The wI0OK/r Repeater System

Sponsored by KF8KK



In the series of shots below you will see John, KF8KK, ready to climb the tower; John on the tower; a look up the tower; the wI0OK/r repeater cabinet; and the 6 meter duplexer made out of hard line.


The series below shows the station building; KF8KK and WB8NSL admiring the cavities and duplexer system for the 2 FM radio stations at the site that share one antenna and the 8 inch hard line shown in the fore front; the repeater antennas between the lower guy and the next higher guy and the 220 Isopole at the lower guy; a close up of the repeater antennas; KF8KK pointing out items in the repeater cabinet; and a close up of the 220 Isopole that has now been replaced with a beam antenna.  The 220 link provides connection with the WB8DEL repeater nearly 50 miles away!


Many thanks to John, KF8KK for all his continued work on the repeater system and to Del, WB8DEL

who provides the site.  Yet another IOOK repeater "On The Air"!