Route 66.

We ended up at Ann's Chicken Fry House.

Yes, we have been there before, so this wasn't totally by accident!


Ann's has been serving the public for 46 year under the same ownership/management!


A pink Cadillac and gas pump out front...


Another look at the pink Cadillac!


Yes, Ann's is an official Route 66 Roadside Attraction!


Joe is standing beside an old police car.

This seems only appropriate since Joe is a retired Police Chief of Calumet!


Good golly Miss Molly!  Here's our lunches!

Yes, we both managed to get all fed up!

Taken in the Men's room prior to our departure.  Ha ha!


Just as we got into Calumet Joe's cell phone rang.  It was Cathy and she had a problem.

She had been pulled over because it would seem that Joe forgot to update the sticker on the license plate.

We looked up and there they were so we pulled in behind them.

It would seem that Joe is a fast talker.  No ticket was given.  Joe now has another task for Monday morning!


Here's a look at Joe and Cathy's place.

The ladder line goes up to the tower from the back of the house for his G5RV.

If you look carefully behind the garage on the right you can see his vertical antenna.

Even if it was cool it was a beautiful day!

We saw a high of 49 this afternoon.


Neal - N5KCO has arrived for this evening's festivities!

It is too bad that the rest of the local hams already had plans for the evening.

Cathy's dinner was delicious!

Yes, we all managed to get all fed up!

Many thanks to Cathy for her outstanding efforts!


Here are the three of us hams for the dinner!

L-R - Joe - WA5FLT, Neal - N5KCO and Keith - WA8ZWJ

We had a great evening!

It was nice catching up with Neal.

Another great day!


Sunday, 2/26/17


Joe and I played radios this morning.

This was made for Joe and it is on his ham shack door.

It was a little hard to get a good shot because of a bunch of reflections off of the glass!


Joe and I are writing down things to comment on when it is our turn to talk.


It's my turn to talk!  "This is WA8ZWJ at WA5FLT!"

The catch this morning is my voice sounds terrible.

I have had some sinus drainage since I got back from Yuma.

This morning my voice is VERY unnatural.

However, I do not feel bad at all!


It is Joe's turn to talk!  We are using his Kenwood radio that is connected via wifi to the radio located in the garage.


Here you can kind of see the control head for the radio.


After a while it was time for us to head out to lunch.

Here's a shot of Cathy and Joe before we left...


We made a short stop at the local Wal-Mart for me to pick up a couple of items I was running low on.

Lunch today was at Ted's Cafe Escondido!

Wow!  Great service!  Fantastic food!

Plus the gal kept bringing us more chips, salsa and cheese dip!  Again and again!

Yes, we got all fed up!

I got so fed up that dinner this evening will be some kind of snacks!

Many thanks to Joe and Cathy.  I have really enjoyed my time with y'all!

After lunch I headed east towards Nevada, Missouri.

Traffic wasn't bad and I made good time.


I stopped at the Missouri Welcome Center Rest Stop.


As I was traveling up I-49 between Joplin and Nevada I took this shot of the sunset out the side window.


Another sunset view out the window...

Knowing that my cousin Bob and his wife Sue were going to be a bit later arriving home I went on into Nevada and filled up my tank.

They were away celebrating her sister's birthday.

Sue had made arrangements with me to have the door unlocked so I could come on inside and get settled.

Talk about feeling at home!  Delightful!

Before too long Bob and Sue arrived home.

After they got unpacked we had a nice catch up visit!

The high I saw during the day in Eastern Oklahoma was 61.



Monday, 2/27/17

Well it was frosty this morning and 28 degrees!  BRRR!

Bob and I headed towards Springfield, Missouri.

We took a short side trip at the Stockton Dam and Lake!


Part of one of the original turbines that has been replaced.





Then we arrived at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield!


Here's Bob and his bear buddy!


Here I am with a world class fisherman!


Here we are inside and one of the ducks is using the stairs!


This display is new to us!

After an enjoyable visit and look around we headed out to our fun lunch spot.


Yes, we went to Lambert's the home of the throwed rolls!


An outboard motor display just inside the door!


HUGE portions for our lunches.  Plus they keep bringing side dishes like fried potatoes, fried okra and other dishes.

Bob managed to finish his but I brought some of mine back here!  Yes, I had the ham and beans!


A poor picture of one of the guys throwing a roll!


On our way out I saw this sign!


We went next door to the cheese and wine tasting shop.


Bob bought a sign from their gift shop.


On our way back we stopped by what will become the new office area for Hughes Family Farms.

Here is a scale that weighs your vehicle by axle and then adds them together.


Here's what my van weighs with all the junk I am hauling!


Dry fertilizer storage...


A fertilizer sprayer...


The new office building...


Storage for wet fertilizer...


Semi's for moving fertilizer...


More semi's for moving fertilizer...


Yep, in addition to all the ground they farm, they are now in the fertilization business as well!


This section of property originally was the spot for one of their local irrigation pumping systems which is still used.


And now we are back at Bob and Sue's!

We saw a high of 66 this afternoon!

Bob and I spent some time in the hot tub this afternoon.


However, the battery on my camera was charging so no photos were taken.


We went to Nevada for dinner this evening.

We had a great Mexican dinner and we all managed to get all fed up!

It was after dark so I didn't try to take a snap shot of the restaurant!

Bob and I finished up the evening playing a couple of games of Cribbage!

I am pretty sure that Bob cheats because he seems to always win!  Tee hee!

When I went out for my after dinner cigar it was still 60 so not bad!

Another great day!


Tuesday, 2/28/17


This morning it was overcast, windy and 60 degrees!  Really windy!

Here are Ronnie and Janet!  Ronnie is Bob's brother.


This is a back hoe type piece of equipment they are using to remove a bunch of trees from some fields that have been neglected for a while.

Yes, it is HUGE!



It just grabs the tree and lifts it out of the ground.


Here's one of the tree rows that they are removing.


Piling up the old trees.


As we were driving around a bit we saw this old deer feeder.


Grabbing a tree...


Breaking it into sections...


Dumping on the pile...


Lunch today was at the 54 Cafe in Nevada...


Here's Cody.  He has been working in the fields today.  We are back at the new office location...


When we got back to Bob and Sue's Katy and Landon had been dropped off by the school bus.


Sue has purchased a butter churn.  We are taking turns making homemade butter!

This turned out to be a lot longer process than the directions indicated.

MUCH longer...


Finally we have butter!


Sue declined my taking a photo of her cranking the butter churn.

Lora came and picked up the kids.  She declined my taking a photo of her so she is taking after her mother.

Bob fixed pork chops for dinner this evening!

What a dandy feast!

Later in the evening Bob and I played some more cribbage.

I still cannot figure out how Bob is cheating!

During the day we saw a high of 79 even though it was windy and overcast all day long.

Also, there was a tornado watch until 9PM for the area.

The time here in Missouri has flown by!

One thing I regret is not having the opportunity to see Lincoln, Trin and the boys.

Many thanks to Bob and Sue for their wonderful hospitality!

It has been great catching up!

Early tomorrow morning I head east!


We interrupt your sleep tonight with a tornado warning!

At a little after 11PM a knocking came to my bedroom door.

Sue told me there was a tornado warning and they were going to the basement.

So, I grabbed my bathrobe and went to the basement.

I was surprised to see that Lara and family as well as Lincoln, Trin and family were already there!

Bob watched the weather from the front porch and watched for a funnel cloud which never appeared.

There was, however, lots of wind, rain and some hail.

The warning expired at 11:30 and in no time the gang had all gone home.

At least I did get to see Lincoln, Trin and the boys!



Wednesday, 3/1/17


This morning it was 39 and overcast when I headed out about quarter past 6.

Look out N0BIXie!  Here I come!

Here's the Arch in St. Louis!


Different angle of the Arch...


As usual I met Bob - N0BIX at Ruby Tuesday near where he and Jean live near St. Louis in Illinois.

Bob got a shot of my arrival...


Now I am parked next to Bob...


Bob got a shot of me getting ready to take a shot of him...

Here's Bob!

It was up to 50 when we met for lunch.




Here I am setting up the laptop to copy photos from the last parts of our trips.


My shot of Bob was blurry because I failed to use a flash!  Shucks!


One of the waiters took this shot for us!  Our photo files are being copied.


Making progress...


Bob ordered desert for lunch!  What a surprise!  He certainly has a sweet tooth!


Bob's "lunch"!


Here I am about to cross the state line into Ohio!


Today's travel was overcast and quite windy.

I believe I saw more semi trucks today than I saw during the entire trip prior to today!

OK!  Here is the total number of miles traveled this trip as well as the local temperature when I got home.


Marian helped me unload clothes out of the van and then we had dinner she has prepared.

Here's an after dinner shot of Marian and I!  I am happy to be back home!


Yes, I managed to play radio this evening as well!

I could hear most everyone except for Dave - W8TVC who is net control!


I have had a wonderful time!

It certainly has flown by!  It is hard for me to believe that it has already come to an end.

Many many thanks to all who contributed to making this a very special trip for me!

Especially a very big THANK YOU to Marian for being so understanding!


Many thanks to all the photo contributors for this incredible series of photos!



If you have managed to read all the details and descriptions in addition to looking at the pictures I applaud you!

We have a total of 533 different photos displayed above!

Also, many thanks to the folks who make the Yuma Hamfest occur!

It is because of all the volunteers that make this a fun event regardless of the weather!