Yuma Trip 2013

started 2/5/13


Keith - WA8ZWJ left home near Dayton, Ohio early on Monday morning, February 4th, 2013.


But first, here are a couple of items about what the trip is really about!

Here is the flyer for this year's Yuma Hamfest!


Here is a copy of the proclamation by Arizona's Governor declaring the week of February 10 - 16, 2013 as Amateur Radio Week!


As I said earlier, Keith left home very early Monday morning.  He met Max - K1MAX near Memphis, TN for lunch.  He and Max had such a great visit that Keith forgot all about taking any photos!  What's Up With That?  After lunch, Keith and Max headed towards Tyler, TX (Max was following Keith).  They passed time by chatting on 146.415 simplex and listening to audio books.  We stopped for dinner near Atlanta, TX.  By the time we got to our motel in Tyler it was nearly bedtime!


Here's a toast to a fun day!  Max is enjoying some Black Jack Daniels on the rocks!


Keith is enjoying a Scotch on the Scotch!


Tuesday, February 5th we awoke to a warm and kind of foggy morning in Tyler.

What a difference from the 22 degrees that Keith had when he left home yesterday!


Here's Max's license plate!


Max prepares to head to breakfast.


We went to a place that has become a favorite of Keith's!  The Taqueria at the Mercado in Tyler!


Here we were met by Tom - WN5TL!  Tom lives in Tyler.  Tom told Keith about the Mercado a couple of years ago, so this is the third time for Keith to visit here!

Max - K1MAX and Tom - WN5TL

What a great place to eat!  Authentic Mexican food!   FANTASTIC!


They also make their own tortilla shells!

Tom says the Mercado has very good prices on just about everything and they do a lot of shopping there!


After breakfast Max and Keith went to Cavender's Boot City in Tyler and Max ordered a vest.  He had to order it because the vests were out of stock!


From there Max headed towards Houston to visit with a cousin of his.  Keith headed towards Valley Mills, TX and the Lazy K Ranch.

Wil - WB5YFX, Ron - AA5RT, Chuck - WQ5B and Keith - WA8ZWJ had a dandy visit on Wil's repeater as Keith progressed across country.  What a nice reception committee!

Keith has arrived at the Lazy K Ranch!


And now, here's HOSS - WA5ZAI!

Notice - no oxygen?  They say it is not necessary at this time.  Hoss is feeling better but he says he is still a bit confused at times.  The nurse who was here today says that she thinks he is doing very well considering the fact that he had his stroke just a little over a week ago!


This is Callie!  She is a friendly and soft furry lady!


This is Lynn - KB5TDZ!  He stopped by for a visit!


On the left are flowers that John  - N5AAA and Jan - KA9VQS sent.  The flowers on the right are from the IOOK!


Yes, this picture has been lightened a bit to show part of Hoss's antenna farm as sunset approaches.


Here's Keith taking an after dinner stroll and enjoying a cigar!


We had a dandy day today!  The temperature got up to the upper 70's!  The sun came out and it was beautiful!

Here's a shot of Margareth with Maya.


Wednesday, 2/6/13


I was out for my morning walk early before the sun was really up.  Here are a couple of four legged friends who greeted me along the way soon after I walked out of the driveway!


Yes, Hoss and Margareth live on Tweedy Road.  Did I see a pudy cat?


Here's a neat mail box post along the road.

Can you imagine how hard it was to use one of these to plow back in the day?


This afternoon the temperature got up to 76.  It was delightful!  Here I am enjoying a cigar and the sunshine.


After dinner Hoss and Keith got on the 40 Meter schedule with the IOOK guys!  This was the first time Hoss had been on the radio since his stroke.


Hoss took this photo of Keith while transmitting.


Thursday, 2/7/13


The humidity was high this morning and it was very close to the dew point for fog but we didn't have any here as I started off for my walk just before sunrise.  You can see on this mailbox some condensation from the moisture.  A neat heavy rope at the bottom!


Here are a couple Emus!


A metal wheel, rocks, cactus and steer skull as decoration at the entry to a driveway.


A close up of the steer skull...


Hmm, do you suppose the ice cream was named after this road or was the road named after the ice cream?


I am standing on Barnett Bend Road looking down Tweedy Road...


This is another driveway entrance with the US flag and the Texas State flag...

Yes, this was taken later in the day.  The shot taken here during my walk turned out to not be very good.


This is a photo to give you a feel for the perspective of the next photo.  The small red arrow indicates Hoss's tallest tower in the distance.


In the distance (this is probably a half mile across country)  you see three towers with antennas on them.  The one on the left is a neighbor's TV antennas.  The other two are the two tall ham radio towers at Hoss's.

Hoss has a third, smaller tower, up by the house that cannot be seen from here.


Another four legged friend on my walk!


After an hour and half I am back at Hoss and Margareth's!

Yes, I am wearing the red sweatshirt so I can be easily seen.


Here's Annie!


Margareth took a walk out back this morning and took a few shots of some of the four legged friends close by here...

This is Wrangler...


Waylon and Willie...

Yep!  Longhorns!








Max - K1MAX has arrived from his business meeting in Waco.  He spent the day Wednesday with his cousin in Houston.

Timing is everything!  Hoss and Keith had just returned from a walk.  Hoss said it was the first time he had walked out on the road for some time!  I was very surprised and pleased by how far Hoss decided to walk!


Here's Margareth and Max!

Max arrived just in time for us to head to the Bunkhouse BBQ for lunch!


Max is pretty excited about his first visit to the Bunkhouse BBQ!


Looky looky!  Here are Hoss and Margareth at the Bunkhouse BBQ!  This is Hoss's first time away from home except to go to the doctor's since his stroke!


Here are Max and Keith at the Bunkhouse BBQ!


As we returned to the Lazy K Ranch I saw that the temperature was up to 83!  Wonderful!


Hoss - WA5ZAI made a special presentation of a Bunkhouse BBQ hat to Max - K1MAX!   Max is now a member of the select IOOK Bunkhouse BBQ attendee group!

Congratulations Max!


Enjoying our visit at the Lazy K Ranch...


The time came all too early for Max to head back to Tyler, TX for the night.  Tomorrow he will head back home to Memphis!

I am so glad Max was able to join us for such a great visit!  It has been great to have some real quality time with Max!


This shot was taken this afternoon from in front of the garage looking towards Tweedy Road.

Yes!  It was an absolutely gorgeous day!


Friday. February 8, 2013


This morning during my morning walk I had the opportunity to meet one of Hoss and Margareth's new neighbors - Joyce!


This is Gary - he is another neighbor of Hoss and Margareth's...


This is Gary's place.  He is the one with the plow mailbox post.


After breakfast Hoss and Callie had some special time together...



Then Hoss called Wil - WB5YFX.  This was a return call because Wil had called during breakfast.


This afternoon we were pleased to have Ron - AA5RT come by for a visit!


Ron's wife, Joanne joins the guys.  She is dropping Ron off to visit while she heads to the antique mall in Clifton where Margareth is working this afternoon.


Here's Ron in visiting mode...


Hoss is chewing on his knuckle trying to get a word in edgewise!


Ron is completing his idea!

(just teasing Ron - the photos speak for themselves!  Har!)


During Ron's visit, he and I cleaned off the table where Hoss usually does computer building and repair.


This is Pumpkin!


I joined two shots together to show Hoss's computer/radio room.


Saturday, February 9. 2013


This morning I took a walk even though I usually do not walk on weekends.  Here is a neighbor's donkey.


Here are four more of his friends...


Today I traveled to the Stagecoach Inn in Salado, Texas to meet my high school friend, Don Snoots for lunch!


Here we are at the Stagecoach Inn!

Keith and Don in front of a covered wagon...


Here is Don with a miniature stagecoach...


Don retired again on the last day of 2012.  The first time was from the Air Force.  This time it was from the State of Texas.

On December 3rd, Don's office group held a retirement party for him.  In Don's own words:

"My work division held a retirement lunch for me today.  I know it is a bit early but my boss will be out the rest of the month for medical reasons. 

They took me to Chilis and we had a good old time talking and eating.  Attached are a couple of photos.

They gave me a paperweight and a flag that had flown over the Capitol.

17 years with the State of Texas and if you combine it with my military service it comes out to 39 years.

Not bad for a poor old boy from Ohio.

28 days 10 hours 41 mins 12 secs.


Congratulations Don!


This evening I noticed that Hoss's APRS Ubuntu/Xastir machine was locked up so I restarted the machine.  So, while I was outside later this evening enjoying an after dinner cigar, I started up the APRS system in the van and then watched to see if Hoss's station would ID.  It did and all is looking good!  Yee haw!


Sunday. February 10, 2013

After yesterday afternoon and evening's nearly continuous mist of light rain, we had a pretty major thunderstorm move through the area around 4AM.  We ended up loosing power for a short time (about one minute according to the electric clocks).  According to Margareth (Hoss and Keith managed to sleep through it) we had a very close lightning strike.  That is probably what caused the power outage.

This morning Hoss and Keith played radio.  First, we were on 20 Meters.  Even though the conditions were up and down we had pretty good copy on all the stations who checked into the net.  The 40 Meter net was totally different story!  We looked up and down the band repeatedly and finally heard Max - K1MAX in Memphis.  We did get checked into the net and made a transmission but the only other station we heard was a very light copy on Dave - W8TVC in Traverse City, Michigan!  Thanks to Dave for picking up the net control!  Here's Hoss during a transmission!


Here's Keith making a transmission.

Hoss took this shot...


A while after we were done playing radio we headed into Waco and met Ron - AA5RT for lunch at the Chinese Buffet.

Notice Ron is wearing his IOOK hat!  :-)


Here we are after lunch - Keith, Hoss and Margareth...

Ron took this shot...


After lunch we ran a few errands while we were in town.  By the time we got back to the Lazy K Ranch the sun was out and the temperature was going up!  We got into the low 70's this afternoon!  Delightful!


Monday, February 11, 2013


I decided to take a snap shot of the "Tweedy Road" airport this morning.


The sun is getting ready to come up and the undersides of the clouds looked very cool!


I took a picture of this entry gate last year but decided to take another shot this morning.


These fence crossing posts are all along Tweedy Road.  I have never seen anyone use one, but they must be handy to have!


This afternoon Joseph, WA5FLT arrived from Oklahoma!


Visit time has begun!


Hoss enjoying the visit time!


Joe is checking e-mail on his new iPhone.


Here I am getting ready to mess with pictures...


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This shot was taken this morning as Keith finished his walk.

Here's Joe talking with his XYL...


This afternoon the temperature "was fit for human consumption", so the three of us took a walk!  Here's Hoss and Joe!


Here's Hoss chatting with neighbors Sherry and Dave...


Photo taken by WA5FLT...


Continuing our walk...Keith and Hoss

Photo taken by WA5FLT...


Joe found this neat fossil along the side of the road during our walk.


We had not been back from out afternoon walk very long when Ron and Joanne arrived for a pre-dinner visit.  Here's Ron...


Joanne and Joseph...


Here's Ron's license plate...


Bunkhouse BBQ!  Yee haw!


Here's Rick - the owner!


Here's Rick and Hoss!  Yes, we did manage to get all fed up!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Joseph and Keith left the Lazy K Ranch about 5:30 this morning.  Joseph has medicine he has to take at 5AM so we decided to get an early start!  Our first stop was in Lampasas, TX at the Country Kitchen for breakfast!


Here's a couple of good old boys playing some early morning poker!


Here we are on the IOOK Vice Presidential Highway in western Texas.

Looking forward...


It doesn't look like we will have any traffic snarls soon!

Looking back...


Here's Joe talking with his wife, Cathy.


Keith didn't have much cell phone connectivity today, so no calls to his wife.


Some interesting scenery...




This is a roadside rest and picnic area.


An unusual cactus...


Yee haw!  We have reached New Mexico!


We met Chas - AI0OK at La Posta in La Mesilla!


Chas - AI0OK


Chas and Keith


Joe and Chas


 A little info about La Posta...


Entrance to the restaurant...


Chas's license plate...


I think Joe was trying to take a picture of himself in the mirror...


Dinner at La Posta...enjoying some chips and with it prior to the main course...




We made it to Lordsburg, NM tonight.  It has been a long day but a good day!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!


We started the day off with a dandy breakfast at Kranberry's in Lordsburg, New Mexico.


Some kind of mining type display out front...


We have made it to Arizona!


An unusual looking cactus...

Ti-Michelle - NJ6T tells me that it is a Yucca in bloom!


This is one very interesting Rest Area...


There are some really large boulders here...











Snow on the mountain peak!


Neat looking designs on the overpass...




Saguaro Cactus!  Ok, there is a mountain there too!



Some neat palm trees at a rest stop...


We are in the Sonora Desert!





This kind of caught us by surprise.  It is difficult to see but it is an absolutely HUGE solar array that seems to go on for a couple of miles.  We will try to get some better shots of this on our return trip.




It is hard to see but this is our first look at Yuma after crossing over the pass!


We don't know what they are growing here but it must be some kind of agricultural concern.


Ah yes!  Exit 2!  This one is ours!  Yep, we are only two miles from California!


Yep!  We're at the Motel 6 in Yuma!


It is a little difficult to see, but Joe has hung his IOOK shirt and IOOK vest in his room window!

An IOOK'er is in here!


Keith says "Hang on a minute.  I gotta get something out of the back of the van before we check in!"

Yes, this string of campers are lined up waiting to be escorted to their parking space for the weekend!


Hamfest volunteers checking folks in...


Here's BJ - KD7WBH!


Yep, more campers lining up to go to their space!


Here's Roger - K7MEX the Yuma Hamfest Chairman!


Here's John - N9ZLK!


Jack - KC7DUU is busy parking campers!  Hi Jack!


Here's a "before" photo of the IOOK Yuma Hamfest Pavilion!


Folks are arriving!


Interesting vehicle near our space...

Yes, we will have more information about this later...



Let's put the banner together!


Flat KBob has given his approval to the installation of the IOOK banner!


Here are Joseph - WA5FLT, Flat KBob and Keith - WA8ZWJ with the banner!


Gee - I wish I had my short sleeve shirt on.  It has gotten a bit warm!


This is Jack and BJ's camper...


Charlie - NN3V, Director of the IOOK Technology Center has arrived!


Charlie - NN3V


Ah yes, time to "Beam Up!"


Hmm - I just got an e-mail...


Me tool! 


Off to dinner!  We see more IOOK'ers...



Here's Ron - W6KJ and Joanne - N6YLO!


Here's Ti - NJ6T with her friend Brenda.

Brenda is the short one....


Here are Keith, Charlie and Joe!


And the Texas Ranger says "Who put da Bop in da Bop De Bop?"


Remember - it is Valentine's Day!  So Charlie treated all the ladies to chocolate covered strawberries!



I LOVE chocolate covered strawberries!


Chas - AI0OK may have missed dinner but he won't miss the "Solving the World's Problems" session and "Beaming Up!"


Using the Internet to help solve the world's problems!


Friday, February 15, 2013


It's 7AM and time for breakfast!


So how many of are there going to be...OK we will move to a larger table!


Ah yes, that's better!


Charlie says "The IOOK Technology Center..." blah blah blah...etc. etc. etc...





Off to set up the flea market space!


Boat anchors holding the cement tables down!



"Another tub of quality merchandise out of the van!




The first photo that we caught a glimpse of the Vice Presidential Air Cover....





Do you know what kind of spider that is?

It is a Black Plastic Spider!




Not only are there solar panels on the motor home but also on the trailer!






Chas is checking out the vintage ham radio photos in the out dated calendars.



ARRL buddies!


This is for the balloon launch tracking and telemetry...



More Vice Presidential Air Cover...


Looking down from the vantage point of where the tracking antennas are located...



Hey IOOK!  Do you need a TS-520 or a 1,000 watt amplifier?






It must be noon!  The door to the inside displays is open!




Lunch time!


Thanks to Ron and Joanne for making the trip to In-N-Out!










Great shirt!





Volunteers!  Thank you!








BJ and Roger having some fun!

Roger says "Eat your heart out Jack!"


More volunteers...





Keith borrowed a ladder to take several shots of the inside exhibitors.






Is Charlie really considering forsaking Yaesu? 



Too funny!






Pink - K7ILA and Kristen - K6WX


Bruce - W6RBM has arrived!




Bruce checks into the motel and then the guys prepare to walk to dinner!


Walking to dinner...


Village Inn Pizza!



Cheers again!




L-R Bruce, Chas, Charlie, Ron, Joanne, Joe, Kristen, Pink


L-R Chas, Charlie, Ron, Joanne, Keith, Joe, Kristen, Pink


Saturday, February 16, 2013


It's 7AM and time for breakfast!








Jack is dressed in his IOOK BLUE!


Here's Ti and her friend Loki.


This gentleman is making a contact through a satellite as the photo was taken!  Very cool!



Hall - KC7RAF




The control area for the high altitude balloon launch and chase...



Tracking antenna and camera...


Preparing the payloads...












Map display of the balloon location..



Inflating the balloon...





The launch must be close - everyone's attention is looking that way...










Up up and away!






The balloon reached an altitude of over 86,000 feet before the balloon burst and the parachute deployed.  They have continuous video of the entire trip from the balloon.  The balloon and payload was recovered 54 miles away.  All was intact!  This was considered their most successful launch to date!




WA8ZWJ talking with Dave - W8TVC via EchoLink on Ralph - K7YUM's repeater.  Dave said it was 11 degrees.  They had received one and a half feet of snow since Thursday and were expecting another five or six inches of snow today!  We were in the mid 70's at the time of the conversation!



This is Michael - KF7ZAH - a newly licensed ham!  He was interested in the story of the IOOK and was wondering about Flat KBob!  Needless to say, he got an earfull!


Persimmons are being served on the veranda!


Joanne's call plate!


Johnny - KF8KK has arrived!







Here Ti - NJ6T is assimilating Kristen - K6WX so she will now be a Vice President of the IOOK!




Kristen has been assimilated!


Group photo test shot.  Thankfully no plumbers in the group.


Group Photo of the IOOK 2013 Yuma Hamfest attendees!



Bruce has to head home.

It was great seeing him!





Joe - WA5FLT won two door prizes!  A $25 gift certificate to ARRL and a Nuvi 40 LM GPS!  Very cool!


It's time for the Old Buzzard's BBQ dinner!





It looks like more people than past years because it is!  They served 450 dinners this year!


Here's Ti!


Here's Kristen and Pink!


Ti, Joe, John!

Notice Ti's iPad?  The following couple of photo panels are what she was doing at the same time...


Ti's shot...


Ti's shot...


Charlie, Chas, Kristen...


Ron, Joanne, Keith...



Dinner volunteers....








After dinner, Kristen told us about an iPhone PSK setup she had written.  Just FYI, she works for Apple writing software and such.


She asked us to share this link with you that will explain about her PSK setup.




This is the hamfest committee...


Our dinner group...


Here's JUK with JUK!


John is heading toward home...

Glad we got to see you!



Solving the world's problems that have cropped up since our last meeting...




Wow!  What a great hamfest!  We had a fantastic time at the Yuma Hamfest!  Many thanks to all the folks who made it possible!

We sold a fair amount of stuff this trip so we are heading home lighter than we arrived!

It turns out that Joe was the only prize winner this year!  Congratulations to Joe!  Yee haw!


Sunday, February 17, 2013


Breakfast at the IHOP again!  Great service!  Great food!



Time for the gang to head towards home...



In the mean time, Keith and Joe are sticking around for the day.  We headed out to run a couple of errands and saw this hot air balloon.


Joe spent the day catching up on e-mail and helping Keith with web page stuff.


Keith spent the day working on photos and web page stuff.  We had a lot of catch up to do!


This evening we headed to Tacos Mi Rancho for dinner.





We were joined by BJ and Jack!  What a fun time!  AND GREAT food!


Checked the temperature after dinner...lovely!


Keith and Joe head out towards Texas tomorrow morning!


More To Come...