Wild Weekend

Howdy all!

Well, another whirlwind weekend has come and gone! Charlie, WB8NSL and his XYL, Pam came over for the weekend. Friday evening after dinner Charlie and I played with two computers that he had recently picked up for the right price! Both are Pentiums with a 1.2 gig HD. We each got one. :-) They both fired up even though one of them was supposed to have a power supply problem. Charlie will use his as his shack computer and I will use mine as a server to my network system. Yes, Charlie will soon - some time this winter I suspect - start having shack updates too! I think we have managed to convince him to take over a room in the basement to permit him to spread out his ham radio stuff a bit and have a bit more room for guests in the shack! Imagine that! 6 months ago Charlie's prime computer was an old old Vic-20 and now he has two PC's!

Saturday was spent working on the computers in the morning. Then we started on the repeater project. We interfaced the CAT-200B controller to the Micor repeater that I bought a year ago at the Findlay Hamfest. Or was that 2 years ago? Charlie has it's twin on the air in W.V. In the afternoon we took a break to meet W8AK, Glenn at the P&R Communications site in Huber Heights. Man! What a beautiful setup! Later that afternoon we finished the interface job on the controller and got the audio levels set. The machine still needs a few touches, but, in a pinch it will make a fantastic back up repeater for the "home made" 442.850 machine here.

Saturday evening we took in KA8SFL's "Encore Theater Company's" performance of the musical "The last 5 years". An outstanding show! Man, I am always impressed with how professional local theater can be! It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Of course, we came home and finished the work on the computer stuff before going to bed.

This morning we got up and played radio until noonish and then took the girls out to lunch. After lunch the Dotson's headed back towards W.V. and I came home and played with pictures until my chair captured me!

It seems that whenever Charlie and I get together we manage to spend quality 2X warp time and burn the candle at both ends and the middle and a FANTASTIC time is had!

Now, the first picture is a series of shots showing the backup 442.850 repeater and computer work. As you can see, this is an industrial strength machine. Also, the computers came out of the local library, so, they had done a lot of sitting and running and needed a bit of vacuum cleaning! Har!

The second series of shots shows Glenn's UHF repeater system. Note how neatly the wires are in the back of the cabinet for the machine in the mid shot on the right. Also, Charlie is VERY pleased with his artistic catch of a photo of the inside of the tower looking up! I was very impressed with the lightning protection that each and every cable receives. In the text on the photo I mention that there are some 50 800 MHz repeaters combined together in groups of 10 sharing the same hard line and antenna - yes, ten at a time! He mentioned that at one of their sites they actually combine 20 at a time!

In the next snap shot I just show a bank of the 800 MHz repeaters. Obviously, this is not all the repeaters - I didn't have a wide enough angle lens for that kind of shot!

On the way to the musical we observed some beautiful rainbows - several double rainbows. One must let the beauty of nature nurture him!

The final shot shows Encore Theater Company's "Managing Director" KA8SFL (the man in black) before the performance visiting in the lobby and after the performance visiting from the "pit". Jim comprised half of the pit crew playing synthesizer.

Respectfully submitted by Keith, WA8ZWJ