Palm Springs Hamfest 2016

posted 3/15/16


The Palm Springs Hamfest occurred on Saturday, March 12, 2016


Here's a look at the testing schedule and forums for the day.  Note the speaker at 10:30.

Yes!  It is IOOK VP Kristen - K6WX!  Looks like there are a couple of spelling errors!


Here are a couple of shots taken during Kristen - K6WX's presentation.



Here are a couple of shots from Cameron - KJ6LWH's assimilation.



Congratulations Vice President Cameron!  Welcome to the IOOK!


Here are a couple of shots of the scenery around the Palm Springs Hamfest...



Bruce - W6RBM is with some other folks at the CERT booth.


Here are some shots from inside the hamfest...


Wanna tune something?


What a collection of crystals!  Reminds me of my Novice days!


How about some Morse Code?



Here's Kristen - K6WX with (TBA)



On Sunday after the hamfest Charlie - NN3V and Glen - KJ6ZQH worked on Charlie's

StepIR antenna.


Charlie is back in operation!




Many thanks to the photo contributors for this web page!

They are NN3V and K6WX!