New York City Tour

posted 10/7/16


On Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 3:30 AM Keith - WA8ZWJ and Marian - WD8CJD boarded a bus in Troy, Ohio which was bound for New York City.  No, this was not a ham radio related trip.  However, there is at least one interesting ham radio related factoid included in these photos.

Your challenge is to see if you can find the ham radio related item(s)!

Other than travel, the only activity of the day Wednesday was a Group Welcoming Dinner at "Hurley's" restaurant which was within walking distance of our hotel which was located one block off of Times Square.  The dinner was great!


Thursday, September, 29th



This is our assistant tour guide, Quinn.  She was very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions!


After a bus tour of Midtown Manhattan we were dropped off at the Rockefeller Center area and had some time on our own to explore.  They are preparing to put down the foundation for the ice skating rink that is there during the winter months.





If you look carefully you can see rolls on the left end of the rink.  Those are rolls of tubes that will go under the ice.



Radio City Music Hall!



Next was our Backstage Tour Of Radio City Music Hall!


This is the main lobby where folks gather before a show.


A blurry photo of the main stage area.


This is underneath the stage area.  These hydraulic lifts can adjust sections of the stage to assorted levels.


If you can imagine, these lifts were used, once upon a time, to lift a whole bunch of elephants up and down from the stage areas.

An item we found interesting was prior to the USA entering WWII the Navy came here to inspect the hydraulics.  They copied and documented everything about them!  Then this area became a top secret restricted area with armed guards 24/7 until some time after the war when it was removed from top secret status.  We can only assume that the Navy used the hydraulic systems on their ships!


The next series of photos is from a lower level lobby area where folks wait for the next show so they are out of the way of folks who were leaving the previous show.





This is a working model of the stage area including the hydraulics!  That way they could make sure everything they wanted to do was preplanned and doable before they actually set up any show.


The main lobby from above...


The main stage from the balcony...


This is a sample of the VIP lounge that is used before and after shows for VIP guests.


Here are a few signatures from a VIP sign in book.



Rockette Costume...


Rockette Costume...


Rockette Costumes...


This is actually a series of shots taken over many years of the Rockettes as they have been doing their annual Christmas show...


Remember about the elephants that were part of a show prior to WWII?  Here is one elephant that preferred to use the stairs!


From there we walked to St. Patrick's Cathedral!








From there we walked to The Museum Of Modern Art.




A helicopter on display as seen from above...








Part of the main lobby...


One very tall rose on display...


From there we walked to the Top Of The Rock!

Then we took a really fast elevator to the top...


Central Park...




St. Patrick's Cathedral as seen from above...notice the cross?




Here's Marian!


Marian and I got a shot of ourselves as well!


In the distance you can almost see the Statue Of Liberty.


A glimpse of Times Square...


Dinner this evening was on our own.  We chose to go to the Playwright Bar & Grill!


Here's a couple we met and hung out with during the trip.  They are Judy and Gene!


After dinner we all had tickets to see "The Phantom Of The Opera"!


As it turns out, the Majestic Theater was just around the corner from our hotel.  We could see the signs from our room...kind of!


We had GREAT seats and really enjoyed the show!


Friday, September 30th

By the way, a continental breakfast each morning was included in our tour.

Friday morning after breakfast we boarded our bus and headed towards the landing where we would get on the ferry that was to take us to see the Statue Of Liberty.  Here is looking out of the bus window along the way.


In the park adjacent to where we boarded our ferry there were some interesting items.


This is a sculpture that used to be adjacent to the World Trade Towers.  More on this later.


We are getting ready to board our ferry...


The weather was not great for us seeing outside items that day.  Yes, it was rainy and foggy.  This is our first view of the Statue Of Liberty.


We are getting a lot closer now....


Here's a look at the area where we disembarked...







The rain and fog continued as we walked around the perimeter of the statue area.  Here's a look at NYC.


Marian and Judy were imitating the statue however, in addition to the rain we also had wind which caught Judy's umbrella just as I snapped this shot!


Another look at NYC...


Because of our busy schedule there was not time to wait to go up into the statue.  Besides, with the weather the way it was, there would not have been a lot to see anyway.

Then we boarded another ferry and headed to our next stop which was Ellis Island.



Here our group is assembling in preparation for going inside.  Yes, the rain has let up some for now.


Here's our tour guide, Michael Morrows.  You can see our ferry in the background as well as The Statue Of Liberty in the distance.


Group photo taken by Michael...





What follows are a series of shots that trace the growth and change of Ellis Island over the years.






It really is amazing when you consider that most of the island's land additions came from NYC where the dirt was being moved during the building of tall buildings there.


The main lobby...


We again boarded the ferry and once we got back on land we walked to meet our bus again.  Here is a statue we saw along the way.


Once we were on the bus we headed towards the 9/11 Memorial.  This shot was taken through the bus window along the way.


I believe this is the New World Trade Center.  Yes, the rain continues...


This is a new building that was added after the disaster of 9/11.  It is supposed to represent a dove.



The two areas where the original towers stood now have fountains that insert water into the pools which then drain down into the large openings in the center.  The water, as it cascades down into the middle, is considered as the tears for the folks who lost their lives there that day.



The names of the folks who lost their lives are inscribed into the stone around the structures.  Here someone has remembered someone with a rose.


The surrounding building have been repaired after the damages of 9/11.




Here are a couple of pieces of steel that you see as you descend into the museum.


Here is what the sculpture mentioned earlier originally looked like.


This is a photo of how it looked beside the towers.



This is a slurry wall that remained intact after the disaster.






















The whole experience at the 9/11 Memorial was quite sobering.  It is really well done.


Dinner that evening was on our own again.  We chose to go to the Rock Cafe.  As you can see out the window from the cafe, they have made a lot of progress on the ice rink.


Here's another look at Times Square on our way to see "The Jersey Boys".


It was a great show!  In my humble opinion, it shows a pretty sad story that made up the lives of "The Four Seasons" singing careers.


Saturday, October 1st


Saturday morning the weather was better than the day before but not great!  After breakfast we got on our bus and did a tour of Upper Manhattan.

We got off the bus for a while and took a walking tour of part of Central Park West.


Quinn was our tour guide again...


She took us to the "Strawberry Fields" which was dedicated to the memory of former Beatle John Lennon.


This is where John Lennon was killed during a walk home through Central Park.


Group photo taken by Quinn...


More Central Park West...





There was some kind of event going on nearby our walk.  Quinn told us that events like this are quite common.


A neat fountain beside the lake...



Here's another group shot taken by Quinn...


This is actually a passageway underneath the road there...


Someone took another shot of Marian and I!


We saw many of these bicycle carriage rides all over in New York City.  This is the first one I had seen that advertised the cost of $3.75 per minute of your ride.



We are back on our bus.  Here's a shot of David who was one of the organizers of our tour.  He is the Assistant Director of the Troy Hayner group that sponsored this trip.

Along the way we continued our tour of Upper Manhattan.


From there we went to The Metropolitan Museum Of Art!  Here's a neat fountain outside the museum.



Looking down on the main lobby of the museum...






This sculpture of a deer is totally constructed of assorted sizes of glass balls.



I had no idea that Samuel F. B. Morse was also an artist!


Honest Abe!




Looking down upon another exhibit...


This was an interesting gate structure...see the next couple of shots...





Looking down upon another hall in the museum...

The displays in the museum are extensive!  You could easily spend a week there alone!  Needless to say, we didn't get to see much of it in the time we had!


One of the New York City Police cars!

Taken out the bus window...


Our bus tour continued south through Greenwich Village and SOHO.


We ended up at Little Italy which is across the street from Chinatown!


Looking up into Little Italy...


We happened upon this church...



There was a small path that had a sign that told us to follow the path to see inside the church.  What was saw amazed us!

For the modest outside, the inside was quite ornate!




After leaving the church we continued looking at the shops there in Little Italy!  This shirt caught my eye!

We spent so much time in Little Italy that we didn't have time to look over Chinatown!


Then we got back on the bus and headed back towards our hotel.  Gridlock!  Too many people and too many cars for the small streets for miles!

This shot of the building was taken through the bus window...


Here's the New York City Post Office taken from the bus as well...


We passed through Times Square once again on our way to dinner...




Dinner was at Tony's Di Napoli!  It was another of our group dinners that was included in the tour.  Here's one of our tables...


Everyone you can see in this shot is part of our tour as well!

Dinner was served family style and if a plate got emptied, more appeared!  It was delicious and if you didn't get all fed up it was your own fault!


Knowing that we were going to take a leisure walk back to the hotel, once we were out of the restaurant I lit up my first cigar since Tuesday evening!

We spent a lot of time in Times Square taking in the sights!





Yes, someone is dressed up as The Statue Of Liberty...

There were an assortment of other folks dressed up in costumes and such as well.  However, they wanted cash to get your picture taken with them.



It was another long and full day in New York City!


Sunday, October 2nd


After breakfast while Marian, Judy and Gene headed off to mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral I took a walk of my own and enjoyed another cigar.

One of the first places I passed was the Majestic Theater.


Even though we had walked past this picture a number of times before I had never really looked that closely at it.


That picture is actually made up of lots and lots of small photos of the cast!


I walked east along 44th Street. which was on the south side of our hotel.  I am standing at 44th and Broadway one block away from our hotel.

This is looking west towards our hotel.  If you use your imagination you can almost see the sign for the Majestic Theater in the distance.


Standing in the same spot we are now looking north from Times Square.


Standing in the same spot we are now looking east from Times Square.


Standing in the same spot we are now looking south from Times Square.


Here's the same basic shot with different adds...there are tons of them!


Then I walked back towards the hotel and then went north on 8th Avenue.

Here's another Statue Of Liberty outside a souvenir shop.


Before too long it was time for us to board the bus and head towards home.

Here's a final shot of Judy and Gene as we depart New York City!

Yes, I should have used the flash!


Our bus returned on schedule to Troy, Ohio around midnight Sunday night.

It was truly a fun trip!  We got to see a lot of neat sights and shows!  It was also educational.  I hope I can remember some of the history we learned about!

In my humble opinion, the worse part of the trip was the long bus ride each direction even though we made frequent stops along the way.

Marian and I agree that the high point of our trip was "The Phantom Of the Opera".

Naturally, as you have seen from the snap shots and descriptions I have added, you can tell there were many points of great interest as well!

New York City is a great place to visit but I would not want to live there!

If you have made it this far you have sorted through my approximately 200 shots which were gleamed from over 300 shots that I took on the trip.

So, how many of you found the ham radio related item(s)?


Best Wishes!

Respectfully Submitted, Keith - WA8ZWJ